Once In a Lifetime

A One Direction Fan Fiction
X Factor, love, adventure. As 13 year old Chiara auditions for the American version of X Factor and takes her best friend, Pilaree along. They find themselves in a crazy situation, involving new pop sensation One Direction


2. Chapter 2


Pilaree's POV

I'm at school writing about poetry during Literature. I always zone out whenever it comes to school, even though I get straight A's in every single subject.

But then all of the sudden I'm backstage of the X Factor studio in L.A with Chiara and we see Mario Lopez is talking to the audience. I'm totally confused on how I got here. After a little bit of Mario Lopez talking, he announces something huge.

He says, "And now here comes One Direction!!"

Chiara and I totally spaz out when One Direction pass us. I didn't know what to say, but since I knew they didn't like it when people fangirled so I totally acted calm. They were singing C'mon C'mon. Harry and Louis kept on taking glances at Chiara and I. When they looked at us I totally did my best pose. I couldn't believe this was happening.

At the end of the song, the boys walked to Chloe and Mario while they talked to each other and were being recorded to put on tv. After they were done talking, Chiara and I were just standing offstage when Harry and Louis come strolling over to us. I didn't know what to say.

Louis said to us, "So, Are you two contestants in the show?"

I responded, "No, but my best friend here is and she is a amazayn singer."

Harry smiled and said, "And I see you two are fans of us."

Chiara giggled and replied, "Absolutely. Big fans."

And then Louis comes closer to me and was about to kiss my cheek when I hear.....................

"Pilaree! Pay Attention! What did I just say?"

I had no idea, so I'm just like, "Umm I'm sorry I wasn't listening."

She just told me that I needed to pay attention or else. Whatever or else meant.

I can't believe it was just a daydream though. It felt so real. I wish it was real though....I wish.


Chiara's POV: I hate my morning bus. There is no doubt about it. Bus B is totally boring, but in those terrible 15 minutes of utter dullness, my cure for this terrible waste of time, is playing the entire Take Me Home album on my phone, on repeat, of course. I dance around in my seat like a psycho. After those 15 minutes we arrive at the Language Academy, my current educational prison. If I wasn't a straight A++ student with a 4.5 grade point average my parents would definitely kill me, my dad being Italian & my mom being from Brazil, so they're really strict about the whole learning thing.

But all is well, because as I step out of the bus I see my best school friend Soren Pedersen waiting for me on the other side of the gate. He is seriously gorgeous. Dirty blonde, hazel eyes, light skin, built. Literally perfect. We've been friends since kinder. Me I'm short, chubby, with blue eyes that never seem to decide what color they want to be (by that I mean they change from green, to blue, to gray) light skin and dirty freckles that spread across my face, which honestly I think make it look like I've got peanut butter stains on my cheeks. My mid-length wavy, very dark brown hair is always in a ponytail, always. So basically compared to this god of a guy who is my best friend, I am a potato.

I reach him, and start walking with him across the synthetic grass field. He tells me about his night.

"I slept really well actually, it was nice. It has been forever since." He says staring at the ground.

"Well that's great I'm glad you got some sleep. I, on the other hand, had no sleep at all."

"I'm sorry, I know its been hard. But you got this, you're stronger than any one I know." He smirks, pulling me into a surprise hug.

I just wait there, in his arms. My best friend, I love him so much. He is a great friend. I could never do anything without him.


Harry's POV: The London sky was cold. I looked at Louis who seemed to reflect the same gray expression. My best friend sitting there glum & I couldn't do much. I looked at him, reading a magazine describing the couple's break up. Stupid tabloids.

"They're heartless bottom feeders. They're mindless puppets. They're-"

He cuts me off, " They're right." He gets up.

"Louis, Eleanor isn't worth this. If she did this to you, she was never worthy of you anyway."

I couldn't shake this chill of tension in the room. Poor guy. I'm sure he'd be fine before our X-Factor performance in March.


Louis' POV

I'm a mess without Eleanor. I feel hopeless. I don't know what to do. I just feel like something's missing.

Harry's trying to give me a pep talk, but I just don't know how I can be the same after this. All those other fake relationships don't mean a thing, but My relationship with Eleanor was a hundred percent real. I just wish I could get over it and maybe find someone new who will help me get my mind off Eleanor. Maybe, just maybe.

I try to cheer up by playing joining the Nerf gun war with boys

The teams were Harry, Niall, and I against Zayn, Liam, and Paul. I was having a lot of fun until I heard the song Look After You by The Fray. Which was my ringtone. I look at the name and it said that Eleanor was calling, which made my mood go from happy to miserable again.

I decided not to answer it so I can fully get over her and go back to the old Louis.

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