Look After You (Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction)

Kari. 19 year old girl. Parents were a crazed abusive people and she was bullied in school. Finally the cops took her away from her violent parents and terrible neighbor hood. And in a matter of a week was in her new foster home. The Tomlinson's. But will her crazed parents find her and take her back to her dark past or will she stay for love of her new family?


18. Welcome Home...

Kari's P.O.V.

"Louis please be careful." I said worried.

"I got it babe." He said grabbing on to my hand. We were just leaving the hospital. I was afraid we were gonna get into a car accident since I couldn't see anything. All I felt and heard were bumps and loud car horns. "You trust me don't you?" He asked.

"Of course I do. I'm just nervous since..." I drifted off. I didn't like saying that. I knew I would get used to it but I wasn't used to it now. I fixed the pair of sunglasses Lou gave me. I didn't want anyone to see my eyes. I don't know why I just didn't. I didn't know what I was looking at so my eyes could be in a different position. Lou brought my hand up to his mouth and placed small kisses on my knuckles.

"Its ok babe. There's nothing to worry about. Your safe with me." He said securely.

"I know. I just wish I wasn't...you know." I said.

"Me either. Why does it have to happen to you though?" He said. I could feel the tension in his voice.

"Babe. Please. Lets not worry about it." I said. I really didn't want to think or speak about it. But when you cant see anything it haunts you. I was always afraid of the dark. And now I was living in darkness. But with Lou here and the family they were my light. And I could truly see.

"Ok. Just remember that I love you. Forever." He said. I smiled and felt over his hand. I could feel the veins and bones on his strong hand. I brought it to my mouth and placed small kisses on it.

"I love you too." I said.


Lou carried me up the porch. Even though I insisted on not needing him to. But he refused to let me walk just feeling my way. He set me down when we were in the front.

"Now wasn't that easier."

"I wouldn't know." I said teasing. I felt him tough my waist closer to him.

"I knew that you cant see. But I'm glad your with us. No matter what happens as long was your with us I'm happy and we are happy too." He said. I smiled. I wish I could look at him but I was afraid I would miss where he was. Looking straight all the time wasn't the best. I heard his key go into the lock. His arm would leave from my waist. I even heard it unlock. He opened the door and guided me in. We were in the hallway. The scent of this house came back to me. Its been  a while since I've been here. It always had a strong scent of vanilla. But now that my other senses were stronger the fragrance seemed more powerful. I felt Lou take off my jacket. I didn't move. I was afraid I would bump into something and hurt myself. I just stayed straight and looked straight. He lifted my leg up and took off my shoes one by one. And soon he came to take off the sunglasses.

"No, please. Leave them on." I said.

"Why baby?" He asked me concerned.

"I just feel like I look funny." I told him. I heard him sigh and walk in front of me. He took them off anyway. I closed my eyes. I didn't want my eyes to seem weird.

"Babe." He said waiting for me to open my eyes. "You don't look funny or weird or whatever. You looked perfect. your eyes are fine. Your just looking in a different DIRECTION. You look perfect, really." He said.


"No buts. Your fine and beautiful just the way you are." He said. And with that I opened my eyes. Not like I could see anything but I still opened them. I felt uncomfortable. But if it was for Lou. I would do anything.

He guided me to the kitchen I believe. I could tell my the strong smell of food from the hallway. Once we stepped in there...

"WELCOME HOME!" I heard many voices say. I turned quick and hit Lou's arms. I got scared. I grabbed his shirt and didn't let go. Since I couldn't see I didn't know who was there. What if it was people I didn't know? I was scared it was unexpected.

"Its ok, its ok. Its just mum, Cassie and some friends. That all." He said rubbing my back. I felt other hands touch my back. I flinched.

"Don't worry. Its just me." I heard the familiar voice say.

"Kennedy?" I asked.

"Yeah. Its me. Just follow the sound of my voice. I wont hurt you." She said.

