The love of a blade.

"Why do you do it to yourself?" I ask,
"Because I'm punishing myself for never being good enough,"
That day Scarlett Harper didnt know she would bump into 'the one', literally, she was just trying to get to school. When the worlds biggest boyband attend her school for the rest of term and trys to stop her from her life changing habbit, will she listen or carry on being the musician with a twist. Her strings as her arm and her bow the blade.
With loosing both her parents, she hasnt learnt to trust anyone let alone love them. Will she open her heart or will it stay closed for the person that should mean the world to her?


3. Chapter 2 - Meeting her.

Zayns P.O.V.

Arriving at the studio this early can't be good news. It's only 5 bloody AM! This better be good. 

Niall, Liam and Louis are all huddled around a black Range rover and black out windows. Stepping out of the warmth of my car and engulfed into the bitterly coldness of Englands April air. "Fiannaly!" Louis screamed once he saw me. Did he have to be sassy all the time? 

Stumbling over to where they're standing to see Harry and Paul wandering around the corner with 6 coffees and a dozen diffrent partrys. Niall being Niall leaped at them, typical, with the rest of us shuffling slowly towards the caffeine. 

"Right boys bet you're wondering why I gathered you here today." Paul started.

"Well duh." Niall spluttered with a mouth full of pastrys.

"So, you guys need more publisity." He started whilst giving meaning full glances round the group. "So you're going to be staying in a care home and going to a local high school for the rest of term." Paul finnished looking rather pleased with his idea.

We were all still procesing it silently for a few minuets before Harry scream out. "What the hell? You expect us to pack up and drop any plans we have for the next few months?!" 

"Hazza, mate. Calm down. We're all shocked but think about how good it will be for us. Plus we get to meet some fans whilst we're there, that's always good right?" Liam spoke calmly with a wise look plastered over his face. 

"You'll be treated like any other child in school and at the home by all the staff. You have a 3 hour drive to the school in Norfolk and you'll be staying in Hill house care home, the school you'll go to is a few miles form the town center. Any questions because you're gonna be late for your first day." Paul finnished ignoring Harrys little out burst.

"If we're staying there for so long what will happen with all our belongings? And don't schools normally have uniform pollicys?" I asked after a couple minuets of silence. 

"Don't worry I got that all sorted, the school I choose for you is non-uniform. Also as we speak there's a stylist picking out clothes for you to have through out the time you're staying there. It will be delivered by tonight at the care home. 2 pairs of you will share a room and 1 will sleep by them selfs. Liam keep them in shape. See you at summer break!" Paul spoke in a hurried tone then pushed us into the range rover. 

"Wait. He's not coming with us?" Niall asked clining on to the pastrys for dear life. 

"No shit sherlock." Louis spat back. Remind me never to wake him up at this time in the morning. 

The whole way there I just listened to music on my new iphone and occasionly joined in with the banter thats being chucked around. 

"Hey Haaarrreeehh!" Louis called. "Look who do I remind you of?" He asked putting on Harry's grey/green beanie and red heart shapes sun glasses. 

"We are never ever ever getting back together!" Niall screamed from the back with Liam joining in next to him in a fake american accent, " He called me up and he's like.." Then pointed to me, 

"I STILL LOVE YOU!" I screamed in my mum from prince of bell air voice. 

"And I'm sorry but I'm already writing a song about you!" Louis screamed from the other side out Harry who was next to me. 

With that everyone burst out laughing. Even Harry. 

"Hey Zayn what happened with you and Perrie?" Niall asked inoncently.

"Well we broke up." I answered simply.

"Well. duhh. What we wanna know is wwwhhhyy?" Harry asked poking my cheek even after my countless attempts of swatting his hand away.

"Well. She was always away when I was home and vice versa. Plus it didn't work. Always arguing." I muttered. To be honest I still haven't got over her. 

"Awh, to bad bro." Liam patted the back of my head. 

"Hey, maybe you might fall hopelessly in love with a hater. Every girl you've gone out with since the x-factor has loved 1D so maybe that's where you're going wrong!" Louis exclaimed from the other side of the mess of curls. At least he's cheered up. But maybe he's right, it was quite logical so maybe I could fall for a hater.

