Friends To The End

Kristen has four main best friends, Lizzy, Colton, Jack, and THE Zayn Malik, they grew up together although Zayn was always one year ahead of them they still were the best of the friends and still are despite One Direction's busy busy schedule. What happens when Kristen, Lizzy, Colton, and Jack join Zayn and the boys on tour.


1. Meet the Characters

  Kristen Nova Jones

Age: 17

Grade: 11th, Junior in high school

School: Payne High School

Best Friend: Elizabeth(Lizzy)

Best Guy Friend: Colton and Jack

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde

Eye Color: Gray

Skin: Tannish and pale in winter

Life: A girl looking for a way to never be heart broken again without staying single. Talented dancer and singer who refuses to sing for anyone since seventh grade talent show because she doesn't like the way she sounded.  Plays volleyball too.



Elizabeth Rose Norris

Age: 18

Grade: 11th, junior

School: PHS

Best Friend: Kristen

Best Guy Friend: Zayn

Hair Color: Jet black with bangs

Eye Color; Icy Blue

Skin: Stays evenly tanned

Life: A volleyball player who has never been dumped but will date a guy if he is immensely sweet, and gorgeous.  Her parents are divorced so she lives with her Mum over summer.



Colton Jacob Tyrell

Age: 17 1/2

Grade: 11th, junior

School: PHS

Best Friends: Kristen and Jack

Biggest Secret: Used to go out with Kristen and still kinda likes her

Hair Color: Blonde and spiky

Eye Color: Emerald Green

Skin: tan and pale in winter

Life: Plays futbol flirts A LOT with every girl he meets.  Next door neighbors grew up with him; Zayn and Jack.



Jack Smith

Age: 18

Grade: 11th, Junior

School: PHS

Best Friend: Colton and Kristen

Biggest Secret: has a HUGE crush on Kristen

Hair Color: dirty blonde

Eye Color: Olive green

Skin: Light tan

Life: Surfer who loves volleyball(thanks to Kristen and Lizzy) would do anything for Kristen


Zayn Javaad Malik

Age: 19

Job: Singer at Syco Records in the band One Direction

Best Friend: Lizzy and Liam

Biggest Secret: I used to date Lizzy but now him and Kristen are starting to connect a lot

Hair Color: Jet Black

Eye Color: Brown

Life: The Bradford Bad Boi, DJ Malik!  Loves to sing obviously, and gets along well with little kids.

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