The love of a blade.

"Why do you do it to yourself?" I ask,
"Because I'm punishing myself for never being good enough,"
That day Scarlett Harper didnt know she would bump into 'the one', literally, she was just trying to get to school. When the worlds biggest boyband attend her school for the rest of term and trys to stop her from her life changing habbit, will she listen or carry on being the musician with a twist. Her strings as her arm and her bow the blade.
With loosing both her parents, she hasnt learnt to trust anyone let alone love them. Will she open her heart or will it stay closed for the person that should mean the world to her?


6. Chapter 5 - Starbucks.

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After all the boys came in we all sat on my bed laughing and joking. Somehow I feel I can trust Zayn, I don't know what it is, but it feels like he's the only person that will always be there no matter what.

After about half an hour of acting like old friends I got a call from my best friend, Izzy. 

With her personalised ringtone, Never Shout Never’s trouble, blasting round my tiny room I jumped up grabbing my battered brick then stumbled out the worn out door. "Izzy!" I scream dragging out the 'y' as the old worn out door clicks to a shut behind me.

"Scarlett!" She screamed in response dragging out the 'lett' down the other end of the line. 

"Hi," I replied after laughing at the squeaky voice she used. See Izzy was super quiet to start with but now she's finally opened up to show a loud funny, confident girl I'm happy to call my friend.

"So I was wondering, if you could come down to the shop and cover Christopher’s shift. Sorry its short notice but it was between you or Georgia, and Logan and I prefer you." Izzy stated confidently although I can picture her cringing at the other end of the line, Georgia was one of the worst people to work with in fact she is the worst to work with. 

"Yeah sure, I'll just tell Gennie I won't be eating her delightful casserole." I replied in a posh English accent giggling. 

Most people hate their jobs but I don't mind mine even if it is a minimum wage Starbucks job. But I always work with the best of people, like Izzy, so it's alright most of the time. "See you in a half!" I called down the line before hanging up.

Sprinting up to the attic; grabbing my guitar as I always go busking for a while after. 

Forgetting about the extra 5 bodies in my room than I'm used to. Barging through my door and placing my well used, tattered instrument into the equally tattered case. Grabbing my black polo shirt, black jeans and bright green apron out of my chest of draws and placing them on the chair next to my desk.

Once I'm changed out of my school clothes, which are now in my washing basket, and dressed in my work clothes with apron in hand. I turn to grab my jacket that's on the end of my bed from yesterday. However instead of finding an empty bed I see 3 awkward faces, 1 embarrassed red face and 1 beaming, cheeky face. 

"So, urm, what just happened there?" Liam asked innocently looking round the group.

After a few seconds of awkward silence the cheeky Harry Styles spoke up, "Well I think we just found a stripper that works for free." He stated with a wink.

"Urh, no not really curly," I glare at him before continuing, "I've just been called into cover at work. So if y'all don't mind imma leave now." I finnish leaning over Louis so I could grab my jacket as it's chilly out and i dont want people seeing my arms. 

Walking round to the other side of the bed where my tattered strings lay. However a tanned hand grabbed my smaller, decorated wrist half way. Looking up my emerald eyes found a pair of golden ones burning through them and into my soul. But they quickly flicked away.

"Urh, do you want a lift?" Zayn asked nervously.

"Zayniee, you don't have a car here," Louis stated wearing a wise mixed with a look of pity on his face before going back to tickle Emily. 

"Oh, right yeah knew that," Zayn mumbled rubbing the back of his neck with his right hand as his left was still holding my wrist, "Do you want me to come with?" He asked nervously again.

"Urh, no it's fine," I say glancing down at my wrist that's still trapped in his grasp. Following my gaze, along with 1 or 2 of the other boys he let go, "Well I better be-"

"-What happened to your arm?" An innocent Irish voice asks.

Nervously I looked to Zayn wide eyed for help but he was only mirroring my action. Luckily Liam saved me, "Niall you can’t just ask that." He states seriously.

With that I’m racing down the stairs, guitar case in hand and apron in the other, and my brown leather jacket with a grey hoodie on underneath covering my battle wounds.

Calling to Gennie explaining why I won't be at the table tonight whilst placing my grey beanie on top of my head. Soon I was heading through the corridors of this hell hold and out of the doors.

As I walk down the gravel drive with the paint splattered guitar case on my back and green apron in hand, I couldn't help but think of Zayn. It seems he's the breath of fresh air I've needed. Thinking of him brings a smile to my face, maybe this term won’t be as bad as I thought. 

