college troubles

Madison and Maddie are best friends that want to find someone that really cares. the new kids in school become close friends but are hard to get to because of crazed fans and major competition.


6. revenge is best served hot


"maddie! you and Madison need to come to Darrens place! now! xx-Corbin"

"what is it?" Madison asked as she looked through my closet for something to wear.

"there is something wrong."


"i dont know. Corbin just told us to come to Darrens apartment."

"Oh My Gosh, i hope they are ok."

We hopped in my car and took the 15 minute drive to Darren's apartment. we pulled up to see Corbin standing in the driveway talking to a police officer.

"Corbin!," i yelled, "What happened?!"

"This happened," said a stout officer holding a plastic bag. inside was a bullet shell, "are you Darren's girlfriend?"

"No i am." Madison cut in, "My names Madison."

"Well Madison," the officer continued, "my name is officer Jackson. i recieved a call at 2:00 AM about an armed robbery," he paused for effect, "Darren had been shot and a small velvet box was taken from his jacket pocket." He pulled out a black box and handed it to Madison. she oppened it and her face lit up. inside was a beautiful charm bracelet. on it was a capital D, a coke can, a splash of water, and a bench.

"it's beautiful." i said leaning over her shoulder.

"Where did you get it?" Madison asked.

"well, the robber wasn't as fast as young Corbin here," Corbin blushed, "he tackled her down and held her captive untill we arrived." The officer patted him on the back and Corbn grinned.

"wait..." i said, "SHE?"

"the robber," Corbin said grabbing my hand, "Was my ex- girlfriend. she was coming for me. and she thought she had completed her mission succecfully but Darren and i look awfully similar in the dark."

"am i the only one concered about Darren's safety? or maybe if he is DEAD OR NOT!" Madison shouted trying to hold back the tears.

A tall medic with dark hair came up. he took Madison's hand and looked into her eyes. "Darren is going to be ok." he said.

"thank you Lord." Madison whispered.

"However," the medic continued, "He will have to stay in the hospital for a week. he will have no perminant ailments except for maybe a small scarr. he is awake and at the hospital now. you are welcome to come and visit." he handed Madison a paper with 'Darren Walsh- shooting recovery and bullet removal- 3rd floor- room 27'


we rather impatiently got into Corbin's car. and knowing my luck we stopped at every stop light and had to get gas. i just wanted to see him, hold him, kiss him, know he was ok. i started to cry.

"you're gonna be ok." Maddie said wrapping her arms around me.

"i know i will be," i replied, "but what if he isn't."

"he will be. the medic said so."

we pulled up to the hospital and i got up and started to run. Maddie was wearing heels and couldnt keep up so Corbin gave her a piggy back ride and we ran to the building. we hit the elevator button and waited inside. as we stopped on the second floor a young man entered.

"hey man whats up," Corbin said. he was so easy, even around strangers.

"not good," the young man replied, "my girlfriend was diagnosed with cancer. she might not make it," he pulled a ring box out of his pocket and put a sad grin on his face, "it's a real shame."

"im sorry." i choaked out through the tears.

"and why are you hear?

"my boyfriend was shot." i managed before breaking out into tears. the elevator dinged and the door opened. Maddie put a comforting arm around me and walked me out into the waiting room. i looked back to see the mans face bent in concern and terror as the door closed in front of him.


where is she? i thought she would be here by now. maybe she didnt understand. maybe there was traffic. i had told the officer to tell my 'girlfriend' i mean i thought i was pretty clear but we had never really said that we were 'official' so to say.




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