It was so long since I have heard her voice. Since the incident we haven't been speaking. I got out of Lou's chest and he guided me to the couch. I sat down and someone grabbed both my hands. I was guessing it was Johannah the softness of her hand brought back memories.

"Welcome home baby." She said. I felt her lips hit my cheek.

"Thanks." I said with a smile.

"It was Derek's Idea to set this up for you." I heard Kennedy say.

"Derek? H-He's here?" I asked.

"Yes sweetie but don't worry. He's fine." Johannah told me.

"I want Lou. Where's Lou?" I asked.

"Its ok. He's in the kitchen talking to Derek." I heard Kennedy say. I nodded slowly.

"We made your favorite and we even cleaned up your room." I heard a small voice say.

"Is that you Cassie?" I asked chuckling.

"Yep" She said. I could heard the smile she had on when she spoke. I felt around the couch and found a hand.

"Who's this?" I asked.

"Me" Kennedy said. I giggled.

"I wasn't expecting you here." I said honestly.

"I know. I wanted to say sorry." She said. I felt Johannah leave and Cassie skip out. "I didn't mean to say the things I did. I guess I was just angry, too angry to listen. But I truly am sorry. I never knew loosing your bestfriend would hurt that bad." She said. I immediately tugged on her hand and hugged her. I didn't care if I missed or wasn't hugging her properly. Just to have my best friend back was all I cared about.

"I love you." I told her.

"I love you too. Like sisters." She said.

"Like sisters." I told her. We didn't part. "By the way am I hugging you correctly?" I asked. She laughed and answered.

"Yes. You are." She chuckled. We parted. "And listen Kari. I don't care if your blind. I'm always gonna be your best friend. No matter how much we fight or get upset at each other. We will always be best friend's forever." I touched her face and found her cheek and kissed it.

"Yes we will." I said. I felt soft hands touch my back. I knew it was Lou's.

"Hello cutie." He said happily. I giggled at the term he used for me.

"Cutie?" I asked.

"Would you rather me use something else?" He said very smoothly.

"Louis Tomlinson!!" I heard Johannah shout. I laughed and found Louis' leg. His lips came near my ear. I could feel his warm breath hit my ear lobe.

"We'll talk later." He said. And kissed my cheek.

"Where's Derek?" I asked.

"He left." Lou said.

"Why?" Kennedy asked Lou concerned.

"I told him to." Lou answered. Why would he tell him to leave. "Didn't think it was appropriate for him to come here."

"But he set this up for me." I told him.

"I know. I thanked him for that but I just felt like maybe when your a little bit more ready. He can come ok babe?" He said. I didn't understand. Why do I have to be prepared for him to come over. I didn't want to complain with Lou. I just let it be.

"I wanna walk around." I told them.

"Let me help you." Lou said.

He helped me up and guided me out of the living room. We walked in what smelt like the kitchen. I felt along the walls. I felt string and as my hand went farther up a balloon.

"You guys decorated?" I asked. I knew they were near by cause I could hear their footsteps following me.

"Yeah we did. I picked out which decoration we would get." Cassie's little voice said. I smiled. I remembered what the kitchen looked like. I felt over the decorations and pictured the kitchen smothered with them. In my mind it did look very surprising and fun, I hoped it looked as good as I pictured it to be.

"What color are they?" I asked Lou.

"Blue and purple." He answered. "Your favorite. Here let me help you better. Don't move." He said. I stayed still doing what he told me. I felt his arms go around my waist. He picked me up a little and when he set me down I felt his bare foot under mine supporting me. "Just like soccer." He said. I remembered that day at the school were he did this exact thing to help me play. I grabbed his hands and held on them for support. "I'll walked around and you tell me what to touch." I nodded.

He walked around and I told him to stop and where I smelt something sweet.

"It smells sweet." I said.

"Its the frosting. Mum left it out after frosting the cake." He said. I felt his hand detach from mine and soon I felt his finger full of frosting on my lips.

"Open." He said. I opened my mouth and sucked all the sweet, sugary frosting off his finger. "Good?" He asked.

