Lust, Love, Heartbreak, and a Prince

Let me ask you this, boy. If somebodies heart breaks, and nobodies around to fix it; does it still hurt? I never thought that one boy, could change my life. But in some cases, you need more than just a change. You need lust, love, a Prince...for your happily ever after....But sometimes, you need a new view, on your happy little Fairytale. I'm not sure if lust, love, or even my Prince Charming can erase the mistakes I've made, the things I've done; or heal the people I've hurt. "Hey." Harry said pulling me out of my thoughts. He smiled. Oh god, his smile, he could brighten up my whole world.".....Hey." I said looking at him and smiling back.....maybe a Prince is all I need


16. Midnight Wake


Chapter 15

Romy's P.O.V.

I ran my fingers through my hair, trying to concentrate on what I could remember last night. I had no memory of what happened after I ran out of the house. 

I heard Harry whimper softly, I looked at my bed to see him hugging my pillow. "Romy please don't leave." He mumbled still sleeping. I knew I wouldn't be able to stay mad at him for over a day. He's my Prince, and he saved me, from myself. 

I shut the light off and shuffled over to the bed and climbed under the warm covers. I slowly took my pillow from Harry's strong grip trying not to wake him, "Mmm, come here." He grumbled with his eyes still closed, pulling me closer and wrapping his arms around my small frame. I cuddled into his tall frame, inhaling his scent. "Harry?" I whispered, fiddling with the paper airplane pendant around his neck. "Hmm." "I'm sorry...about what happened at Ed's." "It's not your fault love...I shouldn't of yelled at you like I did." He said looking at me with a sense of guilt. "No, you were right....we've been together for 2 years and I haven't even introduced you to my family, let alone tell you anything about my past. I know I can be a stubborn hormonal bitch sometimes, and I'm sorry you have to put up with it." I said with tears in my eyes. Ugh, see I told you, hormonal!

"Yeah you are a stubborn hormonal bitch," I looked up at him feeling angry yet sad, "but, your MY stubborn hormonal bitch; and I love you." He said smiling at me, I giggled shaking my head. "I love you too." He leaned down kissing my lips softly. "Let's get back to sleep now, the boys and I've got an interview tomorrow at 11 and I want you to come." I smiled, scooting closer to him, while I drifted into a dreamless sleep.


Harry's P.O.V.



I groaned rolling over onto my back and turning the alarm off, I turned my head to the side to look at the sleeping beauty curled up under the duvet. I shifted my body to lay on my side, putting my hands under my face to support my head. 

She looks so peaceful when she sleeps; her soft pink hair falling over her eyes, her lips parted slightly, and her soft porcelain skin dotted with hundreds of tiny freckles. She looked so delicate, as if she couldn't hurt a fly... I was broke from my thoughts when a voice spoke, "Harry why are you staring at me?" She questioned, her eyes still shut, "I could feel your eyes boring into my skin." She stated her eyes now open.  I chuckled softly before answering, "I couldn't help it, you're just so beautiful." I said smiling at her. She laughed, "Wow, okay cheese ball." She said softly shoving my shoulder.

"We need to get up and get ready, it's 9." I said sitting up and rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. I walked over to my dresser, grabbed a pair of briefs and walked over to the bathroom. 

Romy groaned loudly putting her pillow over her eyes, "Do I have to come?" She whined, her voice slightly muffled by the pillow. I laughed walking over to the bed; I grabbed the pillow pulling it away from her face, "Yes, I want to see my gorgeous girlfriend's face while I talk about what I love." She smiled before kissing my lips softly and getting out of bed. 

-Skip Showers-

Romy's P.O.V.

After showering and chasing Harry around the house with a wet towel, I got dressed and did my hair.


I put my favorite combat boots on after finishing my makeup and walked into the kitchen. I grabbed an apple and leaned against the counter taking a bite, "Well don't you look sexy." Harry said opening the fridge, I shrugged my shoulders pushing myself away from the counter top, "I try." I said cheekily taking another bite of the juicy red fruit. Harry laughed deeply shutting the fridge, before sauntering over and kissing my cheek, "We're gonna take the Range Rover." He said his warm breath washing over my face; I nodded taking a last bite of the apple and pecked his lips quickly. I tossed the finished apple in the trash, my back facing him. 

Harry slapped my arse as he walked out, causing a gasp to escape my lips. "You just might lose a hand today Styles." I yelled after him, gaining a throaty chuckle from the curly haired boy. "We leave in 10!" He yelled back.

After Harry finished getting ready we left and drove to the interview. When we arrived all the boys were hanging out and talking about what their gonna say. 

"ROOMMMMYY!!!!" Liam yelled engulfing me in a bone crushing hug. I giggled hugging him back.

"So.... are we gonna have to remove all sharp objects from the room, or..." Louis said eyeing me and Harry. I laughed, "No it's fine Lou, we're okay." Harry said hugging me into his side, I smiled wrapping my arms around his torso and inhaling his cologne.

The boys smiled and continued talking, Harry sat in a chair and pulled me onto his lap. I smiled, resting my head on his shoulder and nuzzled my face into his neck. He gently kissed a small section of exposed skin on my shoulder. Resting his head on my knees, which were curled up to my chest, shielding our faces from the boys, we quietly talked to each other, our words filled with secrecy and love.

Liam's P.O.V.

I laughed at Louis' joke and glanced over at Haz and my cousin sitting in his lap; one arm wrapped around his neck coming out to rest on the other shoulder, while his arms were wrapped around her small frame. Harry's head was laying on her knees the back of his head facing us, hers resting on his shoulder as they whispered to each other. 

Romy went on a date with a guy in Junior year, she came home about 20 minutes later. She said he didn't wanna date her when I asked her why she said, "Because I kicked him in the balls for trying to making a pass at me." After that guys wouldn't dare to even wink at her.

I've never seen her act this way with anyone, her tough exterior diminishing when around Harry; she was the same way with me but it was... different with him. You can see it in her eyes that she loves him; she's gotten into worse fights with him but even then, you could always see that little sparkle in her eyes that said, "I love you!" 

Romy's never been the kinda person who can just, open up to someone but before she met Harry; Nodya was honestly the only person who actually knew what she was really like. 

She puts up these walls and acts like she a raging bitch because she doesn't wanna let anyone in, as if letting people know the real you will somehow come back and bite you in the arse, she was afraid of letting someone in, in fear of getting hurt. But, Nodi somehow broke through those walls and got to know the real Romy Harrwood. 

But Harry, he taught her what true love feels like. 




Well it looks like Romy is finally starting to feel happy. YAAAAAYYYY!!!!

I was wondering if anybody even reads this anymore, I know you guys said you did but I haven't gotten ANY comments since I posted an A/N saying I might end the book....

If you guys don't read it or like it anymore it's okay, I'll just take it down and just continue writing it in my notes on my computer but whatever it's up to you guys.



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