'Till death do us part

My dad used to read me fairy tales. Ones about princes, princesses, fairies and trolls. Every girl had her favourite parts. The glass slippers.
The poison apple. The kiss. But not me.
Mine was the happily ever after.


2. Chapter two

Inside the house is pitch black. The moon light streams through cracks in the boarded up windows, reflecting glints of light from any silvery or shining object. At, least we have torches! There are candles on every few meters of wall, covered in dust and cobwebs. In the middle of the room is one of those stair cases which you would find in movies. It splits off in two directions in the middle, you know, like in beauty and the beast. I move my flash light from side to side in order to see the room more clearly.         

                “Well this place is a dump…” Exclaimed Charlotte, waving around the flash light.  “I mean, look at it, I understand why no one’s bought the place! Don’t you agree, Scar?”

                “Ha ha yeah…” I lie, I mean, imagine all the cool stuff I could find in this house. It’s so old; it may have a few secret passage ways or something. “So, what are we gonna do now?”

                “Well… we’re gonna search for ghosts of course!” Shouted Dan, tickling Charlotte from behind. “Come on lets go upstairs!” He dragged Charlotte up the staircase, leaving me and willow to try and keep up. We must have run for quite a while because once we stopped, we were in a completely new wing of the house. This wasn’t helpful since we wouldn’t remember our way back.

                “So, where now?” Willow asks.

                “We split up?” Says Charlotte.

                “I don’t know guys we-“

                “YEAH, let’s split up!” Blurts out Dan.

                “Okay, I’m going with Scar. I’ve got to tell her something, remember?” She tells Dan. “We’ll meet her in half an hour. See you later!”


                I swear we’ve just walked in circles. I’ve seen the same painting of a creepy old woman twice now, each time following me with her spite filled eyes. Charlotte still hasn’t told me the BIG SECRET yet. I’m beginning to get impatient…

                “Um, Char, are you going to tell me that big secret yet?”

                “Oh yeah, I forgot about that.” Really?! Obviously not a very big secret then if she can forget about it so easily. “Okay so, the other day when me and Dan went to the cinema, we were making out and then, HE ASKED ME TO SPEND SUMMER WITH HIM AT HIS PARENTS SUMMER HOME, of course his parents aren’t going to be there, AND I SAID YES, ISN’T THIS GREAT?!” She hugged me and all I could do was hug back and hope for the best for them.

                “Yeah, great, yay…” I murmur, any chance of ever being with Dan was now zero, at least Char is happy.”

                “I’m soooo excited, I mean-“The flash light flickered and then turned off. I banged it against my palm.

                “That can’t be right I put new batteries in it today…” I said confused.

                “Hey, me to.” I looked over to see Charlotte’s flash light flickering off. We were now in complete darkness. The shadows creep around us creating shapes. I stand rigid for a moment.  “Scar… help me… Something just touched me, on my leg, please help, Scar, I’m scared, I’m scared!”

                I panic, I don’t want to look, whatever is on her leg isn’t going to be friendly.  Just as I was about to look. Crack, CRACK. I spun around and looked at Charlotte. She was looking down at the floor boards.

                “Scarlet- Aaaaahhhhh!” She fell. There was a sickening crash. A splutter of red.  As I looked through the hole in the floor boards.

She fell.


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