Ummonia Unicorn

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This is about a young unicorn, one of the first unicorns ever to have been born into this world. She was born from one of zues' passionate roses, and was brought up by the God of beauty Aphrodite. Can her past make her future ambitious?


1. Who Am I?


A beautiful but fierce flame, I protect what rightfully belongs to me and shall devour and wrong seed. I am a summer flame, I  gracefully dance along with the Sun, the god of all human nature, hot, spicy, and fierce far away from any creature who dreams upon my bell. My Heart is a golden star which is the most beautiful gem of all the lands upon my very hoof. That is why my gem is so rear and I strive from the human eye, I disappear in the moonlight gliding along with the stars. I am a pearl, the most beautiful the most divine creature your eyes will have ever seen. I am a priceless sight, I glide along the shadows; to protect my beauty form dark hearts. Age means nothing to me, my flesh shall never rot but only stay pure and filled with righteousness. My horn is my spark, a magical bone a crystal which shines and sparkles in the night. It's my deadly weapon, it could create nuclear weapons, but will only do with the use of peace. If my horns goes into the wrong hands the whole universe could be at risk; and no mythical creature could overwhelm this situation.  Each strand of hair is groomed and personalised by the great god Aphrodite, I am her precious prize procession. If my hair gets tangled, then so will my spirit; i shall become unidentified by the fairies and the beasts and i will whither in the shadows only to be recognized by an human eye. I was moulded and sculptured by Aphrodite, i was taught by her and each unique feature can't be reborn into another mythical beast. I originate from a rose which grew in Zeus's Enchanting Garden, a horse trespasses and ate this enchanting rose, This horse then transformed into this astonishing creature which amazed everyone in Olympus. Because this creature was so godlike and glamorous only the one and only creator of beauty it's self Aphrodite could understand and communicate with this amazing horse. Aphrodite then taught the unicorn the magnificence of beauty and life and named her, 'Ummonia' The God of unicorns. Ummonia is a fierce but beautiful flame, who swore to protect Fairy Kingdom and her rightful owner Aphrodite. She is a golden statue, but hides from human eye. Her name was 'Ummonia'.


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