The love of a blade.

"Why do you do it to yourself?" I ask,
"Because I'm punishing myself for never being good enough,"
That day Scarlett Harper didnt know she would bump into 'the one', literally, she was just trying to get to school. When the worlds biggest boyband attend her school for the rest of term and trys to stop her from her life changing habbit, will she listen or carry on being the musician with a twist. Her strings as her arm and her bow the blade.
With loosing both her parents, she hasnt learnt to trust anyone let alone love them. Will she open her heart or will it stay closed for the person that should mean the world to her?


8. Chapter 6 - There's room for two 6 feet under the stars.

    Zayn’s POV
It was now 10:30 at night and our stylist has finally dropped off our suitcases. In the cases we each have treats: Louis has his toy pigeon; Niall his black card; Liam stress pills; Harry his teddy as he always has to hold onto something when sleeping; Me, a big packet ,that you get from duty free, of lambert and butlers. (A/N Cigarettes) 
As everyone's sent to bed at 10 I thought it would be alright if I went to the balcony and have a quick smoke before I went to bed.
Opening the glass door and stepping into the chilling spring air. Getting the silver packet out of my pocket and placing one onto my lips. Then lighting it and taking a long drag, feeling my body become instantly more relaxed.
Looking up at the sky seeing stars for once instead of the glow coming off street lamps. If I had a choice I would always choose the twinkling lights over the constant orange glow.
After a few minutes and 2 cigarettes, I heard a gentle hum coming from the next balcony and soon a cloud of smoke flew over the barrier then floating away into the distance. 
Shuffling to the edge of mine and the start of theirs, then looking over. Sitting with her legs dangling over the edge, Scarlett was out side with a cigarette between her fingers.
Clearing my throat her head snapped up to my direction.
Smiling weakly she whispered a greeting before patting the space next to her. Climbing over the concrete barrier and copying her position, with our legs hanging over the edge. 
"Hey." She whispered before taking a drag of her cigarette.
"Hi," I replied a little louder than she was, "What are you doing up so late? I thought everyone went to sleep about half an hour ago." I ask looking into her emerald eyes, which I can see more clearly now her hair is up in a messy ponytail and fringe pushed back by a fabric hair band with a bow on.
"Art homework. It's in for tomorrow, just taking a break though." She states simply nodding to the cigarette in her hand.
"Didn't know you took art." I state trying to build a conversation. Although she just nods her head sighing before taking another drag. 
Sighing I looked out to the stars which I can see due to the lack of light pollution. 
"Beautiful aren’t they." Scarlett whispers after a few minutes, breaking the comfortable silence.
Turning my head to look at her shining eyes to find them staring off into the distance.
"Yeah, it's pretty magical." I answer looking back to the stars.
"You know Zayn you're the only person I've told my full story to," She blurts out "I just want to say thank you." She finished looking down blushing. Placing 2 fingers under her chin and turned her head to mine. 
Looking deep into her sad eyes I whisper to her, "You can always trust me with anything. I'll always be just a phone call away if you ever need to talk, whenever and where ever, I will always answer and listen," by the last word tears were threating to spill over, " Baby, don't cry." I mumble. Wiping tears that have fallen down her rosy pink cheeks. 
"Sorry," She mumbles quietly, "It's just I'm not used to people being so kind to me."
With that I felt my heart break - how could anyone be so cruel to such a beautiful girl?
"I don't see how anyone can hate you." I mumble, quiet enough so she can't hear me. Instead I start leaning in, letting my instincts take over. Soon her soft sweet lips were touching mine. At first she froze from the shock but after a while she started to kiss back. It was magical. As her lips moved with mine, butterflies erupted throughout my stomach.
All too soon she pulled away. 
"Wow," Was all I could make out, no pun intended, with a grin spread across my face. Our foreheads pressed together, staring into each other eyes, both of us grinning stupidly.
"There's room for two 6 feet under the stars." Scarlett hums after a few minutes.
"What?" I ask chuckling at the random outburst of singing.
