Look After You (Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction)

Kari. 19 year old girl. Parents were a crazed abusive people and she was bullied in school. Finally the cops took her away from her violent parents and terrible neighbor hood. And in a matter of a week was in her new foster home. The Tomlinson's. But will her crazed parents find her and take her back to her dark past or will she stay for love of her new family?


3. School...

                                Its been a week. I still didn't speak much. Only when asked to. If your wondering, I still want to go home. I know I'm stubborn but I want to and that's final. I talked with my friend on the phone the first day and the rest of the days from there. At least I had someone who I could have no problem to talk to. Anyways right now I was getting ready for school. Yes School. They were making me go to school. Why? I wasn't staying here forever. But I saw that they wanted me to. Lou and I have only been talking a little only when he asks me questions. I still don't talk to the family much, and with Loui I find it a little awkward but not for him. I finished putting on my shirt fast trying not to see the major scar across my stomach from the incident a couple weeks ago before I got taken away. I looked at myself in the mirror. I tied my flatted hair in a messy pony tail. I finished and admired how I looked. I didn't feel pretty. Like people used to tell me. I wasn't. I shook my head and grabbed my bag. It was gonna be my first day. I hate first days. I walked down the hall, my black converse making a small squeak on the floor. I stopped in the kitchen were Johannah was cooking breakfast.


She shouted happily. Why was she so happy all the time? It was like nothing was going on in her life and her life was perfect.


I said quietly. I sat in one of the dinning chairs at the table. She brought me my hot plate of breakfast. I thanked her and she went back to cooking. I reached in my bag and pulled out my drawing pad and started drawing the scene I had started the first day. I finished the tree, and now I was working on the clouds in the sky. I had to make then as realistic as possible. I heard footsteps coming to the kitchen. I lifted my head to see a shirtless Louis walking in the kitchen. His perfect torso and muscular body attracted my eyes. I immediately put my head down. Finishing my breakfast and drawing.

"Good Morning!!"

He shouted. I said my good morning but looking down trying not to me hypnotized by his body. I heard his mother whispering telling him to put a shirt on and him saying he didn't have any clean uniform ones. She brought him to her room to find a clean one. I finally lifted my head up. I felt a small tap on my shoulder. I turned to see Cassie. She handed something to me.

"I made it for you"

I admired the small bracelet in my hand. I admired the small stitching. I did get some choked up. But I hid it with a smile. I never got a gift before. And a small bracelet was something to make me like this.

"Thank you"

I said with a smile. She hugged my and I hugged back. I was thankful for her. She wasn't a person that I couldn't get comfortable with her I could be comfortable if it was for her. We pulled apart and she pulled my arm telling me to grab my laptop bag that we had to go to school. I grabbed my bag and notepad off the table stuffing it in my bag. I saw Loui at the door fully dressed. He also had his laptop bag with him. He said goodbye to Johannah and so did Cassie. Johannah grabbed me before I walked out. She whispered,

"Have a good day today."

I nodded and thanked her. I walked out, back to the car where I saw Loui and Cassie pushing each other. I hid so they wouldn't see me.


"No I want to sit here."

"No Kari's sitting in the passengers seat."

Loui said pushing her.

"Why you like her?"

"Cassie your way to young for love."

She stuck her tongue out and got in the back. I walked out, which made Loui turn around. He smiled a charming smile as he always does. He opened the passenger door for me. I nodded in thanks and got in the seat. He closed it behind me and walked to the drivers seat. He got in and started the car and drove off. I sat quietly looking out the window. He put on the radio and one of my favorite songs came on. 'WonderWall'. I tapped my foot to the beat of the song. But I heard Loui singing quietly to the song while eyes on the deserted road in front of him. I listened closely to the sound of his voice. The smooth, sweet voice filled my ears. His voice was beautiful, angelic. I didn't make it obvious that I was listening. I just continued to listened looking out the window.

"So Kari, Loui needs to tell you somethin-"

"No I don't!"

He said nervous. He turned to her and mouthed 'Shut up'. I was a little confused. Did he like me? He couldn't. I couldn't get mixed up with him. I couldn't get comfortable.

"Kids these days right?"

He said chuckling. He pulled up to a small school with a bunch of younger kids around.

