The love of a blade.

"Why do you do it to yourself?" I ask,
"Because I'm punishing myself for never being good enough,"
That day Scarlett Harper didnt know she would bump into 'the one', literally, she was just trying to get to school. When the worlds biggest boyband attend her school for the rest of term and trys to stop her from her life changing habbit, will she listen or carry on being the musician with a twist. Her strings as her arm and her bow the blade.
With loosing both her parents, she hasnt learnt to trust anyone let alone love them. Will she open her heart or will it stay closed for the person that should mean the world to her?


10. Chapter 7 - A bet.

Today's Saturday. Why should you care? Because it was Monday when me and the boys arrived. Monday when I met and kissed Scarlett. Tuesday when I had the last proper conversation I had with her. 

Lying here, in the tiny bed, thinking about the past week and how our lives have completely changed. However, all I could think of was Scarlett. Maybe because I've barely seen her or maybe because there's only centimetres of plaster and paint separating us, yet it feels like miles. Apart from on the way to, from and during school a bit I've barely seen her since Tuesday.

Me and the lads have settled in pretty well, Louis and Harry have taken a liking to Emily. She helps bring out their inner-child even more. Which Liam is super happy about by the way... If being super happy about it means screaming at them to calm down every other minuet, then yeah.

Rolling over and grabbing my phone, cigarettes and lighter off the bedside table, I make my way to the balcony door and into the sharp cold April air. To my surprise it's half 7 so the suns almost fully up and is sending heat throughout the air. 

A noise coming from my left made me snap out of my thoughts, "Morning sleepy head," An angelic voice called out.

"Morning," I replied with a chuckle at the sight in front of me. Scarlett was sprawled out on the floor, like a starfish, pieces of paper scattered around her; some screwed up; some with paint on, and others with cute doodles on. "What are you doing?" I ask laughing at her attempt to 'swim' through the paper to the concert barrier. 

"Finding inspiration for the new art project," She replies as if it's the most obvious thing in the world.

"Aright then," I answer taking a proper look at her. She was wearing yoga pants with the spider man logo on it with a tank top with a simple cupcake design on, jammies I'm guessing. Her hair was up and had a blood red hair band holding her fringe back. 

Sitting down on the concert barrier with Scarlett next to me and handing her a cigarette I've just light.

"Me, Izzy and Logan are going to the beach at 10," She states looking down at the apple tree in the middle of the garden. “You and the boys should join us." She suggests handing back the cigarette.

"Yeah sure. But what about pap’s?" I ask whilst taking a puff of the sweet tobacco.

"Not a problem," She replies with a sly smile plastered on her soft, pink lips. "Logan’s parents own a beach house and it backs onto a private beach, so you'll be alright." She finished with a smirk.

"Well, I better go wake the boys up then." I say putting the last of the cigarette out and chucking the butt off the edge of the balcony.

As it's about 8 ish I decide to have a shower before waking the boys up as it's the weekend and I would like the choice of having children in the future. 

Stepping into the dangerously cold air and grabbing a fluffy towel on the other end of the room near the door. Wrapping the towel around me as someone started to knock on the door. Quiet viscously I might add. 

As the door swung open it revealed an angry looking Annabel. However her face started to soften as she saw what I was wearing. As her eyes roamed my body I started to get really uncomfortable, however when she started to bite her lip I knew I needed to get out of there if not I might have to show a therapist what she did to me on a doll. 

Shuffling past her and hurrying to my room I shudder at what she might have been thinking.

As it should be a good day I just put on my board shorts that I wore in the 'kiss you' video and a t-shirt.

By the time I was done with my hair and getting dressed it was almost 8:45, time to wake up the boys.

Soon after I had a debate in my head on which room I should go into first I decided the safer option with Niall and Liam.

Gently shaking Liam who's spooning a teddy bear, that Dani gave him, trying to wake him up.

"Li, come on, wakey wakey." I whisper into his ear. Instead of getting up he waved his hand in my direction then rolled over and feel back asleep. Sighing I give it another try, this time I use a different approach. "Liam get your fat ass out of bed before I come and shave all your hair off again!" I scream next to his head so I don't startle him too much.

People always say I'm the 'vain one' with my hair but I just want to look nice. Liam, however, always changes his and spends even more time on it than I do mine. Even though he has barley any!

This got him up whilst muttering curses directed at me under his breath. 

Niall was a lot easier to wake up, "Niall, come on time to get up." I say kneeling next to him, shaking him gently. Rolling around for a bit Niall began to sit up whilst rubbing his sleepy blue eyes groaning

"Zayn, why the hell did you wake us up this early? Especially on a weekend?" Liam grumbled whilst opening the curtains to reveal a sun high in the sky sending its warm beams down onto the world. 

"Firstly it's around 9 ish and secondly we're going to the beach today with Scarlett and her friends from Starbucks." I explain making my way to the door.

Walking into Louis and Harry's room I found Harry sprawled out on the bed like a starfish with the covers dumped on top of him. As I looked up from Harry I found Lou's bed empty and heard people talking outside. 

Slipping behind the curtain and through the already opened door I found Lou with his back to me and on the phone. Turning his head my way, he flashed me a cheery smile then went back to his call. 

"Alright I'll tell them. I know. Love you to El. Have fun with Dani today, don't cause too much trouble. I miss you to." As he finished his phone call with El throwing a load of 'I miss you' and 'I love you' down the line.

Once they hung up he gave me a sad smile, he must really miss her. 

