Lust, Love, Heartbreak, and a Prince

Let me ask you this, boy. If somebodies heart breaks, and nobodies around to fix it; does it still hurt? I never thought that one boy, could change my life. But in some cases, you need more than just a change. You need lust, love, a Prince...for your happily ever after....But sometimes, you need a new view, on your happy little Fairytale. I'm not sure if lust, love, or even my Prince Charming can erase the mistakes I've made, the things I've done; or heal the people I've hurt. "Hey." Harry said pulling me out of my thoughts. He smiled. Oh god, his smile, he could brighten up my whole world.".....Hey." I said looking at him and smiling back.....maybe a Prince is all I need


5. Sunshine


Chapter 4


Nodya's P.O.V.


I woke up to the smell of Romy's famous blueberry-cinnamon pancakes, it sounds weird but they are delicious! I walked downstairs. I walked into the kitchen and Wings by Little Mix was blasting and Romy was singing and dancing along, not caring what people heard or saw. I joined in with her and she turned around smiling, we both started screaming the lyrics dancing with each other.


"Mama told me not to waste my time She said spread your wings my little butterfly.

Don't let what they say keep you up at night, And if they give you shh..... Then they walk on by."

She started making the stupidest faces, we burst out laughing; a couple minutes later we were still laughing at each other. "Hey, do you smell that?" I asked in between laughs. She looked at me wide eyed and said "SHIT!! THE FLUFFIN PANCAKES!!" Romy turned around and turned the burner off, she took the pan off the stove and set it in the sink running cold water over it. *BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP* Great the fucking smoke detector I thought; as soon as Romy's smoke detector goes off the Fire Station comes, just in case. "Great, now we're gonna be creeped on by Fire fighter's, getting all up in my buid-ness!!" She said in a sassy voice with her British accent. I started laughing even in serious situations she knows how to make stuff funny.


*5 Minutes Later*

"We were making pancakes and we started singing along to a song that was playing on the radio. The next thing I know the smoke detector was going off." I said to the Officer, trying not to laugh. It was the dumbest thing ever, getting questioned by the police about how the "Fire" started, as they so eloquently put it.


An hour later they left. Whenever we have sleepovers stuff like this ALWAYS happens.


In 10th grade Romy slept over at my house, we decided to go to this big party the football players always throw at the end of the season at the school's football field. When we got there the first thing we did was go over to the keg and got a drink. Everything was such a blur, but I remember me, Romy, and a couple of the football players decided to go swimming. We went to Jordan's, the Quarterback, neighbors house. We climbed over their fence and took off our clothes leaving us in our bra and panties, the guys in their boxers. We jumped into the pool and, the head line backer (I don't know how it started) and Romy started making out. Me and Jordan were starting to get a little heated to when the house lights turned on and the owners came out. "Shit!" Romy and I said at the same time. If we got in anymore trouble with the cops, our parents would kill us.  Well that's exactly what happened, they ended up calling the cops and charged us with Trespassing, and Dis-Orderly Conduct, at first. We were on probation for 6 months, because we already got in trouble for 'Destruction of Property' about 3 weeks earlier.

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