"Get out."

Loui said in a funny voice making me chuckle. I was guessing this was Cassie's school. She got out and said goodbye to me. I said goodbye and she left. Lou started the car as Cassie ran to her group of friends. The car went further until we couldn't see the school.


He stopped the car making us lean forward.


He looked down and breathed a sigh of relief.

"I almost squished a Kevin."

I looked over the car to see a small pigeon in front walking across the road. He laughed and so did I. I admired his humor. I haven't laughed in a while. And it actually felt good.

                The ride with Lou was just normal. He cracked a few jokes and told me about the school. We finally pulled up. He parked in the lot and right when he parked he got out and ran to my side opening the door for me.

"Thank you"

I said quietly.

"No problem."

He said looking into my brown eyes. I smiled and put my head down. I got out of the car and he lead me into the school. In front there was a lot of teens dressed in the same uniform as me and Lou. They all stared at me. I didn't know why. Did I have something in my teeth? On my face? Loui didn't seem to mind. We opened the door for me and brought me to the office. The secretary was there in the front. 


Lou said.

"Oh how may I help you?"

"Um this is Kari Jay. She's new here. We need her schedule."

I looked around the office. It was painted a light shade of green. I could see lockers from the window in the hall. Loui followed my eyes.

"Its a great school."

He said. I nodded and continued to look around.

"Here you are"

The secretary gave the list to Lou. 

"Thank you"

He looked it over. We walked into the silent hall.

"Oh we have Gym and Science together."

He said. I looked at my schedule.

8:45-10:15 English

10:15-11:00 Science

11:00- 12:30 Math

12:30-1:15 Lunch

1:15-2:00 Gym

                                                                                        2 :00-2:45 Study Hall.

I nodded. The bell rang. I saw a bunch of teens coming from different sides of the hall.

"Let me show you your class."

I followed Loui bumping into teens at every turn.


I said. I just wanted to get out. I followed Lou's bright stripped shirt. We finally made it to a class. 303.

"Here it is. I'm across the hall so if you need anything I'm here."

"Thank you".

He nodded and opened the door for me. I entered the room to find a class room full of kids staring.

"Good luck"

He whispered and closed the door. The teacher walked up to me.

"I'm Mrs. Reida. Welcome."


I said quietly. The class kept smiling and whispering. She told me to pick an free desk. I scoped the room and found a small desk all the way in the back of the room. I made my way to my seat. People staring and whispering. It was probably because I was the newbie in the class. I got out my laptop and the teacher gave the kids an assignment while she helped me get settled.

                                     English was all just getting settled and reading. She gave me a small 90 page novel and told me it had to be read by the end of next week. I knew I could finish it in a day. I grabbed my laptop off my desk and put it back in my bag. I looked at the schedule Louis gave me. I had science next. My favorite subject. I remember Lou telling me I had it with him. I looked for the class room number on the page. 310, it shouldn't be far from this class 303. I walked out of the class room and was stopped my a young girl with dark black hair. I noticed her in my class she sat alone like me.

"Hi I'm Kennedy, noticed you today."

I nodded and said my hello. She reminded me of my friends back home. Talkative.

"So what class do you have next?"


"Cool me too. Wanna walked together?"

"Sure" I said shyly. We both started walking down the hall to Science. On our way people were still looking at me.

"Why is everyone staring at me?" I asked whispering. She answered.

"You walked in with Louis Tomlinson, the cutest and funniest guy in the school. Also he's Janet's ex."

She whispered back. Louis the cutest guy. I didn't blame the girls for thinking he was eye candy, he was.

"Why me then, I'm not with him."

I whispered. "Try telling them that" She said. I shook my head and walked to science with Kennedy.

                                Once we got in there, there was desks to seat 2. I saw some kids sitting down and others talking on the table.

"Wanna sit with me. I don't really sit next to anyone."  Kennedy asked. I gladly approved the offer. We walked to our sits and I sat. We conversed for a little, then someone caught my eye. I saw Loui in a corner of the room, he was with a blonde pretty girl. They looked like they were arguing. She tugged on his shirt but he pushed her back. She brought him toward her and he again pushed her back. I could read what he was saying, 'We're done just deal with that'. And with that he walked deeper in the class.