Giving him a pat on the back I tell him the plan for today and how we're going to wake Harry up. This brings back the cheeky look to his face.

Silently making our way back into the room and over to Harrys bed. Once we were standing next to it me and Lou both looked at each other giving a nod to show we're ready before jumping onto his bed.

"Harrreh!" Lou screamed at the top of his lungs as we jumped over and around the sleeping body. As he buried deeper into his covers me and Lou jumped harder and screamed louder. Soon though Lou had a great idea to pull his covers away as Liam, Niall and Scarlett burst through the door.

"What the he- Ah! My eyes!" Screamed Scarlett as Lou yanked Harry’s sheets away to show Harrys bottom. Niall, who's next to Scarlett, slapped his hands over her eyes and hide behind her shoulder. 

Groaning Harry started to roll over, that's when me and Lou jumped off his bed and sprinting towards the door. Grabbing Nialls arm and Scarlett’s hand we sprinted to the top of the stairs in hysterics. 

Annabell however put a damper on the mood as she shoved Scarlett into the banister saving her from a 20 ft. fall. 

"So what are we doing today then?" She asked touching Nialls arm and sticking her chest out. 

"Well we're going to the beach in an hour." Niall replies pointing to everyone behind him awkwardly. Whilst Annabell was making everyone in her presents uncomfortable Louis went to help Scarlett up and see if she's ok.

"Ooh sounds fun, can I come?" She asks batting her eye lashes so it looks like she's having a fit. 

"Sorry, car's full." Lou states bluntly.

Annabell didn't seem to get the message that no one wanted her here so kept giving different solutions to how all of us, including her, could go to the beach. However each idea was quickly shot down with a reasonable answer. It was quite amusing.

A tap on my arm brought me back to reality. Looking over at who it was I found Scarlett looking up at me nodding her head in the direction of our rooms before placing her small hand in my larger one and leading the way.

"Hey, thanks for that." I chuckle as I sit down on her bed.

"It's alright," She mumbles digging through her wardrobe. I'm guessing trying to find clothes for today because she's still in her paint covered jammies from this morning. Pulling out a bikini, shorts and some top she asks me to turn around so she can change. Once she's done she explains that we're staying in the beach house for the night and how I should bring a bag of clothes. 

"So," I start barging into her room with my bag all packed, "What's it normally like here. I mean how did everything run before me and the boys arrived?" I ask sitting opposite her on her bed.

"Well it was hell, I would be shoved shouted at and have food thrown at me almost every day," She begins chuckling, "But this week it's only been three shoves, one bread roll and only Annabell and Gennie's shouted at me. So it's defiantly an improvement. I would only talk to Emily really but now I can talk to people around my age." She finishes smiling a beautiful smile. "Shot look at the time, I'll see you down stairs soon." She mumbles holding the door open, indicating me to leave.

Soon I was waiting down stairs with the rest of the boys, Logan and Izzy. 

"I say Spiderman today." Logan says to Izzy whilst looking at the top of the stairs. 

"Nah, I have a feeling Superman." Izzy replies going through her white bag resting on her shoulder.

"What are you guys doing?" I ask taking a seat next to Logan. 

"Well, everyday Scarlett wears something with a superhero or league on. So to make it more interesting me and Izzy take bets on who it will be." Logan explains with the same glint in his eyes as Louis does when he's given a packet of water balloons or fire crackers. "We're taking bets for £5 each today. I'm saying Spiderman and Izzy says Superman. Wanna join?" He asks looking round.

To our surprise Liam pipes up, "I'll say batman." 

"Give me ironman." Niall calls out.

"Zayn look after the money." Liam commands as everyone hands me a fiver each.

A few seconds after I got given the money there were fast footsteps trampling down the stairs. With that everyone looked up to see Scarlett flying past us and crashing into her two shocked friends. 

She was wearing denim shorts with tan suspenders pulled over her shoulders and a black baggie top with a white rectangle on the chest, with 'music' written in block black writing. 

"Sorry I've taken forever," She apologies as I hand Liam the money after catching a glimpse of her bag which is black and has the batman logo splashed all over it. 

Setting her black and blue guitar case down next to the sofa she drags Izzy towards the kitchen. From the corner of my eye I could see Niall checking Izzy out. She's wearing white shorts that come mid-thigh with black suspenders hanging down, a black tank top with a print of lips with lipstick as the American flag and simple black flip-flops. Her blond hair was down and slightly wavy, plus with her outfit complementing all her curves in the right places I don't blame him. 

"Where have they gone?" Harry ask looking up from his phone.

"Snacks for the journey." Logan states watching Niall sprint through to the kitchen, only moments later coming out with arm full of goodies with Scarlett and Izzy following with the same amount.

Chucking all the food into their bags and everyone making sure they're got everything Scarlett screams out "Let's do this poo!" As she skips towards the door with guitar case in hand.


Hey Marshmallows! I'm soooooo sorry it's taken forever to upload this shitty chapter but so much has gone wrong in my life lately and I needed a break from everything then I got writers block then everything with the title and me 'stealing' an idea and now these past weeks have been super busy. But I've finally updated! I decided to set myself a goal of uploading a chapter before my birthday and I have with about 2 hours to go D: almost didn't make it! 

All the links for the out fits will be in the comments! 

One more thing before you go, I was thinking the other day weather I should do a Q&A video on this book and anything tbh! Please say whether you think this is a good idea, and will keep you guys updated about it!

Love you beautiful marshmallows so so much! Sorry for not updating in forever again 

~Porjiee xox

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