The vacation of a life time

This book is about a 18 year old girl named Maya, she and her mom,dad and 12 year old brother are going on a vacation to Disney World. Until someone famous meets her along the way. Who you may ask? Let's just say they r from one direction


1. The arrival

Maya's POV:
I wake up to my stupid little brother Nick poking me in the back.
"stop it your so annoying" I groan, while fixing myself so I'm still strait up
"Well, good afternoon Ms. Grumpy, were here stupid so put your set belt back on"
I listen to him and put it back on. We start talking about what rides we wanna go on first.
"I really wanna go on space mountain" I say because it's awesome I went on it when I was a kid.
"no way! Any ride but that one! I'm not going on that, your riding that alone" ugh he's annoying
"wimp" I say under my breath. "wh-" my brother get interrupted by "May all passengers please put on your seat belt we are now landing" the air hostess says over the sound system. I look out the window and see beautiful Florida. "man that's beautiful!" I say to my brother pointing out the window. "at least one of us are..." he says back with a smirk. I didn't want to start anything so I left it at that.

**fast forward to them being in the cab**

Maya POV:
We were in the cab for about 10mins now, Nick was talking to Mom and Dad, I was to busy looking out the window at the beautiful land. I love looking at new places exploring them, and finding new things. I was a couple walking down the street hand n hand about my age, I become sad because I just remember my break up with Alex. I walked in on him and the most popular girl in school "doing it". He said it was a mistake but I knew it wasn't, I'm never good enough, like if I was he wouldn't of cheated, it not his fault I'm ugly, I'm just so boring, big brown eyes, long brown hair, average hight for my age, not to skinny but not fat. See, nothing special. I wish I was someone else, someone pretty, someone important....

Authors note!!
Hey guys I just wanted to see if you guys like it, I know it's a bit intense right now, but it will get better i promise!!! And also I have a question for you guys! Not very exciting but whatever, so my question is, how long should they stay in Disney ???? Lol just wondering bye!!!

Love, Maya
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