Can we fall in love ?

a girl dreaming to find the perfect guy and she finally found him after long time


3. Unpacking.


Lisa's P.O.V

i was so so happy when i heard i'm not leaving Laura cause we passed 7 years together i can't even imagine my life without her.

we finished packing our bags and we went out directing to the car

Laura P.O.V

i threw a last look to the house remembering all the good times passed in this house. I remebered when i was playing with my dog in the garden and suddenly he attacked me and hurts me then my dad ran in my direction , took me in his arms in reassuring me , drive me to the doctor and whispered in my ear "-don't worry Lauli , you'll be alright , there's nothing serious"

But unfortunately , after the divorce , i didn't hear about him daily , he didn't call me or ask about how i'm doing.

Tears come streaming down my face , i wiped them with my thumbs and went into the car. 

During the path , we put One Direction's album Take Me Home and we start singing. By the way , Lisa and me are directioners from the beginning of their career. My Fave is Liam and Lisa's Niall.

Finally ,we reached to our new and big House.

it was white with black windows. it s got 6 bedrooms , 3 salons , 2 bathroums , a kitchen , a big hall in the middle , a garage and a suite big garden.

I'm not goin' to talk so much abotu the house but i liked it so much even i was tongue-tied when i saw it *haha*

Of course, i picked the bigest room cause i'll share it with Lisa.

we painted in Lilac cause  ireally Like this color then w started unpaking our bags.

there was an enough big dressing for both of us so we can share it evenly.

we put our clothes , snikers and everything in the order and went downstairs.

*I hope you like this chapter , i'm working to post new chapters with more interristing subjects wich you'll may like it. And sorry for the mistakes of grammar and everything , i'm not very good in english you know haha :) xx*




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