The vacation of a life time

This book is about a 18 year old girl named Maya, she and her mom,dad and 12 year old brother are going on a vacation to Disney World. Until someone famous meets her along the way. Who you may ask? Let's just say they r from one direction


2. Hotel

Mayas POV:
"Ok, so Maya you will have your own room right beside mine, your dads and Nicks,ok honey?" my mom is the best she knew we could not all fit into the same room but knew me and Nick can't share rooms being he's a boy and all, so I got my own room, sweet! I nodded and kissed my moms cheek and walked into my beautiful hotel room, a king size bed, flat screen etc. I unpacked and got on my bandeau hot pink bikini, since we arrived her at 6:00am and it now 7:30am, we all diced we should not waste anytime and head off the disney world! I quickly brushed my hair and teeth, put on a white see throughish top and light wash, high wasted shorts over my bikini. And we were off!
"so Nick, You ready for Space mountain?" I said with a smirk, while poking him
"I already said no. I'm not going on that thing! It's pitch black in here and it a roller coster!"
"Exactly why it's fun" I said still smirking "well I'm not going on you will be riding with a stranger"
Ugh, I knew he wouldn't budge but my parents won't either, so I knew I was going alone

Mayas POV:
We just arrived and I'm so excited! We all thought since i was the only one going on Space Mountain, we should get it over with first. And I was totally fine with that plan. I started lining up, a bunch of boys behind me were making lots of noise, I turned around to see...

Harrys POV:
me and the lad were lining up for Space Mountain, I loved this ride and so did the lads, it was a two seater, and since there was five of us, one of us would sit alone, and this time it wad me. I wasn't really that annoyed about it though, because the ride is pitch black so u cant even see who you are sitting beside. "Harry, I think you are sitting next to the pretty girl in front of us" Liam winks at me. I didn't know what she looked liked so I told the lads to make lots of noise so she would turn around. It worked, she was beautiful, with big brown eyes, just a bit lighter than Zayns skin, and long wavy brown hair. I really wanted to sit next to her. Maybe she will get scared and I could put my arm around her to make her feel safe?

Maya's POV: I saw them, One Direction! No, way! I hope I sit beside one of them, mostly Niall. he's my start crush, I guess you could say. He just so pretty, and his accent OMG to die for! Anyways, I loose my train of thought from a lady telling me to sand behind the gate. I do as she says. I start to feel someone stare at me, I turn around to see bright green eyes staring at me, I look up into them, I don't know what to say, ugh Maya speak!!
" Hello " Harry says
"ugh.. Hi" I say, Im kinda disappointed it wasn't Niall, but still it Harry Styles!!!
"I'm Harry" "I'm Maya" "well your beautiful Maya" wait did he just say?!

Harrys POV:
when I said that, I she was not expecting me to say that, I looked into her eyes, she looked happy, then sad, I don't know why though, have a brought up a bad past?? I wanted to know, but I just can't ask, I don't even know her. "Thanks..." she says looking at the round. I make a move, I grab her chin and make her look into my eyes, " don't let anyone tell you different " I say. Gosh, I have never acted like this before, but I can tell it make her happy, because she smiled from ear to ear, and nodded.

Maya POV:
He reminded my for Alex when he said I was 'beautiful' I knew I wasn't, but he was nice so I just nodded. The gates opened and I sat into my seat, Harry hopped in and whispered into my ear "you scared?" gosh he's a flirt. I shook my head, and said "No, I love these things" he looked at me strangely, and said "Well, I'm terrified" I laugh and said "aww, is little baby Harry scared" pinching his cheek. He made puppy dog eyes, and nodded. This is so weird, we r acting like we are best friends, even though we have only none each other for 5 minutes. Then the ride started.
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