Emma is just an ordinary girl who loves One Direction. Emma was sitting home with her bestfriend Olivia and there's a know on the door could it really be?............


5. Friends

    Olivia's P.O.V

Lindsey and i were whispering cause we finished early, she had told me she had tickets to go see One Direction Front Row i really wanted to tell her about the guys but i needed to talk it over with Em. I left geaomatry class and met up with Em and Leah in the hall apparently they were waiting for me cause they were just sitting on the ground. Leah and Em were talking about some Social project and their teacher Ms. Oreolo. After they noticed me we all headed to our collage class Photaghraphe class we all loved this class and had Mr. Prier for our teacher he was awesome. We walked in and all of the eyes were on us i have no idea why but for a split second they were and than they all turned back into their conversations. As usual Emma sat next to Ben i mean those two were meant for each other and Leah me and Richie sat together at one big table us on one and and Em and Ben on the other. Mr. Prier took us out today and we took pictures it was so much fun. By this time now i was dating Niall i really like him he is so sweet but it's really hard making a lot of food for him but ou gota love em'.


   Leah's P.O.V

I feel like Em and Liv are hiding something from me i can just tell i dont want to be rude but im going to ask whats going on privitaly.



Me: Em i feel like there is something you are hiding from me i don't want to be rude but i want to know.


Emma: Leah... One direction is at my appartment and i wanted to tell you but i was scared you would tell freaking Emily.


Me: I would never plus me and Em aren't friends anymore she is a brat but i pinki swear i wont let anyone know.


Emma: OKay love you.


Me: LOve you too!!

             ~END OF TEXTS~


Wow i can't bealive it i want to meat them im really scared and excited.


  Emma's P.O.V.

Ben is so perfect i mean i've been best friends with him since 5th grade so i really like him and i want to date but i dont know if he likes me more than a friend im kinda worried.


  Ben's P.O.V.

Emma is my best girl-friend her and I have been friends since 5th grade and i really like her! Does she like me back? i hope so well here it goes.


me: Emma i really like you would you like to go to the movies sometime?


Emma: of course *Emma jumps and hugs me*


Me: okay





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