Ummonia Unicorn

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This is about a young unicorn, one of the first unicorns ever to have been born into this world. She was born from one of zues' passionate roses, and was brought up by the God of beauty Aphrodite. Can her past make her future ambitious?


4. I Thought I Was A Unicorn?

Every time, i looked him he smiled, every time he looked deep into my eyes, i blushed and looked away. Why couldn't i have been stronger, more flirty and more beautiful. I want to be everything, everything that he wants in a girl. I could see it in his eyes, i could see a court room i could see them debating if i was good enough and tell by the way he looks at me, i wasn't. Why is life so difficult? Why doesn't he like me? Why am I a unicorn, Why couldn't i be a beautiful fairy and live happily ever after? Happily ever after, is a blurry sight for me. I can't see Emilio and I in my future. I can't see me being successful of doing any of my goals. Why? Why do some things only happen in dreams, or fairy tales? It's not fair! I thought unicorns were apart of fairy tales?.....Wait, Unicorns are apart of fairy tales. Then how do i know about fairy tales? How am i able to think these thoughts? What's happening, Why are weird thoughts popping up in my brain? I stopped and faced Emilio who was now, on the edge of cliff about to fall asleep. I stopped him from falling. 

"Hey, Emilio are you asleep?"

I climbed on top of him, which kind of looked wrong but we were alone. Time to tease! I licked his forehead, and immediately he responded. 

"Ummonia, babes i was asleep! What is it?"

He replied with a yawn in every word.

"Do you know what a tale is?" 

I said to him with a serious look on my face! He thought i was mad and that i was hearing strange words, well at least that's what his facial expressions told me.

"No, i don't know i don't have a clew what that means! What kind of word is that wise speaker? I'd like to here this!"

He liked my forehead back as revenge, and a slight giggle reached my mouth; it tickled but it was kinda of a nice feeling, i guess.

"Don't worry about it. It's probably just a word that got mixed up somehow. Anyways, i was wondering....Do you have any interest in riding with me?

He looked at me like i had just said the winning word for a thousand coins. I could definitely tell that he enjoyed riding by far as sleeping in a meadow. I distinctively got of him before he shoved me off fiercely, because as soon as got off him he was off soaring through the long glass, as fast as the wind he rode.

"Come on babes, I'll race you to Grudge Hill!"

Before he could even Finnish sentence, I was also off. In fact, I too enjoy the beauty of ridding! It just allows me to express my emotions, ridding fast expresses my anger, a gently trot, expresses my sadness. But not all the time, because that would be weird if i was racing whilst being ferociously angry. That would be weird! 

Gliding in the moonlight,

Two blurry crystals,

A haunting glow.

With each step they took,

one lost their life;

A snap of a green flake,

Helpless and aware

Of the two blurry crystals

Gliding In the moonlight.

Nothing could hold them back.

An unstoppable force

A moving knife,

That could scar you for life.

Like a haunting glow

A sharp crystal, 

Gliding in the moonlight.

A delicate ribbon of pride,

Ridding the wind as it flows.

Shinning as the stars,

Overwhelming the sun,

A fierce but graceful flame.

like two blurry crystals,

With a haunting glow,

And unstoppable force,

That could scar you for life,

A delicate ribbon of pride,

Ridding the wind as the sun shines,

A fierce but graceful flame.

But when night comes the sun has to set,

And all these things drift off in it's sleep,

Gliding in the moonlight.



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