The vacation of a life time

This book is about a 18 year old girl named Maya, she and her mom,dad and 12 year old brother are going on a vacation to Disney World. Until someone famous meets her along the way. Who you may ask? Let's just say they r from one direction


5. Niall and Harry.. Oh gosh

Mayas POV:
I was having a blast talking to Niall he's so sweet and caring!

"So love, where you from?" He ask, wait he just called me love OMG im dying

"I from Toronto, i guess your Irish from that ascent" i knew he was i just didn't want to sound like a creep, you know?

"We'll u guessed right!" He said smiling. He was about to say something else but then Harry said "Maya!! Come here i need to ask you something" i wonder what? I walked over to him leaving Niall

Nialls POV:

I knew what he was going to ask, he was going to ask her out, great! I sometimes hate Harold, he always has to but in with my girls, ugh! I really liked her, i know i just met her but this is different, i haven't felt this way before....

Mayas POV:

"Yes harry?" I asked kinda annoyed because he ended me and Nialls convo

"I was umm.. Ugh.. Well" he mumbled. Louis then screamed " HE WANTS TO ASK YOU OUT O A DATE HAHAHAHAHAHA" I looked at Harry shocked, he nodded agreeing to what Louis said.

"But harry u dont even know me, and im not ugly for u anyways" i mumbled the last part, but i guess her heard

"Maya, i know i just met u but when i first saw u, my heart stopped. I have never felt this way before, i feel we have been best friends for ever its just so weird!" Then e grabbed my chin and made me look him dead in his eyes. " and your the most beautiful girl i have ever seen, your the compleat opposite of ugly" my heart stopped, i just couldn't talk, not at all! Then i heard his voice.. I never wanted to here at voice again....
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