Dancing with the stars.

Could dancing with certain people,end up in being with a certain person?

Alice is the unoriginal 19 year old girl that has the talent for dancing,so great it has bought her to be dancing with famous people,such as,Selena Gomez,demi lovato,Katy perry,etc.Now she has a very special request to dance behind in a famous boy band.That would also be her permanent job now.So,she agrees,and lets just say.........unexpected things happen during her lifetime experience dancing with the stars.


1. When it all started.






                                                         DANCING WITH THE STARS





Hi...I'm Alice,you probably already know that because i said it on the description.But still,anyways,hello,it's going to be amazing sharing my story with you,i always wanted to say it to someone,and look,i finally got you guys,thanks for taking your time and reading my story,be ready for many things,also,if you like it in the future or even now,please favorite,like,and comment,and something else i want to pull out,if you want to be in my story,just comment below,your eyes color,hair color/style,and i will list the people you could be with,but that isn't going to be until the very far middle,so please enjoy this story and i will try to update as soon as possible.Now,why don't we get to it?

It all started in the arena Selena Gomez was going to perform in the night.(rehearsals).



Alice's P.O.V



I was sitting down on the chair near the stairs,enjoying a sandwich,when suddenly,Sel.called me up."Alice,could you come real quick".I nodded,and put my food on the chair.I then walked up to the stage."what's up?"i asked putting my hands behind my back."um we're actually gonna run through it one more time so,just like,get in your position and we will do the routine once more"she replied getting her microphone.I looked around quickly,then i opened my mouth."ok"

The people in charge of the music and stuff,had already started the instrumental song for "Who says".I was slowly doing my dance moves as well.Then all these people started coming in through the doors.I got confused,but i was still going good with the dance moves.Selena saw them too,but i guess she knew who they were because when she caught a glare of them,she smiled.So i assumed they were some kind of production or something.

The song had finally ended,and i was happy,i was hungry for god sakes and i wanted to continue eating my yummy sandwich.So as i sat and ate,i looked over for Selena,and i found her talking to the people that had came in like 43 seconds ago.They were laughing,and agreeing on whatever.I didn't really care,but at the same time,i was very curious. That was my thing,i loved to be curious,and it made it more suspicious because as they talked,most of them stared at me.

I got a little distracted,and didn't even notice that someone had been standing next to me.

I jumped a little."oh sorry sir"i said turning around.The old man chuckled,and sat near me on the other chair."listen,i saw you dance a couple of minutes ago,and,i couldn't believe what i saw,your amazing"he said as i chewed the sandwich pieces."thank you"i managed to mumble,He smiled,and then scratched his eyebrow."after Selena's performance tonight,i would really like to have a word with you,and it's about your future career,unexpected huh?"he said startling me.

What future?..................i never expected to have a................future...




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