When Everything Disappears

She doesn't remember anything. Their first date, their first kiss, the first time he bought her flowers, their first fight. She doesn't even know who he is. She's forgotten something horrid, something no one wants to remind her of. So what exactly happens when everything disappears.


1. 5 Strangers




A persistent beeping noise was close to my ear. Honestly, that's all I really knew.


I know that it wasn't my alarm clock, I just knew because it didn't sound right. It was just a constant beeping sound. I slowly awakened as I became accustomed too a heavy weight on my legs. My eyes slowly peeled open, taking in the bright light from the room I was in. I blinked twice, realizing it looked like I was in a hospital. Why was I in a hospital? My eyes drifted down to my legs, one of which was wrapped up tightly. My eyes widened as I noticed a blonde boy resting on my legs. My heart rate picked up speed as I realized I didn't know this boy. Questions were swimming around my head as I tried to figure out what was happening.


He was a cute boy, from what I could see. He was facing me with his cheek smashed into my leg. The one cheek that I could see was flushed and his eyes were squished shut as if he was trying to ward away a bad dream. I didn't know who it was, but looking at his face... I calmed down. Not much, just something about they boy calmed me. Although, there were still tons of questions I wanted to ask.


I don't know how long we stayed like that, with me just gazing into his face. But it all ended when his eyelashes started fluttering open revealing bright blue crystal eyes. He opened his mouth and let out a yawn before settling those crystal orbs on me. His eyes widened and a smile lit up his entire face, revealing braces. He reached towards me and I reflectively flinched away. I immediately regretted it as his face fell for a second, before transforming right back into his beautiful smile.


"Hey, Kylie." He greeted me with an Irish accent. I felt my green eyes widen. Why did he have an Irish accent in Doncaster?


I opened my mouth to speak and scratched the back of my neck. His piercing eyes never left my face. "How.." I paused. "How do you know my name? W-who are you?"


"You don't know who I am?" His accent was thick, as he looked at me with worry.


"S-should I?" I squinted at him slightly, trying hard o think of where I had seen him before. My mind kept drawing blanks.


"Uh, I'll be right back, alright love?" He seemed frantic, as his chair scraped back and he gave me a small smile before bolting out of the room. I felt guilty, but I had no reason to know him. I didn't know any Irish people.


I glanced around the hospital. It seemed way to fancy to be in my little town of Doncaster. It seemed... Almost American. I shook my head to myself, rebuking that thought.  I was in Doncaster, why would it seem American? I felt a slight ache in my head and reached up. I gasped as I felt what seemed like a gash from the left side of my forehead to the middle of my head. What had happened? I felt anxiety fill me and started panicking. Just then, the blonde from a few moments ago burst in, followed by a nurse and three others boys I had never seen before. I did, however, immediately recognize my brother. My entire face lit up at the sight of him. He looked different, not a lot, just a little. He looked older, which was weird. His hair was messy and was shorter than before, he had a slight stubble on his jaw and his blue eyes were puffy letting me know he's been crying.


"Louis!" I grinned at him. I saw him let out a sigh of relief, as he walked ti my hospital bed and gathered me in his arms. I wasn't sure what was happening, but I rested against his shoulders, enjoying the comfort he was giving.


"I need to ask Kylie a few questions, if you don't mind." A sturdy looking doctor announced as he strolled in to the room. Dr. Marvin his name tag read. Louis pulled away, and I saw tears rolling down his face. As he was standing up, I hurriedly moved my  hand up and wiped away his tears/ He gave me a weak smile before joining the four boys I didn't know/ It relaxed me to know my brother was here, even thought the presence of four unknown teenage boys still gave off an eerie feeling.


"Is she okay?" The boy with the floppy curly hair asked, his tone laced with worry. He had brilliant green eyes and plump pink lips.


"We'll see. Can you please leave while I give the examination?" The doctor replied. The four boys automatically scurried out of the room, giving me a fleeting looks of worry. Why did these boys who didn't know me seem so worried?


"Can I stay? I am her brother after all." Louis practically begged.


"Please let him stay." I added softly. The doctor looked between us and nodded.


"Alright, we'll start off easy. What's your name?" Dr. Marvin asked.


"Kylie Tomlinson." I responded without a second's hesitation.


"How old are you?" He asked after checking something off.


"15." Was my instant response. Louis looked taken back, looking at me strangely. The doctor also looked a bit confused.


"Where were you born?" He inquired after a small silence while he was scribbling on his clipboard.




"Where do you think you are right now?" His dark brown eyebrows were knitted together. I noticed Louis' hands trembling slightly as he watched.




"How old is your brother?" Dr. Marvin pointed his pen to Louis.


"17, of course." I wanted to roll my eyes. Another sharp intake of breath was taken by Louis..


"Do you know what month it is?" The doctor asked.


"Yes, it's September!"


"What year is it?" The doctor tilted his head over so slightly. I felt like I had answered wrong, but I knew I hadn't.


"2009." Was my response. Louis really taken aback then, although the doctor seemed like he knew what was wrong.


"Okay, thank you for answering Kylie" The doctor smiled at me, tucking the clipboard under his arm.


"Wait! I have my own questions!" I stopped him from leaving. "Where is my mum? Louis. where's mum?"


"She's at home"


"Who were those boys out there?" I insisted, the blonde refusing to leave my mind.


"Wait... you don't know who they are?" Louis looked towards the doctor for help. His blue eyes quite wide.


"Louis may I talk to you privately?" The doctor glanced my way before locking his eyes with him. Louis nodded once before following the doctor out, leaving me all alone.


******Louis POV******


"So you're saying that she's forgotten the last three years?" I asked in bewilderment. Dr. Marvin nodded solemnly. "Is it permanent?"


"It could be... but there is definitely a possibility of her regaining the memories. It could be a few days, it could be months. The likeliness of her remembering is hide, but here is no way of knowing when she;ll completely recover." He explained.


"Will it all come back at once Or what?" I managed to ask.


"It could just all come back at once, or she'll slowly remember little things that will lead up to her complete recovery." He said .


"So she doesn't know about One Direction? She doesn't know who the boys are?" I knew I was asking a lot of questions, but I needed to know. My baby sister had to be okay.


"No, because she's thinking she's still in 2009, before The X Factor. I suggest letting her know about the accident, informing her of her lost memory. But don't overwhelm her. Don't tell her about One Direction, that might be a too big of a shock for her at the moment. Wait a couple of days, if you can. Let her know the basics. Only tell her if you absolutely need to." He suggested trying to digest all this information.


How was I going to tell the boys? How was I going to tell Niall his girlfriend didn't know who he was?


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