Emma is just an ordinary girl who loves One Direction. Emma was sitting home with her bestfriend Olivia and there's a know on the door could it really be?............


11. The argue


Bens p.o.v

I woke up really early due to screaming, I heard Emma's voice from downstairs I also heard Zayn and Harry's they were all fighting as I lye there I see liv come out of her room and storm down stairs. I could tell she was mad. Than I heard a yelp it was Liv, I got out of bed and went down stairs I saw blood and all over Zayn. Emma was crying, Liv means so much to me. I'm a black belt I couldn't help myself so I punched and kicked Zayn like no tomorrow. none of the guys seemed to try to stop be, I would bother if I were them. Louis came downstairs
I woke up in a room door closed and widows locked from the outside with that I heard a voice from the hall, ''I'm gonna make him pay'' a girls voice ''you don't need to do this really babe'' it was an unfimilar voice but than the door sung open. It was.......


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