This is the diary of a teenager with SAD-social anxiety disorder. She is incredibly shy and even things like answering a question in class terrify her. Will she overcome this in time fo prom and get the boy of her dreams?


2. January 7th

Dear Diary,

Sory for not writing. The last few days have just been so hectic. Unpacking, setting up, getting my schol stuff ready. Now I'm going to school. I spent all of last night on wikihow, looking at how to make a good first impression at a new school. My hair is in a high ponytail, my nails are shining,I 'm wearing my school uniform as nicely as I can. I've got a new bag-Mum treated me to a designer one. I have a cute pencil case with pretty pens, multi-coloured pens, scented erasers, everything I could possibly need. I have to go catch my bus now, I don't want to miss it on my first day.


Omigod, today was awful! At the bus stop everyone was giving me strange looks, and I was getting so so stressed. Then the bus came and I had to sit on my own. When we arrived at school I went to the office to tell them I was new and they gave me my planner and timetable. I'm in 9-8 and when the bell ran I had to find my form room. Luckily someone saw I was new and showed me where to go. Phew! In the form room everyone was quite nice to me and the cool girls loved my bag. But there was this little gang of people, 3 girls and 3 boys, and you could tell they were thinking horrible things about me. Then I had maths and the teacher was so scary. In PE I got so flustered I missed the ball every time in tennis. During English I kept stuttering when she asked me to introduce myself. At lunch I had no idea where to go so I stayed in the library. Those 6 meanies were there-more strange looks. Then I had DT and I nearly sawed someones finger off. When someone spoke to me I turned bright red and I was thinking "I am dying here. Please let this be over". Then this HOT boy came up to me and asked me my name, flirtatiously, and I came out with "Y-y-you are s-so h-h-h-hot!!!". Aaaaaah!

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