"It's a song, all time lows 6 feet under the stars, good song. But that line reminds me of now." She honestly answers, chuckling a bit to herself, "I need to go finish my art." She states pecking me on the cheek before jumping up. However I grabbed both her legs, hugging them whispering kiss me again to her. 
Giving me sweet slow kiss on the lips, just before she ran back into her room leaving me in shock on the balcony.
Crashing, banging and swearing from Scarlett’s room woke me up. Groaning and rolling over in the smallest double bed ever made, I grabbed my cigarettes and phone off the bed side table and headed to the balcony. 
Looking towards the left, which was Scarlett’s balcony, I remembered all that happened last night. Her soft pink lips against mine; how her glowing green eyes looked like jewels in the moon light; how our fingers enter winded with each other’s; how her rough hard fingers, from playing guitar for so long, felt against mine. 
Chuckling to myself about how this girl's effecting me, I looked down at my phone whilst taking a drag. '6:50' it read.
Before I could react about how early it is I heard some shuffling and a door opening and the closing again coming from my left. Snapping my head up to see a silhouette walk towards the door with a rucksack and small guitar case in hand.
Wait. That meant she was out here. Did she see me staring at her room? 
I'll have to worry about that later, right now I need a shower.
Letting the steamy water wash all my worries and problems away. Getting lost in my thoughts and this steamy paradise where you only have to worry about the warmth running out. Right until a series of knocks came through the door. 
"Dude! Hurry up!" A welsh accent called. I think its Parker. Stepping out of the warm blissful shower and into the sharp cold air, like daggers against my skin.
Quickly brushing my teeth after wrapping a fluffy red towel around me. Stepping out of the bathroom to find an angry looking Parker and a shocked looking Annabel.
"Sorry I took so long." I mumble trying to get away from Annabel’s hungry gaze. It's like she’s trying to rip the towel off me using her mind. Keeping a tight grip on my towel I quickly make my way back to my room.
Once I was dressed and done my hair, I went down stairs to find Gennie waiting in the kitchen.
"Ahh, Zayn," She started turning to me as soon as I sat down at the table next to her. "You know where Scarlett works, yeah? Well I was wondering if you could go and give this to her." She finishes without giving me a chance to answer and handing me a piece of paper. 
"Urhh, yeah alright." I replied whilst getting up and heading back to my room to grab my phone, jacket and bag. 
Heading towards the boys room to tell them where I was going, I saw an upset Emily coming out of Scarlett’s room. 
"Hey Em," I say in a gentle voice whilst walking towards her.
"Hi," She replies with a frown plastered on her face. 
"What's wrong?" I ask bending down in front of her so I'm around her height, "Is it because Scarlett isn't here?"
As she turns her head to face me and nods a yes, I can see her bright glassy blue eyes are slowly releasing tears, "hey, hey, hey, don't worry when she gets back later you can talk to her as long as you want telling about what's bothering you. How does that sound? Good?" Brushing her wavy brown hair out of her shining blue eyes. Wiping away the last few tears she waddles away smiling to, I think, her room.
Once again, I'm off heading towards the boys rooms. As I reach Nialls and Liam’s I sigh in relief as I didn't get stopped again. 
Knocking once and walking in straight after. The sight I see was not the one I expected, Louis and Harry were jumping on Nialls bed with Niall hiding under the covers and Liam sitting in the corner rubbing his temples. Hang on, it's these boys of course I expected something like this.
"Zayyniiiieeeee!" Louis called after jumping off Nialls bed, making him sigh in relief. 
"N-Umpf," was all I could make out before Louis tackled to the floor with a hug. "Lou as much as I love you, I can't breathe." I mumble from beneath him. With that Liam and Harry yanked him off of me, "I'm going to Starbucks anyone want anything?" I ask as I got 4 different drink orders and 5 food orders. 
"Are you going to the one Scarlett works at?" Liam asks as I nod a yes in reply.
"Awhh! Our little Zaynie has a crush!" Louis screams running over and pinching my cheeks.
