Can we fall in love ?

a girl dreaming to find the perfect guy and she finally found him after long time


2. the surprise

"-i know that you was so sad when you knew that you're going to leave your town but i talked to Lisa's mother and iasked her if her daughter can come live with us cause  i know thatparting between you bot is impossible and-"

i cut her words by hugging her tight and kissing her on the cheeks and then i said 

"-Mom , did i said to you that you're the best mom ever ?" 

She chuckled and said 

"- yeah i know ! so move you ass and go puck your stuff we don't have enough time for the move"

PS:I wa living in doncaster and then i moved to London :)

i went upstairs and i texted Lisa 

" no more sadness :D haven't i thebest mom ever ? :Dx"


" what are you talking about ?"

"you don't know about the surprise ? you will move with us to London :)xx"

after minutes , she replied 

" OMMGGGGGGG, YEEESSS , i'll not miss you theen YEEEESSSS"

" Haha yess , so can you come to my house ? you know , to help me for packing my bags ? x"

"Yeahsure no problem , i'll be right ther in 15 minutes :D xx "

*Do you like my fiction ? if you want me to complete it please say to your friends to read it :)

and by the way , there was a little mistake with the title of the first chapter , sorry :)xx*

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