college troubles

Madison and Maddie are best friends that want to find someone that really cares. the new kids in school become close friends but are hard to get to because of crazed fans and major competition.


3. what next?


i saw it. i saw the whole thing. i saw the cuddle, the kiss, then i saw her run. whatever had happened i didn't want to hear it. i stomped across campus. i heard her call me but i kept walking. i opened the door to my dorm and sat down. my roommate Danny noticed my frustration. "Whats wrong?"

"I... I.. IT'S MADISON!"

"what... i thought you loved her man."

"I do. but she dosen't love me back.."

"of course she does...."

"Then why did she kiss Darren?"

"What!? she did what?! she couldnt possibly have wanted to! i see the way she looks at you... it can't be true. what did she say when you talked to her?"

"Well... i.... i.... i didn't actually talk to her."

"What!? Now come on Cole.... thats just rude. i know you have a short temper but you cant blame her for something you dont know all the facts about. Call her. right now. go meet up with her over coffee or something." He handed me the phone and watched as i dialled the number.

"Hello? Madison?"

"OH MY GOSH COLE! where are you! i've been looking all over!"

"i'm up in my dorm."

"oh that makes more sence."

"so, i was wondering, do you want to meet up for coffee?"

"Well i have dinner with Darren at 6 but i could meet you at Starbucks in like 30 minutes."

"ya ok. see ya there."




   I was nervous. i dressed in a button up shirt with a blue undershirt and my dark skinny jeans. i finished the oufit with my black vans and began to walk towards the cafe. i saw her siting at a table in the back. he hair up in a messy bun and a cut off shirt adorning her torso. she wore white shorts and white sandals. she was beautiful. it hurt me to know that she was dresing up for Darren and not me.

"So, what happened with you and Darren. i want the truth."

"Well, he took me to his favorite spot on campus and we talked and then....... we kissed. but i didn't enjoy it! i pulled away and ran trying to fnd you."

her phone buzzed. she picked it up and blushed a little, giggled, then replied.

"Well," she said, "that was Darren. i have to go. he is picking me up," she pointed at a white truck out the window, "maybe we can meet up tomorrow."

and with that she was gone. i watched as she walked outside and as Darren wrapped his arm around her. she snuggled up into his white hoodie and walked in time with him up to his truck where he lifted her up and helped her into the passenger seat of his truck.  




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