"Lou, what is it with touching me today?! Didn't Harry satisfy you enough last night?" I ask throwing a cheeky little wink in there. However if looks could kill Harry would have had me 6 feet under by now. Thank God Niall spoke up complaining about the fact I still haven't gotten his food yet.
As I turn a corner on the quiet morning streets of Norwich I see the Starbucks we stumbled upon last night. Doing a victory dance in my head, for not getting lost, I walk a little faster until I meet the strong bitter smell of coffee.
Going through the door and into the shop I see a head of black and blue go into the back room.
As I go up to order my drinks there's the same girl that was here last night with Scarlett. After I order the drinks and food the girl, with the name tag 'Isabel', starts talking to me.
"Hi, Zayn right?" She asks, then waits for my response, so after I nodded she continued, "Please don't hurt Scarlett because if you do I swear to God I will hunt you down and kill you slowly and painfully." She adds with a sinister grin on her face. 
"Believe me, I don't intend to hurt her. She's so fragile already, she doesn't need a douche crushing her, and if I ever hurt her I would hate myself." I say honestly leaning over the counter a little copying Isabel’s stance and looking her straight in the eyes. 
"I'm Izzy by the way," She adds, holding out her hand and giving mine a firm shake before walking away to get my drinks, "Oh and by the way Scarlett tells me and Logan everything." She adds grinning evilly before walking away to clean the machines. 
Just then Scarlett comes in from the back room laughing with and tall brown haired boy following behind that was here last night as well. Scarlett was wearing a black jumper with the batman logo on it in yellow, yellow skinny jeans and black vans. Letting my eyes skim over her until they found her face, those big green eyes full of hurt, pain and most of all sadness. Her bright pink, soft lips which I had the pleasure to explore last night.
"Hey we have sometime before we need to leave for school, how about we sit down and have a drink?" I suggest to her.
Once she finished making her drink, she grabbed her cup, bag and tiny guitar case before coming over and sitting opposite me on the table I've chosen 
"Hey," She says sitting down.
"Hi," I reply smiling. After we fall into silence. "What have you got?" I ask trying to break it.
"Black coffee," She states taking a sip.
"Ew, do you at least have sugar in it?" I ask silently praying she does, somehow I can't see how anybody can enjoy just coffee.
"Nadar." She replies giggling at my disgusted face.
"How can you drink that?" I say with curiosity and disgust dripping off almost every word.
"Easily, you open your mout-" I cut her off by throwing a screwed up napkin at her face.
"I know how you drink it, it's just... Ew." I state sticking my tongue out.
"Yeah well, I don't see how people can't believe in unicorns." She replies seriously, however that only lasted a few seconds because we both fell into hysterical laughter. "No, I didn't like it to start with, when dad was alive, but after he left I started to drink it to try to keep him alive somehow. Now I have a tattoo up here," She explains pointing to the left side of her waist. "Saying 'Life's a lot like a cup of coffee.' Because he would always say the same quote. Not one day went by when he didn't say it."
"What was it? If you don't mind me asking." I say hastily as I know it's a sensitive subject for her. 
Taking a deep breath she starts, "Life's a lot like coffee. Life's too short to sweeten it up with bullshit that can only cause negative outcomes. It’s bitter, and tough to get by. And all too often leaves a nasty after taste; but if you let that get to you then you've basically let yourself down." She finishes smiling at different memories going through in her head.
"Wow." I state, "That's deep. He must have been a wise man."
"Yeah, he was." She replies with a smile still playing on her plump lips.
Moving my hand across the table, I grabbed her smaller one in mine and squeezing it slightly to show her that she isn't alone and people still do care about her. Like me and the boys, even though we've only known her we, well I definitely care about her. More than she'll ever know.


Hey there Marshmallows! Sorry it's taken so long but life gets in the way is just stupid! So the shoutout today is for Zaynieexoxo! Yay, also there will be a link in the comments for what Scarlett was wearing! Remember to comment as I love reading your comments, heart and favriout! See you guys soon, hopefully, love you lots and lots and lots! 


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