Ummonia Unicorn

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This is about a young unicorn, one of the first unicorns ever to have been born into this world. She was born from one of zues' passionate roses, and was brought up by the God of beauty Aphrodite. Can her past make her future ambitious?


2. An End Can't Start without A Beginning


I was born in Olympus, Raised in olympus, and met all my royal friends on Olympus. I've never seen a mortal seed. Today i am born into reality. Today i become a normal student at, 'Grudge Hill Cloud.' Alone in my cloud i am nervous of what lays beyond this cloud. Could it be something dangerous? Could it be something sweet? This is all for me to find out. Mother told me, "if you go my sweet a leaf shall be added, but if you dont your seed shall close and whither." What did she mean by that? Does she not realize that is still have young ears, and that my knowledge is not yet far enough to understand these statements? i got up and glided from cloud to cloud until my hoof stepped upon dry and steady land. Each cloud i stepped on I became less confident, each cloud i stepped on i stripped over each strand of hair; until no more to trip. My horn lost it's spark and my fur was pale, like a pale blue sky lost in the clouds. My heart became a concur, hard as a rock; preparing as if someone so close to my heart was to break it and leave it in the dust. One step for Ummonia and another and another, until the full picture was seen. A look to a side one look to another, until the valley was recognized. A grand building tall and wise, stood before me. But stil i didn't hide i wasn't afraid, after all i lived in the most grand of homes, the most luxury of lavishness. I kept my pride. And onwards I trudged alone. I could see the entrance, and many other creatures which they all looked just as grand as me. I approached one creature....He was a unicorn just as me. He was a mirror but only more tuff and tight. He looked at me the same way i looked at him. i blushed and looked away. He was so firm, it looked like he rode a lot. He had realized that i was blushing, and didn't want to make the moment even more awkward than it already was; so he looked away as well as me. I didn't want to look like a shy sort of person, so looked at him directly,

"Good Morrow to you fellow Unicorn. I'm Ummonia Daughter of Aphrodite and raised on Olympus. Please to meet you!"

I put on a cheesy smile and laughed afterwards. He looked at me and blushed just as much as i did before. He replied,

"Err, Hi my name is Emilio. Please to meet you, i guess. Urm, this is really unusual to be face to face with another unicorn my father said to me that there is one other female unicorn so I need do you need to.. Ya' know pollinate sort of thing."

He looked down to his hoofs with no facial expressions what so ever. I was the same. I knew exactly what he ment, I wasn't gonna put up with this inappropriate rudeness. I looked at him, with a fierce facial expresion; i was prepared to have a deadly convocation. Emilio looked at me, saw my facial expression's and frowned at me. Before i could start this rampage he started it before i could,

"Look, before you have a go at me! I don't particularly enjoy being one of the last of the most beautiful of creatures. Yes, you know it we do have to reproduce unless you want our kind to die out! We have to calm down and get real alright, because we have to at least try get along." 

I looked at him and he looked at me, I could tell he thought i was someone special. I looked at him sighed, and smiled,

"I'm sorry alright, you know this is the first time I have ever talked to anyone besides my friends on olympus and mother. And by the way the first time you meet someone you don't hit them with 'we gotta make love' that's only another reason for me to avoid you. So anyways, please forgive me if my first impressions are not the type you are used to."

I trotted off with no interest in this sparkly pile of meat. But then I stopped, and turned my head slightly towards him

"I guess I've been a bit to harsh, after all Jasmin did fall for Aladin eventually."

I winked and carried on ahead, confidence in every step, and every word this unicorn is on fire and there ain't no fire extinguisher that can put this one out. I could sense his eyes on me as i walked away. So i tried to struck my stuff as much as possible. Is this feeling what you call being.....Sexy?

Whatever it was it felt good. Like the kind of good when your eating something delicious and you don't want to stop eating it. This what it felt like. This boy, Emilio. Ment something important to me, i'm not to sure what it is? I wish i could understand my new feelings as they come and go. Then I could extend and exaggerate them and make them even more unique. But this person. A boy, the same age as me. Who thinks and talks just like me. He probably feels the same way, but it looks like he's had experience down on the steady ground. I hadn't, so i have a lot to catch up on. I wasn't prepared to waste any time. If it was any reason it would be for.... Him, just him.

It had started. I was now going to attend, Grudge Hill Cloud until I pollinate. Until my heart understands the true meaning of our purpose. This wasn't going to be easy. We have a different way of learning and thinking. I learn how to use my horn. I learn how to use my wings, but at my age i don't have any yet... Unfortunately, not just yet. I learn how to make spells and how to defends myself and everyone else in times of danger. Because i am a unicorn that's my main job. Sometimes it does mean i have to sacrifice my life for the innocent, but if that's what i have to do....then i am willing to protect them no matter what the cost!

This is how Aphrodite brought me up, to be ambitious and considerate towards one another. Most of my friends say that being bad is much easier than being good. I can understand what they mean but it isn't exactly easy battling people like myself and others for example Jack Frost. My heart didn't sprout in thorny or stony ground but in the purest and healthiest of ground; i am so proud of who i am, and i'd never want to be bad if it meant me being killed. If i ever sided then i'd go to hell. Us creatures do have beliefs, but just slightly tweaked, because it would be weird if our god was human. Human's are threats to us. If they'd see a creature like me, Lord knows what kind of spiteful things they'd do to us. Our kind wouldn't be able to survive in their conditions, i'm a summer flame. If i am in winter then i will suffer the consequences of losing my powers and becoming weak, and even a possibility of never being able to grow wings or walk as such!

Being a unicorn, can be difficult sometimes but i have exciting things if it's new or old like having people like, Emilio around or having a affectionate mother like Aphrodite. I have grown a leaf on my stem, and  new path has formed. You'll never know when you'll reach your destination but when you do it's the most blessed thing you would have a ever received. Maybe it's heaven, or maybe it's finally seeing your hidden past. No one knows what it is, no one has ever come back once they've reached their goal. Before you know it someone you care about, disappear right before your eyes. I guess they've seen the beauty of life and have accepted god in their hearts? Maybe all the bad things that have happened in the past but haven't forgiven god for their suffering, but have finally realized what happened wasn't anyone's fault?  This is why i'm gonna take it slow cause i don't want to be alone, i don't want to feel this alone and before i know it i'm taken away. I could have all the things in the world but still wouldn't be happy because i'd probably never see my mother again? I don't know what would happen, as i said before no one does. We should all probably share our feelings about this rapture.    

I was born and raised on Olympus, but now i'm born into reality. Everyone and everything is so sweet!  A new path has formed and i learned so many new things, met so may new people, and felt new feelings. What has my future become now? 

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