Lust, Love, Heartbreak, and a Prince

Let me ask you this, boy. If somebodies heart breaks, and nobodies around to fix it; does it still hurt? I never thought that one boy, could change my life. But in some cases, you need more than just a change. You need lust, love, a Prince...for your happily ever after....But sometimes, you need a new view, on your happy little Fairytale. I'm not sure if lust, love, or even my Prince Charming can erase the mistakes I've made, the things I've done; or heal the people I've hurt. "Hey." Harry said pulling me out of my thoughts. He smiled. Oh god, his smile, he could brighten up my whole world.".....Hey." I said looking at him and smiling back.....maybe a Prince is all I need


11. Heading Home


Chapter 10


Nodya's P.O.V.


Romy signed the papers so I could leave, since I don't have any family near. Teddy, Romy, and I walked out of the hospital only to run into a crowd of paparazzi by a black 2012 Range Rover Sport Supercharged....... what, I know my cars. I tried to look and see who they were, practically trampling. I smiled when I saw the boys squeeze through the crowd. I looked at Romy and her face lit up as soon as she saw Harry. She ran up to him.


Romy's P.O.V.


As soon as I saw Harry a smile crept onto my face. I didn't like the fact that he canceled at least 20 concerts, but I still loved having him around. I ran up to him and hugged him, he lifted me up spinning me around and kissed me passionately on the lips. "Hey beautiful."  He said smiling while putting me down. "Hey handsome. I missed you!" I said as we walked hand in hand, back towards Nodya, Teddy, and the boys. "I was only gone for like 5 days." he said smiling. "So, I missed seeing your face first thing in the morning!" I said hugging his side as he put his arm around me. He smiled while saying, "Awe I missed you to babe." He kissed the top of my head.

Romy and the boys were looking at us weird. "Well if you guys are done dry humping each other, we can leave." Louis said, everyone started laughing. "We were not dry humping." Harry whined like a child. "Harry, your like a horny dog humping your owners leg!" Zayn said laughing. "Weeeell..." Harry said said smirking while looking at me. My cheeks turned a dark shade of pink, while I looked down. "Harry!!!!" Everyone yelled. I just laughed.

"C'mon let's go to the car." Liam said. Louis jumped on Zayn's back yelling, "ONWARD MY TRUSTY STEED!" Zayn huffed before, literally galloping to the car. Harry and Ed knelt down so me and Nodya could get on their backs. Once we got comfortable they took off towards the car. The door was open so Harry just jumped sliding into the car hitting his head on the  other door, Ed and Romy opened the trunk and jumped into it laughing. I got off Harry laughing a little, he groaned softly holding his head.

2 and a half hours Later

We were going to the Ed's house, which is a good 5 hours away, me and Harry were talking and everyone else fell asleep. "My head hurts." Harry said after awhile, sticking his bottom lip out. I laughed saying, "Well mabey you should stop pouting and get some advil." I said teasing him. He grabbed my waist pulling me onto his lap so I was stradling him.

He kissed me softly before whispering in my ear, "You making fun of me babe?" He asked in a deep raspy voice.  I didn't answer, I felt his hot breath on my neck. "I don't like being mad fun of." He said kissing my neck finding my sweet spot, I moaned softly. He chuckled quietly. He stopped, leaving me wanting more. Since we had the whole back seat to ourselves we layed down and cuddled, using his sweatshirt as a pillow.

Harry kissed my hair before whispering, "Go to sleep love. You've had a long 3 days." 

"I love you Haz." I mumbled tiredly.

"I love you to Romy." He said into my hair quietly. He wrapped his arms around me pulling me closer, as I fell asleep.




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