The love of a blade.

"Why do you do it to yourself?" I ask,
"Because I'm punishing myself for never being good enough,"
That day Scarlett Harper didnt know she would bump into 'the one', literally, she was just trying to get to school. When the worlds biggest boyband attend her school for the rest of term and trys to stop her from her life changing habbit, will she listen or carry on being the musician with a twist. Her strings as her arm and her bow the blade.
With loosing both her parents, she hasnt learnt to trust anyone let alone love them. Will she open her heart or will it stay closed for the person that should mean the world to her?


4. Chapter 3 - Hill Houses new guests.

Scarletts P.O.V. 

The high pitch ringing of the school bell brought me back to reality. Lunch time, finally!

Making my way out of maths and trotting down to the lunch hall. There's something diffrent about today apart from that mysterious new boy, everyone's whispering about something and I don't know what. Maybe another cheerleader had sex last night. Who cares?

Entering the lunch hall I saw the mysterious new boy in the queue along with 4 other new boys around his age. Hell, I don't even know what year he's in. 

Whilst I was walking over to the heavenly dough, smothered in tomato sauce, covered in cheeses and spinkled with herbs, or as most people call it pizza. Mystery boy noticed me.

"Scarlett!" He shouted waving me over to the table he now sat at along with the other 4 boy. Shuffling over to him and his group, I noticed almost every girl was giving me the dirtiest looks known to man kind. On my way over he whispered something to his friends who smirked in responce. 

"Urm, hey." I mumble giving them a tiny wave.

"Vas happenin'!" Mystery boy shrieked making some girls near by and the boys on his table chuckle. 

"Hi Scarlett, I'm Liam." A boy with super short hair introduced him self to me with his hand sticking out waiting for a hand shake. Being the awkward person I am I reached for it shaking really lightly untill I noticed his tatoos on his arm, one was of 4 arrows pointing to his hand, and the other one i noticed is words on his wrist. 

"Nice tatoo." I mumble still trying to read what the words say. Other than music tatoos and simple desgins are one of my 3 loves in life. I know they ruin your body and are there for ever and ever blah, blah, blah, but they're pretty cool.

With my comment he smiled and thanked me befor a noisy boy with messy brown hair and blue eyes jumped up and asked me about his. It's of this bird on his forearm as well. Soon enough everyone was asking me about their tatoos apart from a boy with bright blue eyes and fluffy blond hair, he's just sitting there watching the world go by whilst eating pizza and lauging at pratically everything. Snap pizza.

"Urh, they're all nice. But I really have to go now befor all the pizza is gone." I said slowly turning away. "See you some other time!" With that I was off on the hunt for the heavenly dough. 

Getting to the hot food bar to find the worst has happened. The pizza's gone! Letting out a frustrated groan with the lady behind the bar giving me a simpathetic look. Settling with just some french fries even though pizza would go with it some much better. Being cuaght up in my frustration I didn't notice a precense beside me until they spoke up.

"Is that all you're having? You really need to eat more, you're tiny!" A husky voice next to me spoke up.

"Well I would normally have a slice of pizza or 3 but I spent too much time talking to you guys that it's all gone." I answer looking up at the mop of curls standing next to me.

"Well if you come with me I'm sure one of the boys will give you a slice." Curly suggested whilst paying for the bottle of water he had in his hand. "Apart from Niall he's already ate all his and has probably ate mine as well by now." He added chuckling to him self about his hungry friend.

"Hmmm... Nah you're alright." I answer turning away but he grabbed my wrist causing me to gasp. 

"It will do no harm." He said looking straight into my emerald eyes whilst I looked into his. "Come on then." He called over the noise of the lunch hall.

Following Curly back to their table I walked past Annabells' table. If looks could kill I would be 6ft under by now. What have I done wrong now? 

Reaching the table pigeon boy pulled me down to the seat next to him in a bone crushing hug. "Urh, hey. Urm you're crushing me now." With Liam and Mystery boy yanking me off him chuckling. "Does anyone not want their pizza?" I ask hopefuly.

