college troubles

Madison and Maddie are best friends that want to find someone that really cares. the new kids in school become close friends but are hard to get to because of crazed fans and major competition.


4. dates


i heard my phone buzz. i picked it up and read the text "I'll pick you up at 4:30. xx - Corbin" Awwww he is so sweet. i dressed in my favorite dark blue jeans with a ruffle top and boots. i stood otside and waited. then i saw his car pull up around the corner. his hair was gelled off his face. when he got out i saw he was wearing jeans and a blue plaid shirt (unbuttoned of course) with a grey undershirt and converse. he put on his black hollister hoodie and pulled the top back on his grey mustang. he picked me up bridal style and carried me over to the car. i laughed and he leaned down and kissed my nose. he set me down in the passenger seat and jogged over to the front. he hopped in and started the car.

"tonight is gonna be amazing" he smiled and we drove off.



She looked stunning! we pulled up to Universal at 5 pm. we went on the hulk, and dr. dooms fear fall. she was so cute when she was scared. the way she held my hand so tight and cuddled up next to me.

at 7 we ate pizza and donughts as we walked  across the lake past the spinning globe. at 10 we sat down to watch the fireworks. i noticed her shiver so i took off my jacket and put it over her shoulders. i wrapped my arm around her and we watched in silence. as the grande finale came up i looked in her eyes. she stared back i leaned in, she snuggled up, and then, it happened. the most precious kiss ever. it lasted till the fireworks ended and a little after. i swooped her up and carried her to the car. when we got to her house i kissed her again and she went inside.

"Nailed it!" i said to my self. it was so perfect.

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