Lust, Love, Heartbreak, and a Prince

Let me ask you this, boy. If somebodies heart breaks, and nobodies around to fix it; does it still hurt? I never thought that one boy, could change my life. But in some cases, you need more than just a change. You need lust, love, a Prince...for your happily ever after....But sometimes, you need a new view, on your happy little Fairytale. I'm not sure if lust, love, or even my Prince Charming can erase the mistakes I've made, the things I've done; or heal the people I've hurt. "Hey." Harry said pulling me out of my thoughts. He smiled. Oh god, his smile, he could brighten up my whole world.".....Hey." I said looking at him and smiling back.....maybe a Prince is all I need


1. Introduction


Hi my name is Romy, I'm 19 and I live in Wolverhampton, England. My brothers and I were raised in Wolverhampton, but our parents were Russian; so our accents are kinda weird. David, the oldest out of us, my twin brother, Jake, our youngest brother, Tyler, and I were born in Severomorsk, Russia. When me and Jake turned 7 we moved Wolverhampton to be closer to family. My cousin is Liam Payne from One Direction, he's like my older brother. I have brown naturally wavy hair, but I recently died it pink, a lot of freckles and pail blue eyes. I'm skinny, but I have curves. I guess you could say I'm just like all the other girls, but I have quirkes ;) and I flaunt them. I've known the boys for two years now and now Louis and Zayn are like my brothers. Niall and Josh are my best friends, and Harry is my boyfriend :). I guess you could say I have a pretty good life. Except having to hide things from the people I truly care about, they still don't know everything that happens when their not around.....and hopefully they'll never have to.


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