Once In a Lifetime

A One Direction Fan Fiction
X Factor, love, adventure. As 13 year old Chiara auditions for the American version of X Factor and takes her best friend, Pilaree along. They find themselves in a crazy situation, involving new pop sensation One Direction


4. Chapter 4


Harry's POV

Morning came to soon. It was a little past sunrise, when Louis barged through the door.

"Harry! Harry, wake up!!!" He screamed.

"What is it Lou?"

"The guys wanna go out to breakfast & then we have to meet up with Simon. He wants our 'talented opinions' on some of the audition tapes." He smiled.

"Really, that sounds pretty cool."

"Yeah. Now get your lazy arse up!!" He said rattling the mattress.

"Ok," I chuckled. "ok, ok." He stopped & skipped out the room.

He looked really happy, like he was really looking forward to this. I was pretty stocked myself. I hadn't been there since last year's X Factor performance.

I quickly got dressed, into a white v-neck tee, with a pair of gray skinnies. I hopped to the bathroom pulling on my black sneakers. I shook my head to fix my hair, slipping on a headband & putting on my gray knit beanie.

Walking out to the lounge room, I found the boys, all ready to go, except Louis. "Where's Lou?" I asked

"Here I am!" He strutted out in his old carrot costume. "Ok let's go!" He said.

We all stared with blank faces, before bursting into laughter! Could it be? Is Louis finally back? I smiled.

"I'm just messing with you guys. I'll be right back." He left the room, then waltzed back in wearing a red & white striped shirt, some dark blue jeans, & his favorite pair of Toms.

Strolling through the London streets, we arrived at a small diner. After eating, Paul arranged the jet for us to spend tomorrow in L.A. I couldn't wait. I wad literally jumping up & down in my seat. This was going to be the best time ever!

Pilaree's POV

Its been a really long day. I just got home from my show. I am so happy that I missed school for dance because school would be such a bore. My group, T-Troupe was dancing for a couple of different schools who went on a field trip to see us dance. Chiara and I are two of the oldest, so we're in charge of keeping the group quiet backstage, (more Chiara then me). I just can't stand the little kids that are in T-Troupe. They are all eight to twelve year olds, but they act like they're four. I really shouldn't complain because I do act that way sometimes, but I know when to act mature.

There was this one girl in particular who Chiara and I thought was the most annoying. Her name's Ginger, and totally fake, and to add to that shes jealous of Chiara's mad skills at dancing. We just try to stay out of her drama because her mom is like in charge of us half the time so we didn't want to be on her bad side.

We can't wait until we leave T-Troupe and get into the dance group that's for kids twelve to eighteen, which is called Company. That's our goal for this year. The problem is that we have to audition to get in and they would judge us. We tried out last year and sadly we didn't get in. Hopefully, this year's our year.

After we danced our two dances and did bows, we went back onstage to do a little Q&A with the schools that came to watch the show. We sat onstage while our stage manager was asking kids for questions. Me being the kind of girl who was boy-crazy looked in the audience for a cute guy that was around my age. Just in case Louis and I don't work out. Sadly, no cute guys.

Technically, T-Troupe didn't really answer the questions that the audience had because we weren't that important, so Company did most of the talking and plus us T-Troupers were just "little kids" so we had no importance. That's why we can't wait to get into Company.

After the Q&A, we went backstage and changed to get ready to go home. Chiara and I on the other hand just talked and and hung out until our parents came to pick us up.

She mentioned the fact that if she got into the X Factor we would have to miss dance for a while, (due to the fact that I was going with her). I told her it didn't matter just as long as she had her big break. After that conversation ended, my mom showed up & I left.

Louis' POV

I'm starting to feel better about my breakup with Eleanor. After she called last night I realized that I am so much better without her. I realized my life doesn't revolve around her, and I feel like I'm over her now. I promised myself I would try to act like my normal self again and hang out with the boys.

I'm going back to being the Swagmasta from Doncaster. Say hello to the normal Louis, the careless Louis, and the happy Louis.


Chiara's POV

After Pilaree left, I started thinking about what it would be like to finally get out there, into the world of fame that is. I'm not too crazy about leaving San Diego, but if that's what it takes I'm gonna do it. This has been my dream since... Well since forever. I can't imagine doing anything else with my life. I want to be somebody everyone knows, the person little girls look up to, the person guys drool over. But what if I'm not good enough? What if I flake out? What if I choke? What am I thinking!? That won't happen, this is my purpose, I just know it.

Today I missed school for dance. I love the fact that I didn't have to talk to anyone, or turn stuff in our any of that stuff. I got to go out & do what I do best. Even though T-Troupe has it's perks, I cannot wait to leave. I mean sure it's cool, but the other members besides Pilaree, this girl other who is actually the oldest, & me, all of them act like they're new borns learning to talk, meaning they won't shut it.

I'm just so tired of having to take authority of those girls, they never listen, & it annoys me to death. I want to be in Company, which is the highest group in our dance company, but most of all I want Pilaree there with me. I can barely handle T-Troupe alone, I can't imagine tackling the older, more advanced girls by myself. And they're amazing and plus I won't have to deal with Ginger. I mean I get that everyone says she's just jealous of the fact that I was the lead in our recital finale last year but come on! Get over yourself for crying out loud.

I wanted to confront her about all the talking she does behind my back. It would nice to get it her to shut up for once, but my mom says I should just leave it alone, and I listen to my mom (most of the time, that is). I just can't shake her. & the worst part is I'm older. If this was a school matter I would just say oh who cares she's just a little 6th grader, but since I'm not much older or significantly taller, I'm the loser here. And anyways this isn't school, this is the dance world. & everyone knows that in the dance world it doesn't matter what your age, or height.

I just decided it wasn't worth my time. I continued to think about what my career as a superstar would be like. Then I started thinking of One Direction. I wondered if they had a Ginger in their lives before the fame, I wonder what it'll be like once I've got my name in lights & how great it's gonna be to finally feel untouchable.

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