All because of Xx_TommoMaN_xX

Nicole has a happy life. Besisdes the past. She has an amazing boyfriend Andrew amazing friends and she is popular but she thinks she can do more with her life. Just like every teenager she has a Facebook account. What happen when she goes on and accedentalily adds someone and without noticing she chats him? Will they get 'close' and will she tell him about her past. READ ON TO FIGURE OUT.


1. Usual Mornings

Niicole' POV                                                                                                                                                                DING DING! UGH........... school. ZZZ,,,zzz my phone vibrates. I look over at my Iphone on my table by my bed. I shoot straight up then feel pain cause i sat up way too fast. ANDY . (Andrew). I checked my phone and read MY ANDYKINS <3 :  Hey be ready in bout 15 mins love ya babe <3. So i quickly replied a yes and got dressed. I decieded to wer my new sundress that Andrew got for me and my polka dotted heels. Being popular you cant wear just anything but I still have my normal geeky side. You see, I used to have braces and dorky glasses so I never ws popular but Andrew liked me the way the I was. So i got tired of getting picked on nd ditched my braces and got contacts instead of my dorky glasses so then they finally said yes and Andrew was already popular so he convinced me to do it so now Im here. I dont want to ditch my moron friends because I dont want to upset Andrew so I just hide my other side in my room. I run downstairs to an empty house because my dad left when he figured out about me and my mom died. I'll talk about that later. I quickly grab an apple and head out the door and hopped into his car.

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