Turning a corner I saw the Starbucks I worked at, causing me to walk a little faster to the welcoming warmth.

Applying force to the glass door with the open sign on it a sweet sounding bell goes off indicating that I've arrived, causing most of the customers to whip their gazes towards me.

Waving to the people behind the counter and strolling into the backroom to dump my guitar and leather jacket, but keeping my hoodie and beanie on. 

When I was about to turn around and go out to the counter I was tackled by a strong body with messy chocolate brown hair and a dimple on their left cheek. Logan.

"Dude. Can't. Breath." I complain squirming to get out of his bear hug.

"Oh right yeah," Logan chuckles ruffling his already messy chocolate brown hair, "Hellooo Scarlett!" He called causing me to giggle.

"Hey there, Logan!" I replied with the same amount of enthusiasm. Walking back to the counter to see a familiar head of blonde on the floor sweeping up spilt coffee beans.

"Scar! Took your time?!" Izzy called sarcastically with her big brown eyes never leaving the mess on the floor. 

"Ha ha you're funny." I spit back with a bored voice. "The new kids held me up." I explain and she nods in response.

Once Logan came through he chuckled at Izzy and stated how no one's crying over spilt coffee beans.

 Through our shifts us 3 normally chat about life in general, joke about each other, sing along to our favourite songs and laugh at girls that try to chat Logan up. So tonight wasn't any different. 

However when I was out emptying and re-filling the dishwasher, I heard the bell ring and Izzy calling me to serve the new customers as Logan was clearing tables and she's clearing the floor free of coffee beans, again, so it was only me left.

Looking up at the clock near the coffee machine I saw I only had 5 minutes left of this shift, so I would probably severe these customer and finish on the dish washer then leave. 

Walking up to the till I saw 4 hooded figures, 3 facing the till 1 looking into the glass cabinet where we held the food and now another strolling in, now there's 5.

"Hi, how can I help?" I ask in a polite manner. To my surprise the first hooded figure pulled down his hood to revile a tired looking Liam. 

"Urh, 2 mochas, 1 tea, 1 latte, 1 ginger latte, and 2 brownies," he answers counting on his fingers then looking round to see if he's missed anyone, "Oh, and whatever you want." He adds with a cheeky smile causing me to chuckle whilst punching their order into the till. 

After they paid and grabbed their drinks they went and sat in the corner, with Louis and Harry chucking packets of sugar at each other, Liam glaring at them, Niall hugging the brownies close to him and Zayn looking back over to the till and counter every few moments.

Out of nowhere Izzy drags me into the back room, closing the door securely before whisper yelling at me, "Why didn't you tell me one bloody direction was in the shop?!" Adding crazy eyes and waving her hands about to add effect.

"It's not that big-a-deal," I answer shrugging it off, "Anyway, can I go now my shifts practically over and I need to direct them back to the house," I add casually but it looked like Izzy was about to faint.

"They-They're staying at hill house?!" She stutters, "Well imma coming over this weekend." She adds cheekily with a wink.

"You are anyway. All of us were going to go to the beach." I state giggling at her.

"Yeah, whatever." She replies rolling her brown eyes at me before stumbling back to the counter.

Picking up my guitar case and untying my apron; I wave goodbye to Izzy and Logan before going over to the pop stars. 

"You guys coming?" I ask as they all turn their attention to me, well except Zayn he was watching me walk over.

They all nod and head towards the door. Zayn’s holding the door for everyone, as Louis and Harry's ran out with Liam hot on their tail and Niall trotting behind them as he nibbles on a brownie. On my way out me and Izzy scream out our love for each other and Logan to himself whilst Zayn stands there chuckling at out behaviour.

Chuckling we start our journey back to the hell I call home, occasionally I had to redirect the boys to the right path. Most of the walk home I was walking between Zayn and Niall, me and Niall ended up having a conversation in Gallic as my dad's side was Irish and picked it up along the years. Sometimes whenever I looked up I saw, from the corner of my eye, Zayn’s golden eyes flick away from my direction to Harry, Louis and Liam in front. Strange. 

Half way home I realised I left my jacket in the shop, and it was starting to get dark and being in the country there was no street lights to keep me safe. Soon, however, I wish I did go back and grab it as I was starting to get cold and shiver a bit. Not helping the situation, Harry stole my hat a little earlier and there was still about 10 minutes’ walk away. Great.

Seeing the state I was in Zayn came closer and wrapped his arms around my shoulders pulling me closer into him. Next thing I know he's unzipping his black hoodie and is pulling me closer to him. Somehow I felt the safest I've been in years being close to him. 

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