Yes, we all have friendship somewhere in our lives. But what about actual ships of friends? No.
In a world of water, you and your friends must face everything together: the treacherous seas, mutiny of those you trust most, and battling other groups of hungry and thristy friend-ships, or face the nothingness of death alone.


2. Setting Sail That Spring

What I didn't tell you in the first chapter is..  The certain group of friends, is my group of friends.


The day that the Poseidon's Dream set sail was one I would never forget, the Last Tide that parted me from my family and pushed me and my friends closer, and the day the Sea was my home, and all the adventures afterwards I never knew I'd have.


The Last Tide was scheduled to burst through The Dam at around 3:15. All good-byes must have been said before 2:30, so everyone had time to board their ships. I was 12, saying good-bye to my family, probably forever, the waves could send us anywhere. All I did was cry, cry till all the tears had run out. The time came to board our Friend-Ships. Even adults had to set sail, everyone, whether you are 1 years old or 90, you get on a ship. Unless, of course, you have great deals of money or power, where you will be given permission to live on the Everest Plaza. All ships have to get there to stock up on fresh supplies, those who don't will die.


I sobbed a final good-bye to my mum, dad, brother and sister, and ran. I couldn't bear to look into their bloodshot eyes any longer. The wind seeped past my hair like a shooting star through the dark night sky. The night sky would be our guide in the evening now.

The sea was calm, Not for long, I thought. I stood in a hustle of an odd sound. A sound that was a mixture of choked sobs, scream of small children and seagulls screeching overhead, probably wondering why the people have come to the sea edge. To my right, as quite a tall kid, I saw over the heads of the growing crowd. Hundreds of large,wooden boats dressed with huge white sails. I shoved my way through the crowd into a less occupied space. People still jostled in and out of obstructions, like the odd pieces of driftwood and families saying farewell. I joined them, walking quickly, scanning the names of the ships- The Poseidons Dream, my new home. I climbed aboard and closed my eyes, this is it, this is where it begins, I thought.

I was first there. Like usual, early bird catches the worm. My friends, my team, arrived.

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