Once In a Lifetime

A One Direction Fan Fiction
X Factor, love, adventure. As 13 year old Chiara auditions for the American version of X Factor and takes her best friend, Pilaree along. They find themselves in a crazy situation, involving new pop sensation One Direction


3. Chapter 3

Louis' POV

I am still a little depressed about the break up it's 1 am and I can't sleep. I'm just laying down thinking about things.

Until I hear my phone ring again. I was so confused on why someone was calling me in the middle of the night so I checked who it was. 

Turns out it's Eleanor! Surprise surprise! This time I decided to answer because I was getting tired of her calling me. 

"Hello? What do you want, Eleanor? Why do you keep on calling me? We broke up. Remember?" I say trying to sound like I'm over her.

Eleanor says, "Hi, Louis. I called because I wanted to see if you were ok."

"Of course I'm ok. Don't worry about me!" I answer knowing I was being kind of rude, but what do you expect I needed to act strong.

Eleanor says, "Oh ok. I hope we can be friends though."

"Sorry Eleanor, but I don't think I can do that. Not right now at least." 

Then I hang up and go on twitter and tweet, "Can't sleep, got a lot on my mind." 

Then try to go get some rest.

Pilaree's POV

It's like 4 in the afternoon and I'm at school in the computer lab trying to do my science fair project. School is over, but I decided to stay late to finish my work.

I secretly logged into Facebook and Twitter as well just in case One Direction tweets anything while I'm here.

While I'm working I look back at Twitter and I see Louis tweets, "Can't sleep, got a lot on my mind."

I freak out and tweet him back hoping he'd see it. 

"@Louis_Tomlinson Why? What's wrong, Love?"

After that I went back to work hoping he'd see my tweet.

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