All because of Xx_TommoMaN_xX

Nicole has a happy life. Besisdes the past. She has an amazing boyfriend Andrew amazing friends and she is popular but she thinks she can do more with her life. Just like every teenager she has a Facebook account. What happen when she goes on and accedentalily adds someone and without noticing she chats him? Will they get 'close' and will she tell him about her past. READ ON TO FIGURE OUT.


2. Chapter 2: School

            *At School*                                                                                       I was about to get out of his car but he raced round and opened my door. "For my love" Andrew says in his best british accent even though he doesnt have one. "Why thank you sir" I replied. We walk into the school as the doors swing open. I get long glances and the usual whistles which make me feel uncomfortable. But what i love is that every time that happens Andrew tightens his grip round my waist. I smile. "Bye I'll see you at lunch babe" Andrew says before quickly pecking me on the lips and going to his classes. "Bye" I reply. I catch up with my idiot fake friends and pretend to care bout what they're saying but I'm not I could care less.                                                                               *After school*                                                                                      I remeber Andrew saying that he cant drop me off at my house because he has 'stuff' to do. I wonder what. So I decide to go to the LAKE FOUNTAIN MALL/HANGOUT. I got there alone so I can have peace but honestly without my Andykins I'm lonely.I get there and see Andrew so I walk up to him but before I took my first couple of steps I see Andrew with a girl. I shake it off and think he was just hanging with his little sister that he loved which was really sweet. I get closer and see the view. .................................................................MY ANDYKINS MAKING OUT WITH SOMEONE ELSE!!!!!!!!! WHAT??? I storm off and run back to my car. I start sobbing loudly. I speed home right at the limit and slam my door. I run upstairs and get on FaceBook. I look up Brittany (One of the fakes) on FB once I see her I add her I never added her because I didnt know why I would need her. ME: HEY, I just saw my Andykins SUCKING on some girls face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT DO I DO? I wait for a while and then there finally was a response. When I chat on FB I dont look at the names cause they are in order. Who r u? wow is she really that stupid. Its me NICOLE from school....... your besfriend, Britt. I type back then i hear it go off. I'm sorry love you've got the wrong person. I look at the name and see Xx_TommoMaN_xX. oh no.  SORRY I thought u wer my friend sorry again bye OMG did that just happen! I suddenly hear it go off again. No you dont have to go I have a little free time we cn chat then its back to reahersal. He replied Reahersal r u in some garage band :P                                         Actually Im in ONE DIRECTION I thought you would notice since my name I guess your not a fan?                         OH I am I just thought it would be impossible to actually talk to you :)                                 Well bye love got reahersals bye bye. wow i cant believe that just happened.

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