Once In a Lifetime

A One Direction Fan Fiction
X Factor, love, adventure. As 13 year old Chiara auditions for the American version of X Factor and takes her best friend, Pilaree along. They find themselves in a crazy situation, involving new pop sensation One Direction


5. Chapter 5


Simon's POV

I invited the boys to my house to help me look at audition tapes. They were going to arrive in a little bit. I was looking through some of the videos. No offense to the people who auditioned, but most of them were rubbish. I rather burn my ears than listen to some of these people sing. I just hope I can discover some new talent this year.

Interrupting my thoughts, the boys barge in laughing and joking around. Someone had told me about Louis' breakup with Eleanor and how upset he was. From the look of it he seemed happier than usual. I still asked him to make sure,"How are you, Louis?"

"Fine, Uncle Simon. Never been better." He said with a smile.

I guess it didn't really have an effect on him. That's good too because of their upcoming tour and performance on the X Factor as well. After my conversation with Louis, the boys and I started watching the audition tapes.


Louis' POV

We're at Uncle Simon's house to check out some auditions for X Factor, but before we watch the auditions Uncle Simon pulls me aside and asks me how I'm feeling. Personally, I think it's great that he cares for me, but I just don't like the fact that everyone knows about it. I make sure to tell him that I'm great because truthfully I am now. After our conversation, we start watching the audition videos.

We've been watching audition videos for about two hours. At first, when people sounded bad it amused me, but after about a million of those I got totally bored. Some of the videos made me fall asleep,"Uncle Simon when are we going to be done watching these auditions?" I asked.

"Just a couple more, Louis. Just a couple more." He replied.

After two videos, I begged Uncle Simon to let us go home and he said, "Just one more. This will be the last of the night."


Harry's POV

We've been sitting here for a gazillion hours! I mean I love singing I could do it forever, but seriously, not to hurt anyone, these were horrendous! Louis was sleeping through half & woke up to the sound of screaming every time, & I couldn't help but laugh.

After 47 videos we were all begging to go home. But Uncle Simon turned to us, as exhausted as we were & said, "Just one more. This will be the last of the night."

So Uncle Simon scrolls down to the next audition. It was of a girl named Chiara Mattioli. It was a pretty odd name, it couldn't have been English, so maybe Spanish or something. He plays the video, & it reveals, a 13 year old, young lady. She was beautiful. Mid-length dark brownish-black hair, tucked into a side braid. She was light skinned, with brown freckles scattered everywhere on her body. From her face to her arms. She wore gray skinny jeans, with a light blue v-neck top that brought out her gorgeous eyes. They were blue, no green, no gray!

She explained how she loved the arts, & took dance classes since she was very small. She then announced that she would be singing "Isn't She Lovely" by Stevie Wonder. That was my audition song. She began, singing with the most angelic voice. Louis must have noticed me staring at the edge of my seat because he waved his hand in my face, yelling my name over & over.

I punched him in the arm not looking away, from this, this... Perfection. She had to be mine! She was meant for me I knew it! She is everything I have ever wanted in a girl physically, & I could tell her personality wasn't far off, or at least from what I knew. Her audition ends & I starred at the the screen. I turned to Uncle Simon, who was also wide eyed. He looked at me. "Harry," he said, "she's so much like you. Her voice, is just..."

I look at him, noticing it myself, except I never thought I was that good. "Uncle Simon you have to-" Louis says

"Already on it." He replies before Louis finished.

"She's very talented," Zayn added

"I agree, & she's cheeky." Niall giggled, "You two would be perfect together, Harry." He smiled.

I blushed, staring at the screen paused at a moment that showed her standing. This girl, this Chiara Mattioli. She's the one.


Pilaree's POV

I'm casually at the theater where I dance. It's like 12:30 or so and I'm with Chiara. We have two shows today with T-Troupe. We're in the hallway just chilling on our Iphones on Instagram because we have a while until our show starts. We're just joking around when Chiara's Iphone makes a ding sound saying that she got an email. Usually, we ignore it because it's just some random email, but what caught our eyes is who it was from.


"OPEN IT! OPEN IT!" I say so excitedly.

Chiara opens it up and we read it.

It read,

Dear Chiara Mattioli,

I am taking time to personally type this email to you. I have seen your audition tape and I must say you are really gifted. I am emailing you to notify you that you have made it through to the next stage of the competition. Please feel free to email me back with any questions.


Simon Cowell



Chiara's POV

This cannot be happening! I'm being punked aren't I. I have to be because this isn't real. I cannot believe Simon Cowell actually wrote a real email to me. I'm gonna die! I was so excited jumping & fangirling with Pilaree. We are officially going to L.A. so I can be on the freaking X Factor!

I quickly responded to his email.

Dear Mr. Simon sir,

Hello, thank you thank you so very much for this. I still cannot believe this is happening. When will the next season start? & what should I be expecting? I'm sorry am I being pushy? I'm sorry I'm just very excited! Thank you oh thank you!


Chiara Mattioli.

I quickly sent the email, & looked up at Pilaree, we both ran outside by the side door, & screamed! Jumping all over the side walk as people passed by looking extremely frightened by our psycho personalities. We then ran back into the room. "I've got to tell me mom!"


My mom was in the lobby, so I ran out with Pilaree not far behind me. I was running so quickly I slipped & landed on my butt. There was no time to to get up so I got on my hands & knees & crawled my way to the coffee bar where my mother tediously volunteered. I popped up. "Mom! Mom! Read it read it! READ IT!!!" I said shoving the phone in front of her!

She quickly scanned it, & ran around the counter. She gave me a great big hug & picked me up, twirling me around. I then got an email response from Simon. Me & Pilaree looked at each other & continued screaming while jumping up & down.

Dear Chiara,

The new season should be taking place around late February or early March. I honestly believe you have nothing to worry about. But the competition might be pretty tough so bring your amazing voice & you should be fine. Also I might be contacting you from your cellular device instead of email I find it a lot easier. Thank you,


Simon Cowell

We ran back into the dressing room. "What's going on?" They huddled around me & Pilaree.

We exchanged a look. All of T-Troupe & some Company members circled us too. Pilaree cleared her throat.

"Ladies & gentlemen. I am pleased to announce that your friend & co dancer Chiara will be on the X FACTOR!!!" She declared.


Everyone congratulated me. This was it. The show was going to start soon I immediately got ready. & in these two shows I danced my freaking heart out.




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