The love of a blade.

"Why do you do it to yourself?" I ask,
"Because I'm punishing myself for never being good enough,"
That day Scarlett Harper didnt know she would bump into 'the one', literally, she was just trying to get to school. When the worlds biggest boyband attend her school for the rest of term and trys to stop her from her life changing habbit, will she listen or carry on being the musician with a twist. Her strings as her arm and her bow the blade.
With loosing both her parents, she hasnt learnt to trust anyone let alone love them. Will she open her heart or will it stay closed for the person that should mean the world to her?


2. Chapter 1 - Meeting him.

A high pitch scream woke me from my peaceful slumber, Annabell, no doubt about it. She's the only one in this dump that can scream like that. Proably someone from her favriout band tweeted again, who are they? Urh one something.

"Scarlett Jade Harper!" Get your lazy ass out of bed or you'll have to walk to the bus stop!" Gennie, the head care worker at hill house, called up the large oak stair case. Erg. School, the most hated place on Earth full of judgmental bitches, such fun. People like me don't fit in, never have done and never will. "Scarlett! Out of bed now or i'll get you out of bed my self!" 

With that i rolled out of bed hitting my head on the cream carpet "Ow," I whimpered turning my head to the side. I was about to get up until a wooden box with simple black patterens decorated it. In that box holds my coldest, darkest secret and my warmest comfort. Reaching out towards it my other hand quickly swatted it away befor whispering to my self "No not now, you're already late." 

Putting my ipod onto my docking station that sat in the corner on an old desk and setting it on shuffle. Half way through my make-up you me at sixs loverboy came on so when it came to the chours of course i sang and danced around the midnight blue walls of my bedroom. Music is one of the only things I find comfort in now a days, it makes me feel happy and warm when you feel a connection with a lyric or two. Most of the stuff I listen to is Indie rock, heavy metal or  rock. I'm not into the pop stuff Annabell listens to but I can stand them.

Trudging my way down the stairs of the care home with my school bag slung on my shoulders and ipod in hand. A rather excited Annabell barged passed me wearing a ton or 2 more make-up than normal and even shorter and tighter shorts and tops. 

Once I was down stairs all the 5 girls that go to my school are dressed in their most reveling peices of fabric. I feel to warm in my black skinny jeans, black tank top and cream woolen jumper.

Tumbling into the mini bus with all 5 girls buzzing and the 3 boys who seemed unfazed by their excitment. 

"Scarlett even i thought you would dress better for today. I mean even if I were you I'd still want to make a good impression for the biggest boy band in the world!" Annabell snickered from the back of the van getting high 5's from her followers, Violet, Emma, Chloe, and Abbie. The whole ride to the bus station consisted of stupid remarks around those lines.

When we finally got to the station there were a lot more girls dressed in the pathetic excusse of clothing Annabell and her possies were wearing. Yes, it's late spring but come on it's still not as hot as it is in the carrabien, this is England for God's sake! 

The bus ride to school was the same as any other day. Younger girls at the front fangirling about some new band they found, girls behind me talking about all the people they've slept with over the weekend. All the boy pratting around. A new insult thrown at me every 5-10 minuets, same old.

Arriving at school seemed abit odd. Almost all the girls were crowded near the entrance hall whispering to each other. Out of no where a black range rover with black out windows screached into the car park as screaming errupted through the crowd. Trying to manover around the screaming, pushing shoving so I can make my way to the music room. Until I got shoved into someones back causing them to topple over. "Oh sorry didn't mean to make you fall, see someone pushed me into you. Do you want some help?" I asked to the back of a head that's covered up with a grey beanie. Soon enough the beanie wearing guy turned around so his back is facing the ground and I could see his face. The beanie boy had emerald green eyes, like mine only his is full of sparkle and hope, where as mine only holds a little amount of sparkle. A few brown curls were sticking out from under his beanie, which looked rather hot. Helping him up i said goodbye and one last sorry befor making a bee line to the music room. 

I only have 15 minuets in here befor registration so i grab an ecoustic guitar out of the cupboard and started struming a few songs befor it was time to pack up. Humming to Joe Brooks superman as I go, yes i like all the dark music and know some happier tunes as well. 

Almost too soon the bell goes off indicating I need to head off to registration. Heading towards the door befor i realised i left my bag on the desk. Turning on my heel and turning to grab it then turning back to get to the door. As I'm about to grab the handle it swings open at a vicious speed waking my shoudler causing me to loose my balence and slanding on my back. A tanned hand reached out to me. Ignoring it I stood up, brushed my self off then found a pair of worried hazel eyes looking into my emerald ones.

"Are you alright? I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you." The tanned boy spluttered.

"Yeah. I'm fine, don't sweat it." I answered heading to the door again until a hand grasped my small wrist. Gently pulling me back so we're facing each other again.

"Hey, I didn't catch your name." He stated looking closer I saw his black hair was in a quiff with a blond streak in. His jaw line looked some pefrect like it's been chizzled by one of those ancient statue artists. Realising I've been staring I found his halzle eyes befor answering.

"Scarlett. Scarlett Haper, and sorry I didn't quiet get yours either." I answered. 

With that he chuckled be for mocking me "Zayn. Zayn Malik." Then looked at me knowingly. Befor lowering his gaze to his hand that was grasping my tiny wrist. Slowly moving it away then burying it deep in his jeans pocket. His gaze found mine again befor flickering back down to my wrist. Following his gaze i saw part of my sleve was rolled up showing a fraction of my secrets.

"What are they?" Zayn asked reaching for my arm befor i snatched it was from his grasp. "Do you do them your self? Why?" 

Covering up the marks of my past and present that trailed up my arm. Backing away towards the door. "I-I need t-to g-get going now. N-nice meeting y-you." I stuttered as tears threatened to brim my eyes. No I'm not going to cry. Its not as if he care anyway. He's just out of curioustity, then he'll tell the whole school. 
Turning around jogging to my form room for registration I heard him shout "Nice to meet you Scarlett! Talk again some time!"

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