Yes, we all have friendship somewhere in our lives. But what about actual ships of friends? No.
In a world of water, you and your friends must face everything together: the treacherous seas, mutiny of those you trust most, and battling other groups of hungry and thristy friend-ships, or face the nothingness of death alone.


3. The Last Tide

I guess you need to know the crew before the adventure begins! So, on board the Poseidons Dream is: Me, Scott Rutherford, My best friend, Cameron, and my other best friends, Leslie, Therese, Lewis, Charlie and Katie.. Their personalities will show through-out the tales unfolded in this story.. Now, to when the Last Tide fell..


We gathered at the bow of our ship, our home. We had a birds nest on the ship, but none of us even dared to climb all the way up there, maybe we'd leave that for the seagulls. Small waves lapped against the boat, making us sway slightly. Suddenly, shouts of terror pierced the previous quiet of the calming sailors. On the horizon, the last waved raced towards us. Charlie made an odd whimpering-dying sound.

''I'm going below deck.'' said Leslie, her face tinged slightly green. The others nodded in agreement and followed her down the creaking steps. I didn't. I clasped my hands around the bow as hard as I could, and braced myself.

As the Last Tide sped on, closer and closer, adrenaline started to pump. I tingled with excitement and anticipation. A smile crept to the corners on the mouth and I laughed. This is it, the beginning of the end, surely, I thought. The calm lapping of the waves on the side of the boat grew, and we swayed more vigourously. I heard Leslie gag below deck and charge up the stairs to the side, where she heaved. The rest is self-explanatory.

The Last Tide neared. I giggled uncontrollably, I'm going to die!!, I thought. The wave that would end life on land couldn't be more than 500 metres away now. The waves at the sides started to splash over the edges. I laughed once more and a spec of salt water entered my mouth.

200 metres.

100 metres.

''THIS IS IT!'' I yelled at the top of my lungs, pure adrenaline running my body.

I closed my eyes for a fraction of a second, and there it was: The Last Wave. It crashed into the boat. It crashed into me. I held on to the side, to my life! A wall of water pressing against my body, that trembled and ached. I whipped my head back. I saw the land get enveloped by water and my home destroyed before my very eyes. My tears mixed with the salt water.

I realized we weren't sandwiched between boats anymore. I realized I was pressed against the mast instead of the bow. I realized we were floating. 

''Guys, come up here..'' I said, loud enough for them to hear. Cameron was the first on deck.

''Oh my God. This is real, what? No.'' He said, now muttering to himself. The others gazed around too. We were alone now, it was time to face the real world.


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