"Mhm. More!" I said chuckling. The taste was so vibrant in my mouth. I could probably call out the frosting for what it was. I could taste almost all the ingredients.

"Don't go bouncing off the walls now." He laughed.


The small welcome home party ended slowly. Kennedy left. And Once I knew it Lou told me it was 10pm already.

"I'm tired." I told him.

"You can go to bed sweetie. We'll clean up here." I heard Johannah say. I was sitting on the couch. I felt along the sofa and touched hair.

"Who's that?" I asked who ever was near by.

"That's Cassie. She's asleep." Lou said. I chuckled I felt arms lift me up. And carry me to a room.

"Where am I sleeping?" I asked Lou.

"With me of course." He said.

"But what about my room?" I asked.

"We moved it with me. So your stuff is in my room now. Don't worry its not a mess."

"Ok. But what about Johannah. Is she ok with it?"

"Stop worrying. Its fine." He reminded me.

I heard him kick the door open. And walk in. It smelt like Lou in here. The scent of Lou was always so good. He set me on the bed. I heard him open a drawer. And soon it closed. He walked over to me. I could feel him hovering over me.

"Arms up baby." He said. I did as told and held my arms up. He grabbed the hem of my shirt and lifted it over my head. I put my hands back down. " Lay back." He said. I did so and I felt him start to unbutton my pants slowly. He pulled them off and helped me sit back up. He unclasped my bra with out me even knowing. Once it fell off my shoulders I covered up. "You know, I have seen you naked before." He said chuckling.

"I know. But still." I said blushing. He laughed and moved my hands. I felt him put a shirt over my head and soon helping me put each arm in. I smelt the shirt. "Its your isn't it." I said.

"How'd you know?" He asked confused.

"Well it smells like you and its 3 x's the size of my usual tee-shirts." I said chuckling. I heard him laugh softly.

"Well I guess it being larger gave it away. Anyway I like you wearing my clothes though." He said and his lips softly touch my neck leaving gentle kisses. He pushed me back lightly so I was on laying on my back and he was on top kissing every inch of my neck.


"Mm?" He asked still attached to my neck. Once I knew it I felt his tongue press on my sweet spot. I gasped. I could feel him smile on my neck knowing he had succeeded. I ran my ran down his back and found the hem of his shirt. I pulled it over his head swiftly. I ran my hands down his bare torso. His lips connected with mine. His hands went to his jeans unbuttoning them and pulling them down. I could feel them hit the floor. He brought me higher up the bed till my head hit a pillow. He pulled the sheets back and he got back on top of me. His lips reattached to my sweet spot below my ear. He sucked gently, soon it became rougher. A soft moan escaped my lips. I closed my eyes and arched my head back. Soon I felt much more pressure come on my sweet spot I knew that if he continued to suck he would make a mark.

"Lou...Lou please..." He continued to suck. "Lou no marks. Not today." He started to kiss over my neck.

"Your...mine." He said kissing over my neck. I moaned softly.

"Please Lou not today." I told him.

"Please. I just wanna make you feel good." He said detaching from my neck.

"Not today. Your mum and I'm just not ready. Everything that's going on right now."

"Stressful isn't it?" He asked.

"Very." I honestly told him.

"Why don't I then relive you from all that stress." He said.

"Louis...Another day. please. When I'm ready." I told him. I couldn't see him but I knew he was pouting. I moved my hand up to find his lips. I ran my finger over his soft lips. "I love you." I told him.

"I love you too." He said with sweetness in his voice. "I didn't mean to rush things." He said.

"Its fine." I told him running my fingers through his soft hair.

I felt him get off of me walk to the other side of the room. I heard him turn the light off and walk back to bed. He laid next to me and pulled the sheets up and covered us. I rested my head in the crook of his neck and wrapped my arms around him. He placed his hand protectively around my waist.

"Goodnight baby." He said yawing.

"Goodnight, Lou"

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