college troubles

Madison and Maddie are best friends that want to find someone that really cares. the new kids in school become close friends but are hard to get to because of crazed fans and major competition.


5. fun with Darren.


she was so pretty her soft lips and gentle eyes mezmorized me. she snuggled up into my hoodie. i wrapped my arm around her and held her close. as we approached the car i lifted her up and put her in the passenger seat.

"you're so strong!" she admired. i pulled my hoodie off revealng a black v-neck. i flexed my muscels. she put her hand on my right arm and playfully punched the muscel.

"impressive." she smirked

"not as impresive as you." i responded.

"what?" she giggled, "look at these noodle arms!"

"well i think im strong enough for the both of us."

Madison flicked through some radio stations before landing on a country station. she sang and sang and laughed and giggled. as i looked into her eyes, the wind blowing through her hair, the smile playing on her lips, i realized how good i had it. i took notice of her outfit for the first time. her white shorts and yellow-orange cutoff matched the date perfectly.

 we puled up to the toll booth of the local beach.

"two please" Darren said with a smile.

"5 dollars" the man responded.

I handed the man the money and drove through. i picked my favorite spot. the water wasn't to cold nor was it so crowded. the sand was soft and crabs stayed in the ocean. i layed out a picnic blanket and took out a basket. i sat down and hit the spot next to me.

"come on" i laughed. she sat down excitedly.

"whats for dinner?" she asked

"well," i said looking into the basket, "we have watermelon, coke, grapes, cheez-its, chips and dip, and.... HOTDOGS!"

"HOTDOGS!" Madison laughed, "how are we gonna cook them?"

"with,' i shuffled around in the bed of the truck, "DUNDUNDUNDAAHH, THIS!" i pulled out a little mini grill and set it on the sand. i lit it and began to cook the hotdogs.


i snacked on grapes and cheez-its while Darren grilled dinner.i was really enjoying my date with Darren but i couldn't stop thinking about Cole. i like him- alot, but he seemed mad at me. but why wouldn't he be? i kissed Darren right after he was about to ask me out! but i couldn't dwell on it. i was here with Darren having a wonderful time.

"you ok?" i heard Darren ask.

"ya. why?"

"because you have been sitting in silence staring at the 5 year old with the sand bucket for 15 minutes."

"Oh sorry!" i blushed

"it's about Cole isn't it?"

"how'd you kow?"

"because im thinking about it to."


"because it was a real jerk move i pulled stealing you."

"it really was. but im glad you did."

"what?" i was shocked i thought she really liked him

"he has a real short temper and if you hadn't of taken me out tonight  id be home, alone, and broken hearted because he wouldn't want to talk to me."

"i know. but lets just forget about him. dinners ready!" he grinned like a little kid and plated me some dinner.

we ate and laughed. the conversation never died down. he was really a good guy. as the sun sun set he leaned in for a kiss. it was interupted by a honk, the purr of a mustang, and the voice of Corbin, "Hey get a room!"

"Cobin." Maddie laughed hitting him playfully on the arm.

"how'd you find us?" Darren asked.

"instagram." Maddie replied showing him a picture on Madison's page of him cooking captioned, "my little chef."

"Madison....."  Darren glared over at me.

"I..I" I stutered

Darren ran up and picked me up slining me over his shoulder as he bagan running toward the ocean.

"YOU WOULDN'T!" i yelled.

"OH I WOULD." he replied with a smirk

he tipped me back till my hair touched the water


"NO!" i screamed as he dumped me back into the water. i grabbed his shirt and he fell in with me. we laughed and splashed.

i walked back on shore.

"THIS IS YOUR FAULT!" i playfully shouted at Maddie

"im sory." she laughed

"oh how could i stay mad at you. give me a hug." i grinned and chased her around the beach.

she had almost gotten away when corbin came and swooped her up bridal style and carried her over to the water.

"DO IT!" i shouted.

"NO!" maddie shrieked.

and with that he let go. she fell into the water with a loud SPLASH!!! Darren and i ran up behind him and pushed him in. exchanging hugs and high fives we sat back on the bed of his truck wrapped in a towl watching as they splashed and pushed eachother. we blared music and drank coke till midnight when they kicked us off. i spent the night at Maddie's that night and it was all perfect after that night.




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