"Sorry, love, Niall already asked that question." Pigeon boy answered pointing to the quiet blond haired boy who's nodding vigorously.

"Right, so imma be off now. See ya' soon." I said standing. Before they could say something I was out of the hall and heading towards the feild where a large oak tree sits at the back. 

Settling down underneath it, putting my ipod on shuffle All time low's 'Reckless and Brave' comes on. Even before the song's done I've finnished my fries.

Through the rest of lunch I sat there listening to music and doodling in an old sketch book that I carry round. Half way through lunch a crowd of girls screaming diffrent names with their cameras flashing at 5 people. Strange. Because of all the girls I couldn't see who those 5 heads were. 

Almost too soon the bell went indicating lunch is over and it's time for english, joy. At least I have music after.

Once again the 5 boys I met at lunch wasn't in my english class. 

After what feels like 4 hours, when in reality it's 50 minuets, of girls whipsering and pointing and Mrs. Wright, my english teacher, droaning on and on about some line in the poem the bell finally went. The ringing of the bell made a smile appear on my face as I packed up my stuff and headed for the best and last lesson of the day. 

Trotting down to the music room and taking my assigned seat, which is at the back on a table of my own. Soon after the class settled down the door opened and the whole class broke into whispers but before I could catch a glimpse of the distraction Mr. Mac, my music teacher, whisked them away into the corridor.

A few minuets later he came back in asking everyone to continue with the peices we were practicing last week. See we are doing a cover of one of our favriout songs. Mine was bleed by hot chelle rae, there's just so much meaning behind their lyrics.

Picking up an ecoustic guitar and struming the first few chords. However I was stopped when I saw Mr. Mac open the door and point to me. Soon enough Liam, Niall, mystery boy, pigeon boy and curly are making their way over to my table ignoring the stares from around the room.

"Vas Happenin' Scarlett!" Mystery boy called.

"Hey, is that like your catch phrase or something?" Cause all the boys to chuckle.

He smiled and rubbed the back of his neck, "Yeah or something." He answered before pigeon boy shoved them out the way and engulfed me in a hug. 

After we got him off me the blond one, Niall I'm guessing, spoke up, "So, what cha' playing?" Before now I've never heard or seen him do anything apart from smile, laugh and eat so the first thing that hit me was the ritch Irish accent his voice held. 

Opening my mouth to answer, Annabel very kindly interjected. "You don't want to listen to her emo songs. I'm sure you would rather listen to the one me and my friends are playing. I know you will deffiently know it." She said flicking her hair every other word before dragging a very confused pigeon boy and curly off with Liam following a couple seconds after. However Mystery boy and Niall stayed with me. 

"So what are ya' playing?"  Myster boy asked sitting in the seat next to me. 

"The guitar." I answer simply looking him in his honey orbs. 

"No shit what song?" Niall asked sitting in the seat opposite him.

"Urh, bleed by hot chelle rae." I answer looking down at the fret board.

"Cool lets hear it." Mystery boy instisted with Niall nodding vigorously in agreement.

"Nah, you're alright." I answer sounding like the McDonalds advert. "You'll hear it next week when we have to perform. Anyway aren't you suppossed to be praticing a song?" I asked them but they just looked at each other before Niall got up grabbed a guitar and started stumming. Him and Myster boy started off on their own but soon the other 3 had joined them singing a song perfectly. After their little perfrormance the crowd that they gathered started clapping and cheering even Mr. Mac.

After their little performance the bell went off signaling the end of the day. 

Climbing on the bus and going through pratically the same routine as this morning except when I turned my phone on I got a text from Gennie telling me to walk home today as there isn't enough seats in the mini bus. Great.

Once the bus stopped at the station I waited for everyone to pile out before I headed my way out and home. Sure enough Gennie pulled up next to a black ranger rover with blacked out windows, climbed out and started talking to the driver. I gave her a little wave to which she smiled at and nodded her head to me. After that I started down the road that lead me to hill house. Half way there I turned down a little ally way remembering a promise I made to a specail someone a week or so back.

