'Till death do us part

My dad used to read me fairy tales. Ones about princes, princesses, fairies and trolls. Every girl had her favourite parts. The glass slippers.
The poison apple. The kiss. But not me.
Mine was the happily ever after.


1. Chapter one

    "Come on Scarlet!"
    "Yeah, come on! Or are you chicken?"
    "Fine, fine I'm coming." I sigh climbing up the hill. It is sunset and grey clouds swirl overhead, threatening to rain. Tonight I'm going to face my fears. Tonight I'm going to breaking into Shevensly Manor. It's a large abandoned mansion at the top of a forest/hill. It's supposed to be haunted. Okay. You may be thinking why go into an abandoned and haunted house. Well I don't believe in all this superstitious crap. I mean ghosts. Seriously? If they wanted to scare me they could have at least added... I dont know... Slender man?
    "We're almost there now scar! Remember no wussing out on us, okay?" asked Charlotte flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder. We have almost reached the top now. I look back over the tops of the trees that are around the bottom of the hill. Past the forest to the town where I live, Black Haven. On top of this hill I can overlook the town. Feel the wind blow through my hair. The smell of the pine trees. Maybe I should buy Shevensly Manor.
    "Stop daydreaming Scar!" Charlotte yelled, poking me in the ribs.         
    Charlotte is my best friend. I've known her for, forever. She's the most popular girl at school. I feel lucky for being friends with her, let alone knowing her. She's everything I'm not, tall, thin, pretty, blonde, athletic, popular with boys. Rivalling the short, medium, scarlet and nerdy me. We do everything together. "We're here!"
    I looked up from the ground only to be met by the large, black gates of the manor, rusty and covered in dead vines. Nice.
    "Where's Dan, he said he'd meet us her!" Said Charlotte sitting on a tree stump next to the gate. Daniel is tall, dark and handsome. I've had a crush on him for as long as I can remember. The winds blowing on the shutters of the house as we sit there. SNAP.
    "WHAT. WAS THAT." Gasped Willow, she always was one to over react to things.
    "Oh it was probably nothi-" I started only to speak, before I spotted the dark figure in the trees. I pointed at it. "What. Is. THAT?!" 
    Charlotte froze in shock, Willow screamed and hid behind me. I just stood in awe. Slowly the dark figure hidden by the shade of the trees slowly approaching us. He reaches the end of the tree line and reaches out his arm, illuminated by the light of the still rising moon. There is a deafening silence.   
    "Come out, who ever you are!" I shout at the figure. It slowly  takes another step towards us. Willow screams again. The figure chuckles, then laughs hysterically. I should have known. It was Daniel.
    "Idiot!" Charlotte shouted, punching Dan hard in the shoulder. "You scared us half to death!"
    "I'm sorry, but THE LOOKS ON YOUR FACES!!!" Laughed Dan, pulling Charlotte in for a kiss. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you Dan is Charlottes boyfriend. "Okay, so let's do this!" 
    The gates squeaked as Dan pushed open the gate. I'm half scared and excited. Pumped with adrenaline. We approach the house quietly and stand on the porch.
    Something's telling me this isn't a good idea...
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