college troubles

Madison and Maddie are best friends that want to find someone that really cares. the new kids in school become close friends but are hard to get to because of crazed fans and major competition.


2. Make your move


 look at her, she is so beautiful. i felt Corbin punch me but i didnt react. i was so stuck in her beauty. i guess i lost control because efore i knew it i was walking calmly toward her. WHAT THE HECK WAS I DOING?! i wasn't ready for this! what if i mess up! i could ruin everything!.

"Hey Cole."

There it was, that soft angelic voice.....

"H..Hey Madison." I stuuttered. she giggled. what was i doing? it was time to turn on the charm.

"So, i was wondering if u would...." i was cut off by the cocky voice of Darren.

"Go to dinner with me." Darren finished.


i didn't hear her answer but i guess it was a yes because i looked up to see her being led off by the arm leavin me aone with Maddie.



i dont know what just happened. i was holding the hand of the school quarter back Darren. he led me off to the campus courtyard and sat down on a bench. i sat next to him. he was so cute. his dark hair pushed back and smooth. his deep brown eyes shrowded with mystery.

"Hey beautiful." he said wrapping his arms around me until our noses touched.i didnt want to kiss him but  i did. his soft lips met mine in a flurry of passion and i kissed back. what was i doing... i had feelings for Cole... i pulled away an ran off, "Cole! Cole!"

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