The vacation of a life time

This book is about a 18 year old girl named Maya, she and her mom,dad and 12 year old brother are going on a vacation to Disney World. Until someone famous meets her along the way. Who you may ask? Let's just say they r from one direction


3. Harry

Mayas POV:

The ride started and Harry grabed onto my hand I slowly sliped out because i gave me to many bad momories, and plus hes probly doing this as a joke, he most likely have been doing this all day, to every  girl he sits besides, he is the flirt remember? I wish I was with Niall hes the saft and sweet one, if he was dong this to me, I might of believed he kinda likes me,but with harry i was not idea. " Why did u let go?" Harry asks, I could here hurt in his voice. "Im sorry.."


Harrys POV:

I was hurt when she let go, but i wanted to know why? Like what have I.. done? I ant her ot like me. "why did you let go?" "im sorry.." why sorry she has done nothing. I can tell she has been hurt bad, and i want to fix it. hold her tight, I feel like i have known her my whole life. I was about to say something but the, WOOSH the coster gos flying down, gosh my heart is rasing! Then another flip, "AHHHHHH" Maya yells, I hugged her with out any thought, i guess its relfexs? "thank you" she wispered. and with that the ride ended. I couldnt just let her go, i might not ever see her again! 


Mayas POV:

I was walking away to my family, seeing them waving, until I felt someone grab my arm, I turned around to see harry with a pleading face, i wonder why? "Maya, I know I just met you, but I was wondering..." he paused for a bit. "Yes Harry?" "would you wanna spend the day with me and the boys?" I instantly thought about Niall. "umm let me go ask my family."  I hopped over to my family leaving harry were i left him. " whos that?"  my dad asked "You will never guess! Harry Styles from One Direction!! ANd he asked if i could spend the day with him and the band, can i !??" my mom and dad looked at eachother than nodded. My dad spoke " Dont try anything! keep your phone on so i can call you when we are leaving!" i nodded an ran to Harry.




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