For the rest of the journey Harry and Niall were on twitter and Liam and Lious texting their girlfriends. Whilst I just carried on listening to music. 

I knew we're close when there's less buildings on the side of the road and more feilds holding a variaty of crops. Soon enough we are pulling into some tall silver gates and the car's engulfed into a crowd of screaming girls and a hand full of boys. 

"Ready boys?" Liam asked taking a deep breath. It's not like we don't love our fans its just they get a little overwhelming. 

He was anwered swiftly by "Yeah buddy" "Lets do this poo!" "As ready as I'll ever be" and "Uhhuu". Soon enough we were making our way through the crowd. Out of no where girl with black and blue hair shot out of the crowd in front of us mumbling "Sorrys" and "Pardon me's" with an angelic voice. However she soon dissapered as quickly as she appered. 

After we got inside the reception area all the fans were ushered out but were still hitting the doors and screaming things like "Marry me!" or "Louis i love your butt!" this made everyone chuckle even the lady behind the desk who look like she was in her late 40's with greying roots and wrinckles by her shining hazel eyes. She handed us our timetables and maps but soon after we got given it the doors broke open and girls came flooding through. 

Me and Liam being the fastest runners sprinted down the corridors, Niall hid under the receptionists desk and Harry and Louis clung to each other for dear life. With me not having the greatest of stamina I couldn't run for very long and hadto slow down where as Liam keeped up the same pace dissapering round a corner. Great.

Reading my timetable and map I found out I had music first which started in 5 minuets but was on the other side of the school. However I took my time getting there as it's always embarising being the first to class and the last. 

On my way there I noticed all the halls are desrted. Maybe I need to be some where instead of wandering the halls. Who knows?

Reaching the music room in half the time expected. Score! Caught up in my excitment of being early I accedently flung the door open a bit to hard nocking an unexpectied victum to the floor. However I didn't notice that I knocked them to the floor all I noticed was the blur of black and virbant blue.

Soon she's on the floor and my hand's reaching out to her pale skin. But she just ignors me and jumps up as if nothing happened. Brushing her self off a pair of beautiful, sparkling emerald orbs found mine. They're like Harrys only with flecks of grey, and hurt hidden behind them. Stop it Zayn you're staring! 

"Are you alright? I'm so sorry I didn't mean to hurt you." Come one Zayn you're ment to be Bradfords bad boi, not some nervouse nelly. You're Zayn Malik. The Zayn Malik from One Direction, the worlds biggest boyband since the beatles! 

Hang on, wasn't she the one who was trying to get through the crowd? She hasn't screamed in my face yet that I'm in her presence, acturally she seems rather clueless and annoyed. She obvisly isn't a fan! 

"Yeah. I'm fine don't sweat it." She mumbled trying to get passed. Maybe she's the hater that I fall for like Louis said. I can't let her get away. 

Turning to see her grabbing the door handle whilst I grasp her wrist. Pulling her gently so she's now facing me again I realise I didn't catch her name. 

"Hey I didn't catch your name." I said with her eyes flickering over my feacher befor she finally answered.

"S-Scarlett. Scarlett Haper." Scarlett stuttered in her angelic voice. I nodded whilst thinking 'beautiful name for a beautiful girl'. Lowering my head to cover my blush, she doesn't even want to be here so I shouldn't think like that. 

Letting go of her wrist then finding those mesmerising emerald eyes agian. But something caught my eyes, something just below her sleve that was slightly rolled up. "What are they?" I asked reaching out for her arm again but she just snached it away. I found Scarletts emerald eyes again. "Do you do them yourself?" But she didn't answer. However her silence was the answer I needed to find out who marks her pale wrists with a sharp object. Avoiding any eye contact she heads towards the door. 

"I-I need to go." She stuttered with tears threatening to fall down her rose cheeks. As she turns to jog away my heart sinks.

Come on Zayn don't let her get away. Think she can't go. "Nice to meet you Scarlett! Talk again some time!" I call after befor she dissapered round the corner.


Hey guys! Thanks so much for reading! I know you probably hate these things but bare with me, please. 

I'm really happy with how this has started off! 100 views in under 3 weeks (that's big for me!) so i'm really gonna concentreate on this book and will try to update on a weekly basis! Tell me if there's something you don't like so i can make it better.

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Love ya'll!

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