Yes, we all have friendship somewhere in our lives. But what about actual ships of friends? No.
In a world of water, you and your friends must face everything together: the treacherous seas, mutiny of those you trust most, and battling other groups of hungry and thristy friend-ships, or face the nothingness of death alone.


4. First Day At Sea

Once we got over the fact that we were at sea, and there was no land. And Leslie had vomitted all the foodstuffs she had eaten, and maybe her kidneys. We had to get to work.

We had found food, a cupboard crammed full. And it was a huge cupboard, 2x2x2 metres, top to bottom full.But that would last us only a few months. We had to find the Everest Plaza before that time was up. We supposed we could catch fish, but none of us knew how.

''You know,'' Lewis announced. ''The boat isn't moving, how the hell are we going to get to the Plaza if we don't bloody move?'' He said.

He had a point. We were going nowhere, we were still next to the same de-rooted tree, that was probably going faster than us.

''I don't know.'' I said, biting my lip. Katie through a piece of driftwood at me.

''Maybe unanchoring the flippin boat would be a start!'' She laughed, pointing to a chain which she shortly grabbed with both arms and tugged.

''A little help?'' She asked. ''Muppets'' she muttered. I march over and grabbed the thick chain and pulled. Some below the water gave way and we were able to haul the anchor up with a clank.

''The sails too!'' I said. Everyone looked at the brilliant white sails, that hung with no purpose. Within a matter of minutes they were up and ready, but still without purpose. The wind. I wasn't the only one thinking this. Cam tested for wind direction with the old wet-finger trick, then pointed just to the right side of the bow.

''Righteo!'' Cheered Charlie, he pressed his body weight into the sail and WHOOSH! The wind caught them and we jerked forward. Leslie's face turned pale again. We were travelling at a steady pace, and according to Cam, we were heading south.


The sun started to fall. An orange glow shimmered on the water.

After a long, emotional day, food was needed.

''Well then, what shall we have? The options are: Beans, beans, beans, beans and.. bean surprise!'' Laughed Therese, who was rumaging through our supplies of food. There was alot of tinned stuff designed to last a while, as expected. She made a sound of triumph.

''A fridge-freezer! Maybe we have something more hearty!'' She said. She opened the door and squatted to observe the contents. She pulled out a loaf of bread and closed the door.

''Beans on toast because I really can't be assed today..''


Everyone cleared their plates.

We were able to cook because we had a huge canister of gas down below, and Therese could cook with just about anything.

The stars showed their faces and the moon joined them. A clear night. Maybe out here it wouldn't be so bad, without the dying wildlife and pollution. Almost fully natural.

We talked for a while, over a cup of coffee and prodding a map, and figuring out what would happen during the nights. I wonder if other Friend-Ships are doing the same, I think. I wonder if anyone has died..

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