Ummonia Unicorn

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This is about a young unicorn, one of the first unicorns ever to have been born into this world. She was born from one of zues' passionate roses, and was brought up by the God of beauty Aphrodite. Can her past make her future ambitious?


5. Is This My Imagination, Am I Dreaming?

I woke up to the sound of sweet birds tweeting there melodies and tunes informing everyone that dawn has broke and bless us all a knew day has come; their tweets are a soothing sound like silk brushing against my cheeks and ears greeting me with surprise. Birds that had descended upon branches that crunch, crack and amplify, branches that thrived through the golden as well as luminous sun, but only they take the suns energy making them bulky and bold hale and tuff. As if the suns it's mother as they all gather and move towards it, hypnotized unaware of its purposes, beliefs and imagination.

I woke up to all the flakes of grass bowing at my presence, bowing at my righteousness, and the hope i bring to them all. As if these flakes are blessing me, thanking me that i have taken all darkness away, the darkness that left them in the pit of hell; no empathy, and no anxiety. No hope of even existing in the beginning, as they would be useless with no energy, no thrill of excitement but will suffer an whither beneath the devils angels, the darkness takes their spirit away, and leave them in the pit of hell.

Imagination. At that moment it ran wild. I didn't wake up to the sound of sweet birds, of the branches that crunched, cracked, or amplified. I didn't wake up to the golden or luminous sun, that hypnotizes the plants hiding them away from there purpose, beliefs or imagination. Not a single flake of grass bowed down to me or were left in the pit of hell. All of this is blurry now for when i woke up all i was to see, was this to slip away from my reach, i tried to hold on to it tight. But I couldn't make it. 


Hi guys sorry i haven't updated, it's because I feel that you don't like my book? So what's the point? If I should carry on with this because I have really good ideas, is for you to decide. Please comment! Thank you very much it means a lot to me xxxx 

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