Dancing with the stars.

Could dancing with certain people,end up in being with a certain person?

Alice is the unoriginal 19 year old girl that has the talent for dancing,so great it has bought her to be dancing with famous people,such as,Selena Gomez,demi lovato,Katy perry,etc.Now she has a very special request to dance behind in a famous boy band.That would also be her permanent job now.So,she agrees,and lets just say.........unexpected things happen during her lifetime experience dancing with the stars.


2. That night.

Alice's P.O.V



The time had finally come,it was Selena's concert already,and right now,i was getting all pampered and stuff.The stylist had curled my hair to one side,my makeup was done,(lips were very red).I had a Black blazer,with a white tank top,a black lace tee over it,black short shorts,and black high heels.I had small earrings,black with gold/white bracelets,a necklace,and some rings.I had to say so myself,i looked quite pretty,if you asked someone else,they'd probably say the same thing.

The stylist had completed their job for now,and i was standing in my spot where,i would pop right up in the stage.I was very nervous,so scared,i had completely lost it.I kinda had some weird illusions,i was sweating a lot.And my mind was spinning, the thousands of screams just made it worse.The girls and boys out there made me more tense,more scared,more....i don't know,i just wasn't feeling like normal days.But all that changed when the screams became louder,and by that,i knew Selena had just popped out,holy sh*t.

I waited about 5 seconds,then i was lifted up to the stage,where immediately,my ears popped,and millions of lights filled the stage.Selena had started off the show with her hit song."Love You like a Love Song"The dance moves to that song were pretty geeky. There was jumping and running around to dance with the other dancers.I was actually enjoying myself.The show was going great,Selena sang who says,and everyone sang along.So i had no problem with all the racket the fans had for her.




(2 and 1/2 hours later)


I stepped in the bathroom backstage,and i stared at myself through the mirror,i was sweating,i was breathing hard,my heart raced,i was very tired,i had danced for at least 2 hours non stop.No BREAK!I inhaled,then i exhaled slowly,my makeup had run off a little,but of course it was gonna run off,i was sweating as hell,it wouldn't stop.Ugh...i was just very tired and tense."you ok?"Selena's familiar voice chimed.I quickly turned around and breathed out."yeah"

She smiled and then looked at herself in the mirror."it's very tiring to be dancing out there"she said fixing her short curly hair.I chuckled and nodded."yeah,very tiring".She looked over at me,and just tapped my nose."you have good news in your way,be ready kk?"she added.My face became confused."what do you mean.....good news?"i asked crossing my arms."just watch what your dancing got you into,it's nothings bad,it's something a million girls would die to have"she said leaving the bathroom.

What the hell did she mean?

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