I turned to face the person I was just speaking to. "Yes sorry" She smiled and chuckled then told me nothing. I was a bit confused. I really didn't know what she meant. Did she see me looking? Well everyone does that sooner of later so it was normal.

"Look who's coming your way" She told me. I turned around to see Loui leaving his group of friends and coming my way. I turned around. I could see him pull up a chair to my desk.

"Hello love." He said happily like nothing just happened before. I said my hello and introduced Kennedy. She gladly extended her hand.

"So how's your first day?"

"Too soon to tell." I replied. He chuckled.

"Well if you need anything you know where to find me." He said with a wink and sat in his seat which was in front of mine. He went back to talking with the group of friends who gathered around his desk. Guess he was quite popular. Kennedy tapped me I turned.

"Wow he likes you" She said whispering so he wouldn't hear.

"What are you talking about Loui doesn't like me." I said confidently. "Yes he does. I wish Lou would wink at me like that, he's adorable." I shook my head. He couldn't like me. And I knew that was true. The teacher walked in the class and told everyone to open there books. Kennedy helped me catch up. I was thankful for her.

                                Class was easy. Of course cause I love science. But Kennedy kept saying that in Science Lou kept turning around and looking at me. Seeing what I was up to. I first didn't believe her. But once in the class I lifted my head up and I saw Lou turn quick, somewhat acting like he wasn't looking. But anyways we finished Science and now we were getting out of Math, it was a bad class. I saw the girl that was talking with Lou. She rolled her eyes at me when I left the class. I hoped it wasn't gonna be like my old life in school. We were off to Lunch. Kennedy was a great help. We had every class together except Gym. But I had Gym with Lou which I guess was okay. At the lunch room me and Kennedy sat down at an empty table. I bought lunch from the school, but I wasn't hungry. I left it on the side. Kennedy and me talked a bit until she stopped, and looked behind me.

"Someone's leaving his little group of friends to sit here." She said winking. I shook my head and continued to read the book the teacher gave me. It was pretty stupid actually. Talking about a dumb mystical land were 2 kids are trapped on. 90 pages of pure boredom. I felt someone sit next to me. They were close their leg brushing against mine. I looked up to find turquoise eyes. He sat normally and opened his bottle of water casually. We just looked at him.

"Yes? Is something wrong?"

We looked at each other. Not even a whole day wand we could already tell what each other were thinking.

"Oh nothing. Just that you usually sit over there. But your here. Unwarily."

Kennedy said smiling. I knew she liked him. Her short black hair falling in her eyes. He smiled then replied.

"Oh I know, but I think I'm more comfortable here. And I wanna show Kari around so she wont be lonely. Is that a problem?"

"Oh no. You can stay as long as you want." She said. I actually thought she was flirting a little. Was I getting jealous? No. I think Louis is a good looking guy but I didn't have any feelings for him. I think. He looked at me when I was in thought. I turned to him. He smiled and winked. I didn't get it. I picked up my book for English and kept reading. Kennedy talked to Loui but he didn't seem to pay attention. I could see him in the corner of my eye focusing on me. I shook my head and just blew it off my shoulder. But some how I couldn't. I felt like his icy eyes could see straight through me. And I didn't want him to, he would see the dark in my past. And I didn't want that, not at all.

                            The gym was actually out doors and in doors. But we were going outside even if it was cloudy. I got in the changing room. Kennedy was in Music. I wish I had music. The changing rooms were alright. When I got in a bunch of girls were in there talking and changing into gym clothes. They all stopped talking when I walked in. I felt awkward. The girl who Loui was talking to was in here too. Janet. I made my way to the back all the way so nobody would be able to look at me while I changed. Especially cause of my marks. I made sure nobody could see me then I started to get dressed. Taking off my shirt quick and putting the tank on quick also. I hated taking off my clothes, you would see the scars of when I was beaten. Or my new fresh scar of the crowbar incident. I didn't want to think about that again though. It was enough that happened. I took off my pants replacing them with the gym sweats. I put my converse back on and walked back. Most of the girls were still in here. I quickly walked out. I made my way to the field, I saw people playing football and some jogging while others stood around doing nothing or other sports. I was guessing we could choose what we wanted. I made my way up to the gym teacher.

