Ummonia Unicorn

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This is about a young unicorn, one of the first unicorns ever to have been born into this world. She was born from one of zues' passionate roses, and was brought up by the God of beauty Aphrodite. Can her past make her future ambitious?


3. Filled With Hope

Meeting new people, or just walking past someone who you have never met before is like a new born baby meeting it's parents for the first time. But then the baby drifts of to sleep, forgetting this first meeting forgetting being born. But then the baby resumes it's sight seeing, seeing new faces again, and remembering once more. 

I close my eyes to see nothing. A never ending black hole. Filled with no hope, not a single purpose of ever closing your eyes in the begging. But when i open then again, I see nothing else but him. Emilio, walking, talking, breathing, and looking at me. Me, just me. Sometimes even just for a second. But in my case, a stare, a stare that took place looking at me. He took a second of his life for a chance to stop and glance at me, makes me feel.... inappropriate. Every week, every day, every minute i'm thinking of him. For me school's just a chance, an excuse for me to see him everyday. It's true. I haven't been paying attention to any school work, not one word that comes out from my teachers, not one word that was scrapped onto a black bored. It seems that Aphrodite has already taught me everything that I need to know. I just haven't digested that knowledge yet. No, not just yet. I have my lases but i just don't want to tie them up. I known this means that i shall continue on-wards with my journey , constantly stripping up. But i shall get back up and carry on. There's just to many questions that have to be answered. There's just too many new feelings that i haven't felt yet. There's too many places that i have not stepped upon. There's just too many, of everything. 

This is expected or such a young flower as me. I need to find someone who pollinates me and who allows me to stretch on our kind. Someone. When you break it down it's: Some, But Only one. I like that word, There's only one. Makes me break down my questions, breaking them down into just one. One question, I wonder what that question shall be when it dances upon my mouth.

I am popular in this school. If you here my voice instantly you'd know that it's me. Instantly you want to stop, and listen to what i'm about to say. There's something about the way I speak most of the time. This isn't really something i should say about myself but, the way i speak is so wise, is so enlightening. When i stop and realize what in had just uttered, it's just either a statement that would have been remembered and reminded to myself when the same situations comes back around. I don't need a personal friend to keep me company, i have a crowed of friends there to ask me questions, tell me i'm beautiful and general gossip which i have no intend to listen to. I'm not necessarily  fond of all this attention i prefer to be independent. I like to stop and help people who are in need, rather than just walk around the border being constantly being told that you should apply for a beauty horn, or a model contract. I'm more aware of things that are unnecessary, and what is a very mature thing to do. I'm just like that, i guess you could call it being sort of....perfect? I would love to brag on about myself but i'd rather watch Emilio walk home.

He walked out of the school building, proud and if he had all the time in the world to spend with his mates, then spending time at home. I innocently walked behind him (I'm not a stoker for goodness sake, he just happened to take the same rout as me!) I called his name as if I hadn't noticed him there. Emilio carried on looking straight in front of him, 

"After all this time, you've actually noticed us throughout most of the journey! Come on wise speaker you can do better than that!"

He laughed, and the rest of his gang followed. I felt intimidated but, you know me i'm always prepared for a battle.

"Oh, i see so eager for me to notice you?"

He looked back with such a surprised manner, i winked and caught up with him. All eyes were on me. I could tell they were finding it hard to reply to such a sentence.

"What's up with you lot, cat got your tongue? 

I always said these sort of things with a lot of pride, for instance walking up a bit to tell who's the people who aren't able to hold me back, and whose smart enough to catch me out. But could tell that Emilio didn't want to stay in my shadow so he stepped out of it.

"Yeah this cats feisty, sexy and clever indeed. I don't think I've ever met such a pussy!"

He walked at the same pace as i was. See my plans always work, never doubt me! I looked at him with one of my prettiest of looks, Unicorn style. With a raise of my eye brow, i was on a role.

"Oh i see, Come tell me more, i seem to enjoy listening to you describe this so called pussy of yours!"

I went off the road onto this valley, there were two valley's either side, either was fine. Emilio turned around facing towards his mates and did dome sort of look, don't worry i knew what he was up to; and i'm not trying anything today. His friends carried on with their journey, leaving me and Emilio laying on the grass in the valley. I was excited of what things were to happen, and what things Emilio had planned for me. Just, me and him together.


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