Stumbling into a little retro sweet shop, the old lady behind the counter giggled abit at my clumsyness but soon I was giggling with her, her laugh's contagious. But they really need to put up a beware of step sign. 

Looking round the shop I saw a variety of jars with diffrent colours, shapes and sizes of sweets contained in them stored on shelfs behind the counter. Chocolate bars stacked up on the other side of the shop and someother tasty treats stacked around the small store. I was a kid in a sweet shop and I never wanted to leave.

Shuffling over to the old lady behind the counter who shot me a full mouth of pearly whites, "So, what would you like today dear?" She asked in a magical voice that's so happy and comforting.

"Well what would you recomend for me and a 9 year old?" I asked returning the smile.

"Hmmm," She started going into deep thought, "I'm guessing you like blue," Pointing to my hair and bag, "So how about a mixture of rasberry flavor and blue sweeties. And as for the kid... Mini rainbow twizzlers?" She asked.

"Sounds perfect." I answer handing over some money in return of 100g in a paper bag each.

"Thankyou come again!" She called as I exited the shop and headed home. 

Walking through the big red doors of the dump yelling 'I'm home' I noticed 5 big suit cases each a diffrent colour and had a diffrent letter on them. The purple one had a 'L' along with a red one, green one with a 'N', blue one with a 'H' and a simple black one with 'Z'. The new kids. 

Stumbling up the stairs throwing my rucksack and shoes off, grabbing my guitar and the 2 bags of sweets then making my way up to the loft.

"Scar!" Yelled a high pitch voice as I entered the dark room.

"Sup Em!" I yell back as she tackles me with a hug. No we're not related but I think of her like a sister. See we both went pratically the same thing to end up here so thats why we bonded so well. 

"Did you get some sweeties?" She asked with her biggest puppy eyes.

"Hmmm, I did but I got hungry over here." I say rubbing my tummy licking my lips.

"Liar!" She giggles making me smile. Emily is the only reason I haven't commited yet, she's like my bundle of joy.

"You're right, here you go!" I giggle handing her the packet, "Save some for after dinner to!" I giggle as she dives in.

"Song now, please." Meaning I have to practice my guitar and singing whilst she does her home work. "I only have maths today!" Beaming from ear to ear. She loves maths unlike me.

"Lets get started then." I say as I start the chords for Demi Lovatos 'Give your heart a break'. Then Jake Buggs 'Trouble town'. Soon enough Em's sitting up half way through 'Trouble town' and carrys on eating her sweets indicating she's finnished. New record. As I finnish there's a chourus of claps behind me. Having my back to the stairs and no door on it I couldn't see when they came in or who it was.

"Woah.. Scarlett your voice is amazayn!" A husky voice spoke up followed but what I guess are high 5's. 

"Urm, thanks," I say getting up and turning round to see 5 familiar faces beaming at me. "How long have you been there?" I ask curious about how much they've heard. 

"Ever since Demi's song." Niall answer before his eyes found the bag of sweets thats sat next to the bean bag I was previously on. Handing the bag to him, pratically everyone dug in except mystery boy. He was just standing there looking at my now uncovered wrist as my sleve has rolled up just now, then he looked me in the eyes.

"Scarlett, can we talk?" He asked nodding to the stairs.

"Uhh, sure. Em stay here I'll be right back." I saw waving to her befor nicking a bom bom out of my bag and following him down stairs. 

"Not here to many people can hear." He whispers looking me straight in the eyes, so I lead him through to my room which is close by. 

Maybe he'll find my friend and take it away. No, stop it Scarlett. He's probably just giving you tips on singing, he doesn't care. He's just like everybody else, he notices my marks but won't say anything. Or will just laugh and chuck insults my way because of my weakness. 

As he closes the door behind him I sit down on my bed soon he follows suit. Looking into his hypnotizing hazle eyes as he looks in to my dull, life less emerald ones. 

"Scarlett...." He starts with a serious look on his face. I look away as it feels like he's burning through my soul with his beautiful orbs.

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