"You must be Kari, Coach Jones. How are you?"

He extended his hand.

"Fine how are you?"

"Great. Now as you can see there are people doing different things. You can play sports, run, jump rope, anything that's active. Got me?"

I nodded. He was a tall guy, not over his 30's. Buff, beard shaved and buzzed cut for hair. He walked to another person. I turned around about to make my way to the bleachers to tie my shoe when I was tripped. A gasped left my mouth as I fell to the floor. But I didn't fall. None of me really touched the floor. Cause I noticed a familiar figure holding me from falling. I turned to face him. Him still having his arm wrapped around my waist. I heard the girls who tripped me giggling. I turned to see the blonde and her friends. Lou's ex girlfriend.

"HaHa very funny Janet." Louis said sarcastically.

"Oh please. We're just having some fun." She said giggling. "Oh please like you cant take a joke." She said.

"I can, but you cant take a hint." He fanned his nose gesturing that she smelled. She gasped in shock. He brought me to the bleachers. He sat me down.

"You okay love?" He asked. I just nodded. They didn't even know me, why it was just like my life back then. A target for the bullies. I sat there. He leaned down to my feet and picked up my foot with my untied lace. He placed it on his knee and tied my laces. Once done he softly placed the tied lace on my shoe. He looked up at me. And smiled. I put my head down blushing, a small smile crept on my lips.

"Wanna play soccer with me?" He asked. But I didn't know if I wanted to play with him I never really played.

"Come on." He said extending his hand. I resisted but then slipping my small hand into his broad hand it was freezing and cloudy out but even like this his hands were warm. He brought me to a goal in the field and asked one of his friends to throw him a soccer ball. The ball was cached in his hands.

"You know how to play?" He asked. I shook my head. I knew the basics but not everything else. He set the ball on the floor using his foot to hold it in place. "Let me show you." He passed the ball to me. He told me to put my foot on top of it to set it. He can behind me and placed his hands on my waist. I jumped. "Is this okay?" He asked. I didn't know he was about to do that but I didn't mind. I nodded allowing him to go on. He placed his feet under mine so I would step on his toes. I held his arms when he moved. He moved our feet back and forth hitting the ball from one foot to the other passing it. I gripped his hands which were extended for me. He passed it back and forth between our feet. I smiled. I don't know why but I felt protected. He moved our right leg and shot the ball in the goal. "Just like that." he said in my ear. I turned to face him. His face was inches from mine. His face coming closer to mine. But then...BEEP!! The coaches whistle blew, after that we heard him yelling at one of the boys they pushed one of the other boys in a soccer net. We turned back to face each other. I got off his feet. I don't know why I wouldn't just kiss him but I...I just didn't know. I heard some of Lou's friends whistling at him. I ignored it and sat on the bleachers with a cup of water in my hands. I watched as his friends surrounded him and started playing. It was Lou's ball. I could watch soccer and know what's happening I just could never really play it. He kicked the ball to a person on his team. Others trying to steal or block. But it was soon passed back to Loui. He psyched the blocker out and ran to the goal passing the ball between his feet. Then making his way to the goal. Psyching the goalie out and making his clear shot. Loui was good. Very good. 

                          I watched them play for another 15 minutes. And didn't get tired. When ever the ball was passed to Lou he never missed a shot. The whistle blew. Gym was over. I got back into the locker room and went to my stuff. Some girls were showering and changing. I looked away I didn't understand how they could not be afraid to do that. I arrived at my stall. I looked for the bag I left in the stall. It was gone. I searched every locker in my stall. Gone. That was my gym bag which had my phone in it. Thank goodness it wasn't my laptop bag. But it had my phone and clothes. I couldn't find it. I looked in different stall's. Nothing. I started to panic. I ran to the front. I heard a cough like the person wanted to be heard. I turned to see Janet.

"Looking for this?" She said. She held up a familiar item. My bag.

"Give it back." I said.

"Hm? Give it back? I don't think so." She took my bag and threw it into the water pouring shower. I ran to get it but some girls held me back. My bag started to get drenched in the steamy water. I tried to get out of their grip but I couldn't.

