Lust, Love, Heartbreak, and a Prince

Let me ask you this, boy. If somebodies heart breaks, and nobodies around to fix it; does it still hurt? I never thought that one boy, could change my life. But in some cases, you need more than just a change. You need lust, love, a Prince...for your happily ever after....But sometimes, you need a new view, on your happy little Fairytale. I'm not sure if lust, love, or even my Prince Charming can erase the mistakes I've made, the things I've done; or heal the people I've hurt. "Hey." Harry said pulling me out of my thoughts. He smiled. Oh god, his smile, he could brighten up my whole world.".....Hey." I said looking at him and smiling back.....maybe a Prince is all I need


18. New Girlfriend

**Couple days later**

Romy's P.O.V.

I woke up to an empty bed, sighing, I sit up. I look over to where Harry usually sleeps which is currently empty. THings with me and Harry just have been distant lately. All the boys are scared to say a word to me thinking I'm gonna commit suicide if someone even laughs. I wipe my eyes and stand up out of the empty bed. I walk over putting on Harry's rolling stone t-shirt, and some skinny jeans. I walk over to the bathroom and put my hair in a high ponytail and some random bracelets on. Before I could walk out of the room my phone goes off. I walk over and answer it.

"Hey babe.", I say to Harry through the phone.

I hear him sniffle and say with a lot of brokenness in his voice, "Romy, will you come to the..." He sniffles again, "..the studio, we are having a meeting you they need to talk to you."

All a rush of thoughts come to my mind, all bad. My voice filled with concern, "Harry? What's wrong? Are you crying?"

"Just hurry.", He says then the the call ends.

I gulp hard then stuff my phone in my back pocket. I grab the car keys Harry left and I go outside. I grab a coat and put it on. I hop in the car, my whole body shaking and numb after hearing Harry cry and not knowing why he is so upset. I start the car and start to drive to the studio. I finally get there and park by the limo. I open the glove box to try and find a snack or something, I'm starving. Knowing harry he always has a nutrition bar in here. I grab it and smile. When I grab it a little box falls in its place. Its a black velvet box. Very small looks like a ring box. I open it and see an engagement ring. I put my hand over my mouth and smile, its gorgeous! I quickly put it back and grab my phone, the nutrition bar, and the keys as I get out of the car. I start to walk to the door getting in quickly. I walk to the elevator after saying hi to the receptionist. I get in and press floor 5. I wait as the elevator takes me up. As it dings the doors open and I walk out. I go to the room which has a sign that says 'One Direction'. I knock on the door and Louis opens it. I smile at him but he doesn't smile back he just lets me in. As I walk in all the boys are looking down sad. I look to Harry who is crying in his hands.

My legs were shaking I was so scared, I manage to choke out, "What's wrong?"

Louis pulls me up a chair and I sit down by Harry, rubbing his back. The head of management of the band stands up saying, "Romy, you and Harry are not allowed to be together in public."

My eye brows knit together as I sassily remark, "Excuse me?"

"After the incident with you at the boys interview with Selena, we have decided you aren't part of the image we want for the boys. We know you are Liam's cousin but you still can't be in public with him, any of the boys.", He says bluntly.

I stand up and yell, "You can't do that!"

Zayn sighs, "Romy..I'm sorry but we have to do what they say, or we are done in the music business."

I look at him appalled, then the guy continues, "Harry will have a new girlfriend to replace you. Someone the girls can look up to , a happy role model. We have hired a girl and we will bring her in." He stands up and opens the door and a a brunette, skinny as hell girl comes walking in wearing a red beanie and white shirt and some high waited pants. She is the girl at school that you immediately hate with one glance.

She smiles and waves and says, "Hi I'm Ember."

The guy smiles at Harry and says, "Harry this is your new girlfriend."

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