Emma is just an ordinary girl who loves One Direction. Emma was sitting home with her bestfriend Olivia and there's a know on the door could it really be?............


7. The date!

      Emma's P.O.V.

 Tonight is the night me and Ben are going out on our date! im so excited! So i was waiting for him he said 8:30, it was 8:27 i can't wait! I heard a knock on the door i thought it was him it just turned out to be Niall, i looked at him and than frowned, he looked at me weird. I told him i thought it was Ben but it definetly wasn't Ben. There was another know and this time it was Ben, i got up and hugged him real tight, he hugged me back. Than all the sudden Zayn comes out, pulls me of Ben and gives me my keys. I was so mad >:( than he gave me a hug and said be careful i tried prying myself away but he was holding tight so i punched him in the stomach. For some reason it all went black from then on, I woke up in a big white room with sounds beeping all around me. I couldn't figure it out, when i heard a voice. It was Zayn "I really didn't mean to punch her back but i was mad" so Zayn is the one who put me here i was so mad i wanted to beat him. I woke up to Ben's face looking at me ugghhh he was perfect.


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