"Now listen Miss. Jay. Stay away from Loui. He doesn't like you and he never will. And by the way, we all know your past. Not everyone does. So watch out before I spill the little secret. Okay?. Cause trust me, I have a lot of crowbars Kari." She said and left the locker room with her clique. I ran over to my bag. They all left but me. My bag soaked with water. I turned the knob off. I opened the bag. Everything wet, nothing dry. I checked my phone. It turned on. Thankfully it was okay. I dried it off and put it in my sweat pants pocket. But I couldn't change. I grabbed my bag and walked out to find Coach Jones. But when I walked out I saw someone other than Coach Jones. Louis.

"Hey, I was waiting for you. Why aren't you changed?" He asked. I shook my head. I couldn't tell him what happened, they would say my secret. I didn't even know how they knew. I needed to create a fake lie.

"I um...dropped my bag in the shower and all my clothes are wet." I said.

"Well come on lets find Coach and we'll see what he can do." I nodded. He put his hand on my back and lead me to the indoor Gym where Coach was filling basket balls.

"What can I help you with?" He asked.

"She dropped her bag, supposedly in the shower, and all her clothes are wet." Lou stated. 

"Well you could just wear the gym uniform for the rest of the day, what's your next class?"

"Study hall." I replied.

"Don't kids your age skip study hall?" He asked chuckling. I smiled but shook my head. "Well I'll give you permission to leave early. Study hall is only just to study and do work right?" We nodded. 

"So we're leaving early?" Loui asked. "I'm her ride."

"I guess so. Here you go." He wrote down on a small piece of paper 2 excuses to leave early. He handed them to me. I thanked him. I didn't want to leave early but it was inappropriate to just walk around school in just my gym clothes. Lou and I walked out. We gave the slips to the office and we got in his car.

"First day and you leave early." He said getting into the car. "Lucky you." You'd be surprised how lucky I'm not. He started the car and we drove off. "Did Janet do it?" He asked sternly. I was shocked at how he knew.

"Did what?"

"She put your bag in the shower didn't she?"

I put my head down.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"She told me not to."

"So you listen to her?"

His voice rose.

"Why are you getting mad Louis?"

"...She shouldn't have done anything like that to you. I'm not gonna let her."

"Lou don't."

"Why not?"

I froze. My secret. The thing that I grew up with my whole life. And that's what he'll find out if I tell him.

"Besides I heard them talking about it when they got out."

"Please don't do anything." I asked barely in a whisper.

"I'm not leaving you like this." 

"You don't have to fight my battles for me."

"I will fight whatever I have to." He said looking into the road. I'd never seen him so upset or angry. He drove farther.

"Are we gonna pick Cassie up?"

"She has clarinet lessons." I remembered. He stayed silent the whole ride home. I felt bad. But it wasn't his battle. I didn't need him to do this. I was gonna leave sooner or later anyway. I just didn't want my life here to be the same as before. 

                                 We pulled up to the house. On are way driving it started to pour. I got out of the car. Lou waited for me. He interlocked my arm with his and covered my head with his coat. He put it down until we got to the front door. He pulled out his 2 silver keys and unlocked the door allowing me to head in first. He followed behind. I took my wet shoes off and placed them on the side. So did Lou.

"Your not mad at me, are you?" I asked whispering. He looked at the ground and smiled.

"No. Just angry with other people. I never understood why people have to do things like that."

"...Me either." And I was being honest. Why? Why do people have to hurt or terrorize others? It always slipped through my mind sooner or later. I took off my coat and walked to my room. I changed out of my gym clothes to regular sweats and tank. I got out my laptop and headed toward the living room to finish homework. But when arriving to the living room it seemed like someone already beat me to it. I sat on the other couch. He noticed and got up taking a seat next to me.

"Why so quiet?" He asked. I really didn't know what to say.

" I usually keep to myself." That's all I could really think of.

"You can talk to me. You know that." I nodded.

"Is it true?"


"Your parents?"

"How'd you know?"

He shrugged, "One of my friends told me. I asked them about you and they told me." I nodded. I was hoping no body would know.

"I don't wanna talk, about that"

"I understand."

I looked up at his attractive features. A small smile on his lips. He leant closer to me.

"I think your beautiful." He whispered. And with that a shocker was upon me he leant down and placed his soft lips on mine...a perfect...



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