Friends To The End

Kristen has four main best friends, Lizzy, Colton, Jack, and THE Zayn Malik, they grew up together although Zayn was always one year ahead of them they still were the best of the friends and still are despite One Direction's busy busy schedule. What happens when Kristen, Lizzy, Colton, and Jack join Zayn and the boys on tour.


2. Our Crazy Life

Kristen's POV


                                "There, I signed your yearbook," I smiled handing a random flustered girl her yearbook back.

                                Colton turned to me after signing the girls yearbook as well,"Thanks God thats the last yearbook.  can you believe that we are going to be seniors?"

                                 i shook my head for a no, as Jack raced into the library. "Guys!  Did Lizzy ditch her history class?"

                                 I smirked,"Yepp, she said she needed some alone time, so she went to the mall, and agreed to come back and give us a ride over to Colton's."

                                 "Oh well, Professor Cardew decided to collect our cards on Hiroshima from tow quarters ago and since Lizzy  left campus she is receiving a zero on the project."

                                 Colton rolled his eyes as we collected our things and left the library approaching Lizzy's waiting car.  "Well, Lizzy already isn't fond of Cardew , but who collects something from two quarters ago?" 

                                 "I know right?  That's low, even for Cardew.  Did everyone still have the cards?" I asked.

                                 "Surprisingly enough, yes.  Even Williams did!" Jack exclaimed as we climbed into Lizzy's car.

                                 "Well, if it isn't our little rule breaker now, thanks for bothering to pick us up so we can have our two hours of 'family' time." Colton said.  We only got to see our family for two hours on Tuesdays, but on the weekends we could do whatever we wanted at least. 

                                  Lizzy rolled her eyes,"Yeah, Colton, you better be thankful.  So anyways, lets just head to McDonalds because I'm craving their vanilla shake and chips."

                                  "Fatty," Jack muttered, checking his phone, then leaning towards Lizzy's seat in the front of the convertible'"Hey, is it alright if we pick up DJ Malik first? He has something to tell us."

                                   Lizzy, Colton, and I turned to Jack in shock."Ummmmm well I guess it couldn't hurt, Colton, jump in the back with Kristen and Jack.  Crap!"

                                  "What's wrong Lizzy?" I asked worriedly.

                                  "Now I'm going to have to put up the convertible top.  You know how annoying that is?" Lizzy groaned as we all rolled our eyes.

                                  We pulled up to Zayn, Colton, and Jack's street.

                                   "There's our hooded celebrity." I smirked as Lizzy and I hopped out of the car.  I walked up to Zayn and smiled,"How's it going?"

                                  He hugged me,"Amazing actually.  Now lets go help Lizzy with her ca-" The top began coming up and I giggled.

                                 "Or not." And with that I grabbed Zayn's wrist and led him over to the car.

                                "What's up with 'Ben'?" Jack smirked as Colton waved and made room for me to sit down between him and Jack.  Zayn rolled his eyes as we started driving.  WMYB came on the radio and we rolled down all the windown and screamed the song at the top of our lungs.  Then Lizzy, with a mischievous grin rolled the convertible top down and Zayn started freaking out and pulled his hood on frantically as we laughingly blasted the song and screamed/sang the song to Zayn.  I sang(yes, actually sang) Harry's intense solo, Jack screamed Liam's part, Lizzy sang Zayn's part(while stroking his face), and Colton screamed,"Everyone else in the room in the room can see it, everyone else but you!" We all screamed,"Baby you light up my world like nobody else the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed(Lizzy and I flipped our hair over our shoulders and then Colton and Jack laughingly stuck their tongues out at us and fanned themselves while I fanned an embarrassed Bradford Bad Boi) but when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell you don't know oh oh you don't know you're beautiful If only you saw what I could see you'd understand why I want you so desperately right now i'm looking at you and I can't believe you don't know oh oh you don't know you're beautiful oh oh and that's what makes you beautiful!"  We all laughed at the end of the song, even Zayn as we pulled into the McDonalds drive thru. 



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