Once In a Lifetime

A One Direction Fan Fiction
X Factor, love, adventure. As 13 year old Chiara auditions for the American version of X Factor and takes her best friend, Pilaree along. They find themselves in a crazy situation, involving new pop sensation One Direction


1. Chapter 1


Chiara's POV

The sun was way to high, way to early for my liking. I hadn't slept well at all since Saturday, when I found out my "aunt" died, & it's Thursday morning. My best friend from dance, Pilaree, who by the way is also my "twin" was texting me:

From: Twin: Morning sunshine ;).

I read, as a tired smile spread across my face.

Pilaree had a way of making the most of things, unless I'm helping Ms. Kathy (our dance instructor) with the kids while she stepped out. Then she totally challenged my authority which I learned to take as a joke myself.

To Twin: my feet are killing me from last night haha but I guess I'll get over it once I get to school.

The night before I had a dance class, with her. I'd been dancing for almost 11 years, taking tap, jazz, hip hop, ballet, & break dancing (only for a while). Yesterday we had focused on tap. We'd been working on a fast tap to a Tina Turner's "Proud Mary", for our June recitals, although it was only early Febuary, & fast tap today meant, sore feet tomorrow.

I checked my phone for the time: 7:09. My dad wouldn't be waking us up for another 21 minutes. So I lie there in bed, & listen to music & think about life. My phone automatically plays "She's Not Afraid" by a very popular & gorgeously talented One Direction, it being the last song I had listened to. I've loved them obsessively, or should I say dedicatedly, for about 2 years, after first discovering them back in 2011. Ever since I have been in full blown fangirl mode, whenever mentioned.

It's actually quite pathetic. Overflowing with intense emotion over boys who have no clue of my existence. But I guess it's part if being a teenage girl. They're so gorgeous, & perfect in every way. I wondered what it would be like to meet them. I mean they are people. But they're so insanely famous & perfect it would be hard to refrain from being starstruck.

I've always wanted to be famous. Ever since I was a baby. My mom always told me before I learned how to talk I hummed melodies, & ever since birth I moved a lot. I love to sing & my dance classes add to that, plus I'm very dramatic. I checked my phone. 7:16. I couldn't wait any longer, I was just so restless. So I grabbed the clothing I was gonna wear today for school & began dressing myself. I put on a pair of skinny sweats, a green shirt & a huge soccer sweat shirt, that use to belong to my older sister Bianca. I am the third of four kids, with an older & younger brother & an older sister.

I put on my only pair of shoes, since my feet are awkward it's hard to go shoe shopping so I avoided it as much as possible, & so did my parents. 7:27. Yes only 3 minutes. I looked over at my younger brother, who was sound asleep. We shared a room since my sister got to high school & my older brother left for college. Me being in the 8th grade, & my little brother being in the 4th.

8th grade wasn't necessarily hard, just very time demanding at my school. Since I'm learning French, 8th graders have an exhibition where they present a portfolio, in French & English. It takes up way to much of my life in general. But before the new year I had auditioned online for the X Factor USA. I was really worried, because they had said they would send me updates during January, but I never really lost hope even at midnight on January 31st. But on Tuesday at 9:02 am I got an email confirming that they received my audition. I've been constantly checking my email nonstop since. Finally 7:30, I look over my shoulder, my brother still asleep & right on cue, my dad opens my bedroom door.


Pilaree's POV

It's 5 am on Thursday morning and I'm awake. I know really early. I decided to text my best friend and twin, Chiara. I texted her "Morning Sunshine ;)" because I knew she was still sad about what happened to her aunt. I was up so early because I was still freaking out on what I was gonna wear to school. The reason why I was freaking out is because I go to a school where we have to wear a uniform and on days when we can wear whatever we want I have to look Fabulouis. (See what I did there ;) ) I thought about what to wear and I decided to wear red skinny jeans and stripes for Louis. I am a huge directioner like huge. I love One Direction so much, but I never been to one of their concerts sadly.

I was ready to go to school today and I was way more excited for tomorrow though. Tomorrow we had our show for dance. Chiara and I were members of T-Troupe which was a group for dance. I love dancing so much it's the only place where I can be myself and have fun. I was still texting my twin when she reminded me about how she got her email saying that the people from X Factor received her audition. I was so excited to find out if she got in. I knew she would because she was a great singer. She told me if she got in she would take me with her to L.A. which got me so excited because celebrities sing on X Factor. Celbrities like One Direction, and Taylor Swift. I would die if I met them of course I would act normal though because One Direction doesn't like it when girls freak out, so I'll act cool.

I've wanted to be famous somehow, by like acting or dancing. I would say singing, but let's just say I'm not that great. My parents have a different plan though. They want me to be a doctor or something like that. They say dancing is just a hobby and when I'm older I will need a real job that will make me money. So far I'm stuck listening to them telling me what to be until I figure out a plan. I had to leave for school so I texted Chiara telling her I was leaving.


Louis' POV

We are in London right now getting ready for the Take Me Home tour. I would be having a blast with the boys, but I just saw a picture of Eleanor making out with another guy. I didn't want to believe it, but I still asked her. She told me the truth about it and confessed to everything. She said she did it because we never see each other. It wasn't my fault that I didn't have enough time to be with her. I never thought we'd become this famous. So. sadly, she broke up with me mentioning, how my fans would give her hate and that it wasn't my fault that the fans loved me so much to the point of jealousy. I mean just look at me. I'm the Swagmasta from Doncaster. I'm still upset we broke up though. Everyone told me that we were the perfect couple. I guess not everything lasts. Harry was trying to cheer me up, telling me his 'Not-so-Funny-Jokes", but I pretended to laugh to make him feel good about himself.


Harry's POV

Louis' been real upset lately. After his break up with Eleanor, he's been in a total funk. Their only problem was that Eleanor was busy with her modeling career, which didn't help with Louis being busy with all the rehearsals and recording schedules. But until he gets that striped, mojo back I've decided to try & cheer him up with my hilarious jokes, even though I am completely aware that he's only pretending to laugh, so I won't feel totally useless in this whole situation. It just feels different without Louis being his old careless self. Hopefully, he feels better soon because the Take Me Home Tour starts next month.

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